Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Mum and I left home at about 6:30 a/m. so that I could finally meet my "sister by another mother", i.e., her friend Vic's "new" dog .  I needed to meet her and get friendly so that I can stay there when necessary!!  Vic's "old" dog was named Coco, and so is this one, but this one looks nothing like the other.  We growled at each other a couple of times, butt after some butt sniffing, and each getting a marrow bone and going for a walk together, we became buddies.  In fact, mum commented that when we were stretched out taking a nap, we were laying in the exact same positions!!!  She and Vic were laughing about it.

Anyway, we were gonna go and do some grocery shopping and then ride a van home, but it got so hot that mum took pity on me and we just came straight home!!!  The weather is currently 101 degrees F, so I am REALLY glad that she decided not to go shopping (even tho it is very close to Vic's home) and brought me straight home.  She took some pictures, and she has promised that tomorrow she is going to go to Best Buy to have them show her how to post pics on my blog (I'll believe that when I see it, bol).

Well, mum just told me she has to go make something for dinner so I will let her finish here for now.  Hopefully I will be posting some pics soon.

Toodle Pip


Thursday, May 28, 2015


A girl's work is never done!!!!!  I have been pushing and pushing my mum to get her going on doing more on my blog.  I FINALLY got her to figure out how to use the camera, but NOT how to transfer to the pc!!!!!!  Incidentally, the camera did not come with a cable to the computer, but according to some other pc users I have spoken to have said that one of my other cables would work on it!!

That said (bol) I am really excited about posting on June 1 and attending the party on the 2nd!!  Yenta Ruby kindly set up a date for me with Higgins.  I am gonna keep pushing mum until she contacts Higgins.  Hopefully today (wishful thinking, in my opinion).

Anyway, back to work on trying to get pics posted on the puter.

Looking forward to meeting lots of my other buddies on Tuesday.

Toodle pip


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gonna see if Mum can post a pic--didn't work!!!

Grrrrrrr--Mum tried to post a pic from her phone, but couldn't figure out how to do it---waaaaaaaah.

At least I got her out of bed -- yesterday she slept most of the day -- then, of course, she had trouble sleeping last night!!!!  Don't know what I'm gonna do with her if she doesn't shape up somewhat!!!

I am not sure if I mentioned -- there is a stray kitty that come around -- if mum thinks of it, she will fill a small bowl for the kitty.  A couple of time when mum forgot to do this the kitty tipped over the bags of cat food or dog food on the patio floor.  Between mum and Krysta, they get the patio fairly cleaned up, and then make a pile of the spilled food for the kitty.  Neither mum nor I have actually seen the kitty, but tigger must have cos she will stand at the patio door.

If anyone wants to e-mail mum to help her post pics from either her phone or camera (if she ever gets that working, lol) please e-mail her at

Well the Old Girl says she is hungry and needs breakfast -- hope to catch up w/you all tomorrow.

Toodle pip


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Day another Collar

Well, here we are at Thursday morning, and Mum has had her new camera for almost 2 days but STILL has not figured out how to use it.  I am going to have to sit her down and make sure she learns soon, rather than watching TV and reading.  What's that Mum?  I won't get to go to Dairy Queen again if I pester you too much?   Oooooops.  Oh well......guess she will also have to learn how to post using the phone.  If someone wants to help her -- just let me know.

Well, Mum just told me she has to make some phone calls, so she has to stop with (as she calls it) messing around and make another cup of coffee and get going here!!!!  Krysta (mum's cleaning girl and my buddy cos she takes me walkies every time she comes) will be coming today and she is going to get the Cat's Meow toy my mum got for Sixpence and Tigger III.  She is also planning to get them a climbing tree so that they will hopefully stop ripping up the furniture.

*sigh* Oh, well, will try to get some pics out soon.

Toodle Pip


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Mum had trouble with my blog!!

I was really mad at my mum yesterday -- I had wanted to post a message before I had to go out for the day with her, but she screwed up when she tried to post!!!!  She immediately sent a panic email to Sarge and his mom made some suggestions.  She (my mum) had me out all day yesterday!!!  We had to go to Best Buy to pick up the computer they had had for 87 days; and then mum bought a new camera.  The last one she bought was 10 years ago (and of course she cannot find it!!!) and she was really surprised to find out that they no longer come with a memory card!!!!  We walked all over the Mall for about 87 hours -- but she did treat me to a dish of Dairy Queen ice cream.  I really needed it because by that point we had been out for a few hours.  Of course, mine was MUCH smaller than mum's so I gave her the stink eye while she was finishing hers.  We finally went to McDonalds and mum bought some chicken mcnuggets which she shared with me!!  Of course, I was still hungry so when we finally got home I had some more food plus LOTS of water.  We were both so exhausted that mum did not even look at the computer.  This morning I had my training session with Ms Phyllis and then lazy ole mum had to rest again, so this is the first chance to post!!!!

Until mum learns how to use the new camera (which will take her at least 87 hours) she will have to continue taking them with her phone!!!

Well, I am going to let her finish posting for now so she can see if she can figure out the camera!!

Toodle pip


Monday, May 18, 2015

OOOOOH--I'm gonna try to post on my own!!

After Sarge's mom spent almost 87 hours helping me set up this blog, I am really excited to post on my own.  I don't have any pics yet -- my lazy Mum has to get out to buy a decent camera -- maybe I can get her out tomorrow or Wednesday!!  Anyway, here goes with more about me and my Mum:

Mum is originally from the East End of London , England and came to the US in 1962.  She lived in Cleveland, OH area until 1982 when she moved to NY and NJ area.  In 1999 she moved to Oakdale, CT and then in 2002 she moved here to Tucson, AZ.  She got Cody in 2007 and Cody lived with her until she (Cody) developed cancer in July 2014.  The lump progressed VERY quickly and within two weeks, mum had to make the decision to let her go to the Bridge.

I came to live with Mum and her two kitties (Sixpence and Tigger III) a few days after Cody went to the Bridge.  I am a 5 year old lab mix.  The first evening I got here, I got loose and fortunately the gates to the complex were closed, and some neighbors found me!!!!  I got loose a few more times, but Mum had put Cody's name tag on me, so people knew how to reach her!!!  I don't do it so often now, although I did get loose from our Dog Park here at the complex a few weeks ago and got into a fight and got a couple of nasty bites and had to stay in the apartment in quarantine for 10 days!!!  But, as they say -- that is past history now!!!! 

Well, Mum says she has to go get a cup of coffee so we have to close now.  I will try to post on a regular basis.

Woof woof woof,

Cookie in Tucson

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello, My name I Cookie and I live in Tucson, AZ.  My Mum and Cody (my predecessor who went to the Bridge the end of July 204) have been following several of your posts for about years -- and Cody and I both left comments on some of your posts.  Thanks to Frankie and Sarges moms I am now starting my own blog and look forward to joining in Blogville's functions.  Hope to see you all at the June 2 Welcome Dance.