Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Mum starting a post the other day, had to leave it, and blogger ate it!! Anyway, I will let mum start off this blog: Thanks Cookie. Sorry for not blogging for such a long time. As you may or may not know, I had some surgery on Dec 22. I took my laptop with me to the hospital, but for some reason their wifi did not work so I could not use it. I was only supposed to be in for 2 days, but ended up being there for 4 days, and after I got home, was still not really up to posting. I was also getting behind on reading all your posts. I have finally gotten caught up, and I apologize for not commenting on any of them, but because I had not posted in a few days, I felt that any comments I made would be lengthy, so I decided to just read them!! I was also in the hospital on my birthday!!!! I got birthday greetings from the staff at the hospital cos every time they do anything they ask for your date of birth, and they would realize it was my b'day! When I finally got home, Cookie was really pleased to see me (so were the kitties). She has been such a good girl for the past few weeks while I have been on the sick list (for my knee) and the surgery!! She is also getting better about taking her meds. She didn't want me to tell you, but she was a mischievous pup when I left for the hospital!! The van was scheduled to pick me up at 6 am, which meant that I had to take her out, etc., much earlier than usual. Also, because I had just put her food out, I did not leave her a treat as I usually do if I am going out for quite a while. She gave me the real stink eye for that. It was dark out, and I was having a little difficulty getting my chair out the door (!!), and when I turned around to lock the door, I did not see her in the living room. I decided to do a quick look around the apartment, but did not see her!! Now, she does have a trick of getting out and taking off quicker than I can say "cookie", so I figured that was what had happened. I did not have time to go searching for her, so I left the door unlocked and as soon as it was late enuf I left a text for Krysta, then later called my neighbor and the leasing office in case anyone found her!! Needless to say I was upset and, partly because of this, my blood pressure went waaaaay up!! I got calls from Krysta and Joni (my next door neighbor) throughout the day saying they had not seen her. Finally at about 5 pm Joni called to say that Cookie was in the apartment. I think that when I went out the door, she ran and jumped into the bathtub and stayed there most of the day!! I am sure she thought it was a great joke, but I sure as heck didn't!!! Anyway, all's well that ends well. I am going to let Cookie finish the post: Well, everyone, I did think it was a good joke to hide in the bathtub -- I didn't realize mum would be upset, but she shouldn't have left me without a treat!! I was not too happy to be left all alone over Christmas, but because Uncle Vic was getting ready to move, it would not have worked for me to go over there!!! I have forgiven mum for leaving me, and mum has forgiven me for hiding in the bathtub -- bol Incidentally, I think it may be a first in Blogville, but mum actually got more cards than me!!!! Part of that is because of it being her birthday on the 23rd, and part cos we really do not celebrate Christmas -- and this being my first year in Blogville, I have not made toooooo many friends yet!! Hopefully next year will be a different story. I was disappointed that I did not get to be involved with the holidy hijinks -- but with everything going on with mum's health, I forgive her. I really hope that I can find a date for Valentilnes day -- so any doggy who wants to have a date with me then -- just let me know. Well, this blog is getting kinda lengthy, so we will end now. Wishing everyone in Blogville a really happy and healthy New Year ttfn and toodle pip Cookie, Mum, Sixpence and Tigger III

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mum has been ignoring my bloggie

I have been on at mum to write a post on my bloggie, but she just has not "felt up to it"!!!!!! Part of it is because she says that nothing exciting is happening!!! She got a "sound bar" for the smaller TV in the living room, but is having problems with it -- means another call to the Geek Squad. Tomorrow (Tuesday) mum is being picked up at 6 am to go to the hospital for her surgery!! She is not sure why, but she is nervous about this one!!! Her lapband migrated into the chest cavity and so it has to be removed and the surgeon is doing a different procedure!! Also, when the doc inserted the lapband, he closed up her hiatal hernia, but apparently it has opened up and is even bigger than it was, so he has to repair that too!!!! Also, her birthday is on Wednesday and she will be in the hospital then!!! She hopes to be home on Thursday!! Oh, and I keep asking mum to remind peeps that we still have the GoFundMe site up. Mum just refilled my prescriptions -- $200 a month!!. So, any little bit helps!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Cookie's mum here: Cookie very kindly handed over the blog to me to give you an update. Well, I am home from the hospital. I did not have my laptop with me, so could not blog for a couple of days. Tuesday morning I was just lying on the couch; I moved my left leg (same one that hurt couple of weeks ago) and it started to hurt. Within about 15 minutes the knee was hurting so badly that I could not put ANY weight on it -- it was FAR worse than 2 weeks ago. I used my LifeAlert button and called for an ambulance. The firemen/EMT's were really nice and Cookie behaved herself and did not try to run out. I literally only took the very basics and we were on the way to the hospital. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 20!!!! It was really painful when they transferred me from one thing to another and did x-rays! At first they were gonna send me home; but I told them there was no way I was gonna be able to get in and out of a taxie; then they started saying that because I live on my own, they would not release me except to go to a nursing home -- I told them that was not going to happen!!! We got to the ER around 11:30 and at about 6 pm they took me up to a room. They told me this room was temporary, but that I should order some dinner -- which I did. Finally, at about 8 pm they took me to the final room. I can tell you, I am surprised no one in Blogville heard me yelling when they were transferring me from gurneys to beds etc!!! Until around noon today, the only time I got up was to go to the bathroom -- they got a commode cos I could not use a bedpan. The floor doctor yesterday told the nurses I should get up and walk!!!! When the nurse told me that, I burst into laughter -- I am in a wheelchair and can hardly walk ANYWAY!!!! Anyway, this morning a physical therapist brought a walker in and had me try to walk in my room, which was not too bad. When I came home, they called a cab -- my nurse and I waited a really long time, but I finally got home. The driver went up; to my neighbor's apt to get her walker and I made it home. Of course, Cookie was very happy to see me. I will tell you about her little escapade with Krysta this afternoon, and then I am going to lie down in bed for the rest of the evening. Back to Cookie: Cookie here: I was hoping that mum hadn't heard about my escapade, but I shoulda known that Krysta would tell her!! When Krysta came, I got out and took off. I made sure that Krysta stayed right behind me (I still don't have my tags!). I kept turning and grinning until she caught up with me and brought me home!! I am REALLY glad that mum is home. I am gonna tuck her into bed with Sixpence and let her sleep. Will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Again thanks for the POTP and your good wishes for mum ttfn and toodle pip cookie

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mum Keeps Losing Stuff

Mum swears the apartment is a "black hole" because stuff keeps disappearing and reappearing. When Auntie Kim stayed with us, she could always find stuff, now mum has to wait for Krysta to come to find things. The latest: the charger for the digital camera; and the change Krysta brought back from Pizza Hut (thanks Ziggy for the e-gift certificate from Sasha last summer -- that was another thingy that went missing for a couple of months). Grrrrrrrr Without the charger mum cannot download pics from the camera and the ones from the I-phone are not always the best! *sigh* When Krysta comes back on Thursday, mum will have her check. Mum blames in on the stress she has been on lately!!! Uncle Vic got the sickies over the weekend and mum got very stressed out. He seems to be getting better, although he has not found a new place to live yet!!! Mum also forgot to light the menorah and put up her Hannukah sign on Sunday. She remembered yesterday and managed to send a pic of me with the menorah to Hailey and Phod!! Happy Hannukah to all our Jewish puppers and kitters from me, mum, Sixpence and Tigger ttfn and toodle pip Cookie ps -- would any boy puppers want to go as my date on New Year's -- or maybe a few of us 'gal' puppers could go as a group and sit and drink and make fun of some of the boy puppers!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hope these pics post

Grrrr-mum could not get the pictures to load. Will try again -- there was a really cute one of my mum's friend's dog in Idaho -- Peanut -- Geek Squad was sposed to come today, but there was a goof up!!!! Not coming for a couple of weeks!!! Will also try then to figure out how to put the "badge" for my GoFundMe on then, too. BTW--Abby Lab's mum -- thanks again for the second donation. It is REALLY coming in handy!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Mum has got to get the geek squad out again -- her desktop is really going bananas!!!! She wrote this morning's post on it and you will see how screwy the formatting came out!!!! Hope you can make sense of it. Mum finally also got the GoFundMe money into her checking account -- just in time -- she has been paying for my meds, and now she has to pay for the filing fees for her lawsuit!!! the lawyer she spoke to a couple of weeks ago has drafted the documents, but she has to file them herself so she does not miss the Statute of Limitations. Then she will look for a lawyer!!! Her knee is still hurting -- the orthopod this morning took xrays and wants her to have a bone scan because he thinks they may have to be replaced!!! I'm not sure if I have told you, but she had both knees replaced in October 1996, so they are well beyond their useful life. The only reason they have lasted this long is because she is using the wheelchair. Oh well!!! It has started getting quite chilly (for Tucson) at night, so mum made up a 'bed' for the stray cat that comes around. Not sure if the cat is using it, but mum feels better about having it there. It was really chilly this morning when she took me out and then when she had to leave for her doctor's appointment. She had to leave really early, so as soon as she finishes here, she said she is gonna take a nap while waiting for the wheelchair serviceman to come to make a few minor adjustments. I keep bugging her to take picshers and she promises she will -- hopefully for Chanukah!!!


Cookie's Mum here: My neighbor knocked on my door yesterday and as I was trying to hear what she said , Cookie slipped by me and out the door. The only good thing was that she did not try to attack our neighbor's tiny dog, Buddy. She was gone for quite some time before I got a call from the management office asking if I had lost my dog!!!! One of the maintenance men that Cookie knows brought her home. Whe she came in, she acted very pleased with herself -- rolling on her back all over the floor. Grrrrr-back to Cookie Hey -- at least I didn't go for Buddy!!! It's fun to run around the complex every so often, even though mum has not replaced my tags!!!!! Mum's knee is hurting kinda bad and she has to leave shortly to go to the knee doctor. I gave her a hard time taking my meds this morning, so she is not very happy with me. Usuaully she gives me a marrow bone when she is gonna be gone for a while -- gonna have to make nice to her so that she gives me one today!!!! well, ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Mum goofed!!! Turns out that she had not set up to withdraw the funds from my GoFundMe account. It is all set up now, so donations should be accepted. We REALLY appreciate all the donations -- It is costing almost $300 a month for my meds!!!!! Maybe I should behave better when mum gives me my meds and not spit them out!!!!!!