Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, January 12, 2018

Here we go again

This is a picture mum took at Sprouts for all the doxie owners/lovers here in Bloggville

This is me and Coco at Uncle Vic's last year around Christmas.

This is my kitty sistah Sapphire.  Isn't she pretty!!

YAAAAAAY, mum finally got some pics on here!!!!  Geek Squad guy was here today, so he showed her what to do!!!!  (I won't say how long it took her tonight!!)

Anyway --hope everyone had good holidays.  Our were pretty quiet -- didn't do much!!

Gonna end this now before it disappears --lol.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and all

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Hrmph -- mum was unable to get any pics to download.  I am gonna HAVE to insist that she go to Geek Squad.

We had a little bit of excitement (not!!) here the other morning.  I think we mentioned how our upstairs neighbor bangs on her floor (our ceiling) when I bark as mum is getting ready to take me out in the morning.  Well, on Tuesday morning, they banged so hard we thought the ceiling was going to come down.  Next thing we knew, as mum was opening the front door, there was yelling and screaming in the hallway.  It was our upstairs neighbors yelling and screaming at mum about my barking.  Now, you have to realize that these women must each weigh double what mum does, and she's no lightweight (sorry mum -- not) and it turns out they are the people who have the new truck that mum very nicely asked a couple of weeks ago to please be sure to leave her room to get the wheelchair through.  When they finished yelling a screaing and using HBO words at mum they slammed the door from the hallway so hard it could not be opened!!!!  Some other neighbors a couple of apartments down had heard the ruckus and come out and I went to talk to them.  Mum's and my knees were still shaking about it all!!!!  This couple also told us that they had been told that I attacked a lot of other dogs here.  Mum immediately knew who was spreading that rumor!!!  There is a woman here with a little dog that had lived in the complex mum and I lived in for a couple of months last year.  I had gotten out once and chased a few small dogs but did not injure anyone.  Every time we see this woman, if she has her dog she picks it up and walks in the opposite direction; if mum sees her when she does NOT have her dog, she STILL walks in the opposite direction!!!!!   Anyway, when the leasing office here opened, mum called and spoke to the manager.  He was extremely nice and said that he would look into it.  Fortunately, he did not make any disparaging comments about me!!!  Mum also heard from our next door neighbor that a LOT of other people (and not just from our hallway) had also heard these women yelling at mum and had contacted the office!!!!  This morning there was just a small banging on the ceiling when mum was getting ready to take me out.  Mum has threatened to put a muzzle on me when she is getting ready so that I wont bark.  I am not very happy about that!!!

Anyway, mum has been watching some programs about the Battle of Britain, etc., and I have gotten on her case (again) that she needs to write some of her memories of that time in the UK.  She said that he will tomorrow.

Mum has said that she does not really wanna do any more typing tonight so ......

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, October 29, 2017


I am not to sure if I will stay awake for long, so may have to pass this over!! to mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum here:  Okay Cookie, I will take pity on you, even though it I only 12"30 am -- and even though you hae been sleeping most of the day.  BTW, Cookie, thanks for letting me sleep later the last couple of mornings.  We only hae one problem in the mornings;  while I am getting my jacket and shoes on and getting the chair ready to go -- Cookie barks constantly.  (Cookie here:  that's just cos I am so glad you are getting up n=and taking me out!}  Unfortunately the people upstairs do not enjoy her "singing" and pound on the floor -- which, of course makes her bark more.!!!!!

I went to see the doctor on Friday and got a clean bill of health (thank goodness).  But because I like to run errands when I go to the doctor's office, it makes for a long day!!

I am going to have to go the Geek Squad to find out to post pictures, again

Well, this was a quickie update to let everyone up on what we are doing

ttfn and toodle oo

Cookie and mum

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Mum decided to see if she could make 2 posts in a row -- Yeah -- she made it!!!!  Now, if she could just remember how to post pic here -- guess we will have to make a trip to best buy while we still have Geek Squad coverage!!

This is just gonna be a quickie cost mum just wanted to remember how to post!!!!!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Mum and I really want to thank Amber and Max da udder wienie's mum for helping my mum to FINALLY figure out how to get back to posting.  I am sure everyone thought that we had gone missing -- but for some reason mum could not get to this screen!!!!!

Things have not been toooo  great lately.  One nice thing is that I now have ANOTHER kitty sister -- Sapphire.  She looks like a Russian Blue.  She need to be spayed (as does Luna) and so the two of them walk around yowling!!!!

Also mum has been sick a couple of weeks ago.  She had to have another Botox injection in her bladder and then about a week later she started a really bad UTI.  Unfortunately she forgot that about 20 odd years ago she had a bad reaction to sulfa drugs, and they gave her an antibiotic with Sulfa!!!  Fortunately she final did remember and told the doc's office so the stopped her taking it and now she is feeling better.

I still have a bit of a limp because of my valley fever tumor in my leg, but it is not too bad.  It is still too hot for mum to take me too far during the day, but it is nice and cool when she takes me out in the mornings. 

Well, I do not want to go on whingeing so I will end now and hopefully will be able to get some pics up here next time, which should not be too long from now.

ttfn and toodle pip


PS  A very belated Good Yomtov to all of our Jewish pupster, kitties and their humans

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Mum has been feeling kinda stressed lately and although I have gotten her to read all the other posts, I have not been able to get her to sit and write in my blog instead of watching TV.  A lot of the stress has been because she overdrew her bank account AGAIN!!!!!  She went to the bank the other day and got them to remove some of the overdraft fees -- She  had been charged $34 for a charge of $10 and another for a charge of $15!!!!!   I was not with her (too hot for my poor little paws!!) but she dealt with the bank manager and she said that he was really nice an understanding.  She still does not have any money til the 3rd of next month, but it will help that she doesn't have such an overdraft.  She said she was s'posed to go over to Uncle Vic's yesterday -- again she said it would be too hot to take me!!!!  But she ended up not going because he called and said he had bedbugs again!!!!!  Mum did not want to chance picking up any again -- she said after all the problems she had getting rid of them (the most pressing of her stressors) she did not want to chance getting them again.  Needless to say, he was not very happy about it (she was going over cos the tech from the wheelchair place was coming over to see what was wrong twith her old wheelchair that Uncle Vic wanted to use). 

We are in the middle of our monsoon season here in  Tucson, so I have been spending a lot of time in the bathtub and closet!!!!When I am hiding in the bathtub and mum comes in to use the bathroom, I get lots of scritches!!!!  Yesterday I made a couple of poops and a pee in the living room cos we had a really bad storm!!!  Our patio got flooded the rain was so heavy!!!

Mum asked me to remind my buddies that our GoFundMe page is still active (she hopes) cos, as I have mentioned on other occasions) we are in need of money for my med and vet visits.  Also, my kitty sista Luna needs to get fixed!!!!  she seems to go into heat very often and makes the most awful noises when she does.

Well, nothing exciting has been going on here except for the storms!!!  As I said, the time that mum does go out, it has been too hot for me (except when I go out to do my bidness early in the morning).  so I guess we will end now.  I will try to get mum to post more often, and also go figure out how to post pics again

ttfn and toodle pip


Monday, June 19, 2017


Temps here getting around 114F and sposed to go even higher!!!!  Mum takes me out before it gets too hot then I stay in air conditioned apartment for the rest of the day!!  But when I do go to the doggy park we have here, I find los of good pee mails.

BTW, it has come to our attention that word has gone around that mum goes for coffee and a muffin almost every day.  That has not happened for several years -- since mum took Cody (who has been at the rainbow bridge for almost 3 yrs now), Rajah and Sandra asnd her pup out for coffee after going to Udall Park.  Human brother and wife sent mum an e-card for Starbucks for her birthday, but we have no Starbucks close by so she does not go there very often!!!  She makes coffee at home and when she goes out during the day because it is so hat she takes flavored water with her!!!!  So, if you have not been donating to my GoFundMe page cos you think she has money to spare, I want to assure you that she doesn't because of all the moves, etc. and being in hospital fo so long!!  She has not been able to take me o the vet, even tho I am limping from my Valley Fever, cos of lack of money; also, Luna needs to be spayed cos she keeps going into heat, but, again cos of lack of money, she cannot afford it!!

Mum has to go to have some minor surgery on her eyelid tomorrow -- our neighbor Jessie is going with her.  Wish her luck

ttfn and toodle pip