Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Mum took Coco out without me!!!!!! Uncle Vic said that coco was anxious to go out. Usually mum takes both of us, but she said she doesn't want me to used to going out too often. Mind She and Uncle Vic had gone out earlier, and Coco and I each got a marrow bone to chomp on while they were gone, and I was happy to continue chomping on mine while mum was out with Coco. I am counting the sleeps until we move into our new apartment on Tuesday. Mum was told that there is a dog park on the property -- I hope it is as nice as the one at our other apartment. I will miss Coco and her kitty sister and brother, but I think that me, sixpence and tigger will get along just well at the new place!!!!!! We will have to do without TV and cable for a couple of days cos mum doesn't want to call he cable company until she has unpacked the cable boxes. She has to call and arrange for her new bed to be delivered, too. As soon as we get settled, she is gonna get Geek Squad to come out and get the new desktop, all set up. Mum final got around to playing a couple of online Scrabble games yesterday -- it has been ages since she has played online. She has been on a losing streak so her rating is very low. Consequently, a lot of people don't wanna play her cos they think she is no good!!!!! She is not a fantastic player, but her rating does not represent how she plays!!!! She is also thinking about getting her in-person club getting going again. The club has been on hiatus for several reasons. Hopefully she will get a good response when she starts it up again.

Mum is really anxious to get into our new apartment. It has been very stressful staying here!!!! Plus she has had problems getting Uncle Vic's TV to work. It is the same cable company that she had most recently, but it seems to work differently and she frequently has problems with it. Also, she is anxious to have her own stuff around her!!!

In case we don't post again before we move-- we hope everybuddy has a great New Years and we look forward to "chatting" next year

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie, Sixpence, Tigger III and Mum

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Hannukah

Mum says thanks for the birthday wishes. We both wish all our Jewish furrends and very Happy Hannukah and, if we don't post again for a few days, a very happy and healthy new year. We just hope that 2017 goes better than 2016 --bol

ttfn and toodle pip
cookie and mum

Friday, December 23, 2016


It's mum's birthday today. She threatened if I told you her age she would do serious damage to me -- bol. Just to say that she is older'n dirt, bol

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM and many many more


Monday, December 19, 2016


Mum has been taking me and Coco out together in the morning and sometimes we have synchronized our pees and poops, which causes mum to start laughing, which she says she needs--bol

We are counting the days until we get into our new apartment (January 3). The kitties are all getting along well and Coco and I get along really well. Mum took a picsher of me and Coco lying together on my bed, but has not figured out how to get it onto the blog!!!! Guess this mean another trip to Best Buy, although when we do get into our new place we have someone from Geek Squad coming to set up the new desktop puter, so maybe we will wait until then. Yesterday mum had to go next door and apologize to Uncle Vic's neighbor for my barking when mum takes me out!!!!! She is very happy that we are moving out in 2 weeks!!!

The other day mum gave a call to one of her nieces in the UK (she does this from time to time) and Sue said that her sister in law was making a family tree for her and Sue asked mum for some info. Later sue asked if SIL could e-mail mum for the info. Of course, mum said yes. When she got the e-mail, she had fun remembering back to all of the uncle aunts, cousins, etc on her dad's side. Unfortunately, there is not too much info available on her mum's side for some reason!!! Also all the grandpeeps died before or just after mum came along, so mum said that her sister Rosalind might have more info. Mum forwarded the SIL's e-mail and also gave Ros a call. Ros did not seem very interested in helping out -- which is unusual for her. Mum realized later that it was cos MUM got the request for the info and not HER!!!!! Her nose was out of joint, bol. Mum did not say anything about it to Ros, but she (mum) felt like saying that if Ros would pick up the phone and occasionally call rels in the UK, maybe they woulda asked her!!! It just happened that mum calls sue and other rels in UK periodically. Oh well, that's what comes of being the "baby" of the family!!!!!! But mum enjoyed giving as much info as she could!!!

Well, mum just said she has some stuff to do so have to end now.

ttfn and toodle pip


ps -- if any boy pups would like to take me to any of the upcoming holiday parties -- just e-mail mum at

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


We are still staying with Uncle Vic!!!! Mum finally got around to putting the cover on my bed after washing it-- Coco and I take turns sleeping on it!!! I was a bad girl yesterday -- bol. Mum was having a bit of trouble with her wheelchair and I was kinda jammed between the chair and the wall -- I wriggled and squirmed and got out of my harness and took off!!!! I made sure that she was following me and saw where I was -- but led her on a merry chase--bol. Needless to say, she was not very happy with me. She usually takes me out by myself --not that coco and I act up when we are together, but she has difficulty getting us both leashed without one of us (usually me) takimg off. We will be really glad to get to the new apt and get all our stuff out of storage!!!

Will write more (and try to get some pics) in a little while.

ttfn and toodle pip


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At long last

I hope to start making better posts. We got the apartment we wanted -- there was ks 11major mistake made by the apartment complex where mum lived (she lived thee for 7 years with Cody and 2 1/2 with me!) However, for some reason they want additional depost -- but to get this cpartment and no longer have to stay with Uncle Vic mum says it is worth it. Also, everything is in sorage; however we had to leave the entertainment center behind!! It is solid oak and they just could not manage to get it on the truck!!

Mum took me and Coco for a walk today Cocoo behved herself, so it was not too hard for her.

The reason for all the typos is cos we are not used to the new puter and it is dark in here!!

So, ttfne and toodle pip

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Mum THOUGHT we had a new apartment to move to but late yesterday (after the guy repeatedly telling mum that she had the apartment) he called and told her that she did not have the apartment. The place we had been in for 9 years gave a really bad reference and accused mum of wrecking the apartment and said that I was out of control!!!!!!! Sundays are not a good day to go looking cos a lot of places are closed, so mum, my kitty sistahs and me are gonna stay with Uncle Vic. Can't really chat now, but will get back as soon as possible.

ttfn and toodle pip


Friday, December 2, 2016


This is cookie's mum here. We are over at my friend vic's house -- Cookie is literally in the doghouse - when we were getting ready to go out, the gate was unlocked and SHE TOOK OFF. I went around looking for her in my chair and in the rental car. Next thing I know,, I got a call from the office that people were calling that she was loose and attacking other dogs!!!!! She did finally come ome, but it made me late!!!!!!I finally got over to vic's and left her here while I went looking at apartments!!!! Then, to top it off, I hit a curb and got a flat tire and had to wait for a tow truck. Thankfully, I get the complet coverage (I have to because I don't have any car insurance!!!!! So it did not cost anything for the tire change!!!

I am getting tired (literally) of looking at apartments. I hope I get the last one I looked at!!!! I will find out this afternoon. I had to go to court on Monday because they want to evict me....THEY NEVER CAME OUT TO EXTERMINATE BUT THEY SAY IT WAS MY FAULT!!!!

Also, my laptop was broken and I have not had a pc for about 3 weeks. Geek Squad finally decided it wasn't worth fixing so they gave me a certificate for a new one. I HAVE FINALLY STARTED USING IT. I HATE WINDOWS 10!!!!!!! I am having problems with the keyboard too!!!!!!

When cookie is not so tired (and I am not so tired too) and hopefully we will be in our new apt in a couple of days -- we will post longer

ttfn and toodle pip
cookie and mum

Monday, November 7, 2016


Cookie's mum here: I hate to keep coming and asking for help, but things are going from bad to worse!!!!! I am now being threatened with eviction even though I am trying to work with the management here!!!!!! I hope that you will donate to my GoFundMe because I need money to either pay for the treatment from the exterminator or to more (again)!!!!!! If anyone can help me put my GoFundMe tag on my blog on a permanent basis, it would help greatly. You can contact me at and let me know the best way to contact you.

I really appreciate all the help everyone is giving.

Thanks a million

Cookie's mum

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I think I have mentioned some of the problems since our move. Well, on top of everything else, mum took me to the dogtor the other day -- she had been putting it off because of the move, but decided my Valley Fever needed to be checked. Are you sitting down? It's a good thing mum was cos the total bill came to around $450!!!!! That included Nextguard (cos my foster mum Joy was over last weekend and said she saw some ticks!!) and the generic Rymadil (among other shots, etc.). So, if you can help he out by giving to my GoFundMe page, it will be really, really, really helpful. On top of all this, the bug guy came out again and the treatment is going to be VERY expensive!!!! Mum has not gotten bitten since we have been here, but they are saying there is a major problem. As I said before, mum really needs help!!! We FINALLY got all the boxes unpacked, and now stuff has to be put in plastic bags, etc. Mum has decided to use those Space Saver backs cos otherwise she has to buy lots and lots of plastic storage totes!!!!

Another problem mum has been having is the way people park right outside our gate. Twice this week she was unable to get her wheelchair between cars. She had to use the walker which is very difficult for her, and, of course, we do not walk as far -- cos she is unable to!!!!! Also, the other day, she lost her balance and fell -- fortunately she did not break anything, was just a lttle sore for a couple of days. When people park like that, she leaves a note on their windshield and they give the apartment a dirty look!!!!!!

Well, mum has to make a reservation to get to Target tomorrow to get the Space Saver bags. Walmart is closer, but she has a couple of gift cards for Target that she wants to use and she has to use the van to go there!!!

So I am gonna help her out (also, I just barfed and she needs to clean it up!!!!).

Will catch up with you all later in the week.

ttfn and toodle pip


Monday, October 24, 2016


I had to remind mum how long it has been since we last posted!!! Things have been a little crazy around here. Mum is still trying to get everything unpacked and she overdid it over the weekend, and so this morning she could barely make it out of bed!!!! They tried to deliver her new hospital bed today, but she has no one to help her take out the old one, so ..... she is trying to get someone to help!!!! She decided that because she was so sore today, she would rest and try to do some more tomorrow. She FINALLY found her flatware, but still has not found the teakettle or toaster!!!!!

Hopefully the exterminater will come late next week -- we all have to go and stay overnight at the motel again, and mum has to make 2 trips each day -- one to take me and my kitties and one to take all our stuff (such as food and litter!!). Once again her friends have let her down!!!!

Oh, one of mum's bookcases disintegrated. She got online with Amazon to order one and was delighted to be reminded that when Jack had his drawing for a gift certificate from Amazon, she won and so the book case only cost $19!!!

Well,just wanted to let you all know I was still alive and kicking (bol)!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, October 6, 2016


As an addendum to my earlier post!! I just reminded mum that we forgot to wish all our Jewish buddies L'shana Tova (a happy NewYear) and an easy fast on Yom Kippur. Hope you don't mind this being late!!

ttfn and toodle pip



Well, we are gradually getting boxes unpacked. Mum called one of the volunteer agencies and they sent out a volunteer who was really nice and we got a fair amount done. Unfortunately, she hurt her eye (not here, thankfully) so don't know when she'll be back. Mum is gonna call the agency again today. Finally, the agency that she contacted about getting a ramp so she can bring the wheelchair inside (it has to sit on the gated patio for now -- a real nuisance) is sending someone out for an estimate. The doctor's office decided that Medicare would pay for a complete new hospital bed quicker than for a mattress, so the order was done and the bed was sposed to be delivered last Friday. Unfortunately, we discovered yesterday that the supplier who was sposed to deliver it had JUST lost their contract with Medicare, so it had to be reordered!!! Hope it comes soon -- although mum is getting used to sleeping on the pile of comfortors on the bare frame, if she moves the wrong way -- OUCH -- HBO words come from her (which is VERY unusual for her). Oh, btw -- I really surprised mum last week. I climbed into bed with her a couple of nights. I have NEVER done that before and have stopped doing it. She really liked it when I did it, so maybe one day I will do it again!!!!

On Monday mum was really using a lot of HBO words!!!! She was trying to pay bills online the same as she has been doing for many years, This was after making a trip to the Geek Squad cos the laptop was not working and she still can't find the desk top so that the new pc can be set up!! (BTW as soon as the Geek Squad rep turned it on, it worked -- isn't that always the way) Anyway, for some reason she could not get the bank bill pay to work. She tried calling the bank's helpline but they were no help, so she decided to go to the branch which is in the supermarket next door. Good thing she didn't take me (she felt the ground would be too hot for my poor little paws!! -- Tx mum!) She had to wait almost 30 minutes to get helped cos the bank officer was waiting on someone else. When she finally got in there, her laptop would not access the wifi so she had to work with the bank's puter and, of course, it worked perfectly!!!!!! She then asked the bank manager who was working with her, why her ATM card for her UK bank would not work on their ATM machine. The Mgr came with her and mum put the card in and, as usualy, it would not work. The mgr said she would check it out. By the time mum got home, she was not in the mood to work on it again. She started the next day and, with some difficulty, got all her bills paid!!!! Then Uncle Vic called with an emergency so she had to go out. This time she did take me with her cos it was cooler. Afterwards mum and Uncle Vic decided to go to IHOP. Everyone said what a good girl I was (I followed the command to lie down and stayed down most of the time -- just got up to stretch occasionnaly). we also looked around the new Ashley furniture store then Uncle vic went home and mum and I looked around Kohls (she didn't buy anything tho) and then went to the Dollar Store cos she needed Ice trays!!!

Well, this has been longer than I expected, but once I get mum on the puter, I tend to go on and on!!!

Till next time.

ttfn and toodle pip


Monday, September 19, 2016


For some reason, the mouse decided to die on us!!!! Mum has gotten so used to using a mouse on the laptop that it is difficult for her to work without it!!!! But she went to Best Buy the other day and bought a new desktop and they had the wireless mice on sale, but none in stock, so she has to wait for it to be ordered and delivered (hopefully on Wednesday).

Mum's so called friends totally flaked out on helping her (after she paid them for it all) and so did their daughter Madison, who was supposed to take me on better walkies!!! Finally mum was able to get a couple of women to come out on Saturday to move the furniture, put all the stuff back in the storage couple and rearrange the boxes!!! Now it is up to mum to get them unpacked -- which will not be an easy task!!! She was unable to get her refill on her pain meds until today, so she was taking Ibuprofin, which really only takes the edge off. As soon as she got the Rx filled, she took a couple so started feeling better. The airbed that she bought until she could get her new mattress, did not hold air so she took it back. She has ended up with a foam "eggcrate" pad and a couple of comforters on the frame of the bed. It is not the most comfortable, but she says it beats sleeping on the floor!!!! Mainly cos she has so much trouble getting up and down!!!

She has emptied out a couple of boxes, but it is going to take a loooooong time.

She has been finding some paperwork that she needed (finally), but has also discovered that for some reason some of her mail gets returned to sender with a notice saying "Insufficient Address"!!!! The weird thing is that the address the sender has is the correct address, and she has been receiving mail here!!!! Mum says that as soon as she has a printer up and working she is gonna put a notice on the bulletin board looking for a "pooper scooper" for me and the cats. She still does not have an aide, and has been told that the aide she will eventually get will not be allowed to scoop the litter box!!!!! Grrrrrrrr

Well, because mum has not been online for a few days, she says I cannot post any more right now so she can finish reading all of the posts that she wants to.

Hope to get back soon with less whining!!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, September 11, 2016


Actually, the situation is a little bit worse!!!! In order for the cable guy to set up the internet, etc., the storage closet on the patio had to be emptied. The only good thing that came out of this was that mum found her Keurig -- which, for some reason the movers had put in the laundry basket in storage on the patio, and also a box of very important papers. Finally, the cable and internet were set up. But this is a different cable company (Cox instead of Comcast, and we only moved about 1.5 miles, if that!!), so mum has to bet used to the different channels, etc. She is discovering that the package she got does not have some of the channels she wants -- will have to call them tomorrow!!! Also the friends who were sposed to be helping her unpack have not done anything other than emptying the storage closet. I think she will have to get someone else!!!!! To top it all off, she is coming down with a cold!!!!! She bought an air matress because it is gonna take time to get a new one for the hospital bed with the way Medicare works and she got tired of sleeping on the floord!!! Well, the mattress keeps deflating for some reason and she finds herself on the metal bedframe!!! So, guess it is back to the floor till she can get back to Walmart!!

This move has NOT been a pleasant experience!!! At least she now has her Keurig so does not have to go to Starbucks every morning for coffee!!! It was starting to add up because she cannot get just a plain black coffee -- no she has to get a fancy coffee (with extra shots of espresso or it is not strong enuf) so that with a muffin really adds up!!!!! Now, cos of the cold she has to see if she can find her cold meds or she will be out of it for a while!!!!

BTW -- thanks to everyone who has contributed to my GoFundMe. Mum thinks she will have to try to get a loan because she has to pay a lawyer for the case involving me!!!!!

Oh well, this too shall pass!!

Will try to chat again soon

ttfn and toodle pip

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Well, it has certainly been a strange month!!!! First I spent a few weeks with Joy and her 2 dogs (Rain and Gunner) and their dozens of kitties!!! Then mum brought me home -- I showed her how mad I was at her by peeing on the carpet in the apartment!!!! We were in the old apartment for a few days then mum took me and the kitties to a Ramada Inn and also rented a van so that both apartments could be "bombed" for bedbugs and all the furniture moved. Finally, on Saturday morning, we all came over to the new apartment. I again showed mum how upset I was by peeing a couple of times, but have been good otherwise. Mum's friends have been helping her unpack, but it is taking a while!!!!! Mum had to get rid of her mattress and couch cos of the bugs so she is sleeping on the floor with me!!! She says she is not very comfy, but what can she do? We do not have tv or internet service yet so she is at the Club House to use their wi fi until we get ours -- hopefully in a day or two!!!

Gotta go now, hope to be back to normal soon.

ttfn and toodle pip


Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Whew -- am I glad to be back with mum. Marley asked me to say goodbye from him, and mum says good riddance -- bol. She got tired of cleaning up after him (and her aide, Cathy) quit working for her because of Marley!!!!! Mum also got tired of him grabbing all her shoes, etc. Mum came and picked me up on Friday, and as soon as I walked in, I reclaimed my "territory". Mum was not very happy about it, but understood.

Right now mum, myself and my kitty sistahs are staying in a motel!!!!! We are in the process of moving to our new apt and an infestation of bedbugs showed up!!!! Mum has lived there for NINE years and this is the first time this has EVER happened. She now has to throw out her mattress and probably has to throw out her couch, too!!! The bed is a hospital bed that she got from Walgreens, but Walgreens no longer handles them so there is ANOTHER hassle. She rented a minivan which is really nice!!!! She has left me and the kitties here when she has gone out!!!!! She has to go over to the new apt when the movers go there!!! Things have been kinda crazy but we wanted to let you know we were all well!!

Will write more soon.

ttfn and toodle pip

cookie mum and friends!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Marley here: (actually foster mum is writing this as I a still too young to use the puter -- bol) Anyway, I had a bit of a rumbly in my tumbly-- I threw up during the night then again early this morning, and did not feel like eating or doing anything. My mum and foster mum discussed it. Foster mum (or fm) (Mum here: Blogger just ate almost a whole paragraph and I don't know how to retrieve it -- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Back to Marley: Long story short (cos FM doesn't want to retype it all) Anyway, it was decided to wait on me to see how I did. FM was unable to take me to an emergency vet -- Plus it is waaaaay to expensive. Anyway, she found some chicken in the freezer and nuked it. A friend was supposed to bring over some white rice -- but we are still waiting 6 hours later. About an hour ago -- after sleeping all day, I decided to eat some of the kibble in my bowl. FM cut up a small amount of chicken and added it. It was DELISH. I wolfed it down. FM said that so long as I don't throw up again, she will not have to take me to the dogtor!! Otherwise things here have been pretty good. The kitties are starting to be a bit friendly and do not hide from me all the time. A friend loaned FM a carry case for me and so on Wednesday FM packed me up in it and we went to her "new" apartment complex. Everything was fine going there, and we went to Walmart afterwards. I fell asleep while we were in Walmart and FM bought me a new collar -- it is really cute and is blue so it looks really great on me. FM said that people kept coming over saying how cute I was and could they pet me!!!! The only problem was that by the time we left to go home, it was REALLY HOT. I was uncomfortable in the carrier and kept trying to get out so FM had to zip it up completely. We finally got home and FM was suffering from the heat, too!!!! She says that he heat never used to bother her as much as this year, but says that she prefer the dry heat here than the humidity up north!!!! We have pretty much stayed in since then because it is waaaay to hot. She filed the lease application for the new apt on line, and everything seems to be ok with it. Now she just has to figure out how to pay for the move. Her friends Dave and Terry have offered to pack/move/unpack for her, but they want a bit more than she get in cash. If she uses a moving company she can put it on plastic. She is also trying to get a loan!!! If she gets the loan, she will use them otherwise she will have to use a moving company.

FM says that with everything that is going on, she is REALLY stressed out. She just got more stuff from the lawyer for the wheelchair manufacturer and she has the pre-trial hearing about Cookie on the 23rd!!!! I am now going to hand this over to Cookie.

Hi: Cookie here by way of telephone conversations with mum and Joy. I am really enjoying my "vacay" here. I am getting along really well with Joy's two dogs and even get along with all the cats.

Joy figured out a way to give me my pills in pill pockets and so I have been having my meds on a regular basis. On of Joy's dogs (Rain) is also a service dog so we have been swapping stories.

I have also been following the Blogville Pawlympics (much more interesting that the peeps Olympics). I would like to go to the wrap up party, but mum has been too busy with Marley and moving stuff to really try to get me a date. If anyone would like to be my date, just let me know before the dead lion if possible.

Well, I need to go back to my playmates here, and mum says that Marley is getting back to being a brat. Mum was upset that Marley was not feeling well, but enjoyed that he was not getting into so much mischief!!!!! She says that when she took him with her to get the mail today, he would not walk on the leash, so he carried him most of the time on her lap!!!! Apparently he is peeing and pooping on the pee pads more often -- but still pees on her bed!!!

Oh well, if any of you are still reading -- we really appreciate all the donations to our GoFundMe campaign. Every little bit helps.

Will chat with you again soon.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and Marley

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Cookie's mum here:

Cookie went to her temporary "home" this morning. When we were there talking to the temp "mom" she peed several times!!! Anyway, she seemed to be ok. Joy told me to take Marley until Cookie could come back to me. I tried to download a photo of Marley, but it would not download, so I guess it's back to Best Buy to see why not.

Anyway, Marley is only a few months old; she is a yellow lab and really cute. He will be posting here in Cookie's place for the next couple of months. When I figure out how to get the photos on here we will post more.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie's mum and Marley

Friday, August 5, 2016


Mum put a request for a temporary home for me on CraigsList and a very nice sounding lady offered to take me. She has 2 full grown dogs and 2 puppies plus several cats. Mum has a ride for us over there tomorrow. I just hope everything goes well. I will have to be there till some time in September because mum will not have the paperwok in place till then. Mum says that she will probably be going to an apartment in the comples where Uncle Vic used to live. We are not speaking to him right now because he was mean and refused to let me stay with him!!!!!!! Anyway, wish me luck there -- dont know how I will get along with the other puppers!!!!

Incidentally, people here are saying that I have "attacked" their dogs when all that happened was we barked at each other!!!! WTF

Anyway, I will try to have mum keep up with my bloggie and please please please continue to contribute to my GoFundMe account -- it REALLY does help.

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Cookie's mum here:

Once again I am coming to the citizens of Blogville for more help!!! My friend Vic who was supposed to take care of Cookie from this Friday until the end of the month has bailed out. Is there anyone in the Tucson area -- or beyond because if necessary I will rent a car to drive her wherever necessary -- where she can stay for that time. The reason for the temporary "vacay" for Cookie is that (as I mentioned the other day) I was served with a 10 day notice last Wednesday and Cookie has to be out of the apartment by the end of this week!!! I cannot afford to board her, and I have put a notice on Craigslist and am waiting for a response.

Please e-mail me at if you can help or know anyone who could possibly help me!!!

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and her Mum

Monday, August 1, 2016


Mum and I thank everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe campaign. Every little bit helps.

Friday, July 29, 2016


I kept on at mum to post because it is my Second Gotcha Day. Yesterday, for the first time in ages someone asked mum what happened to Cody!!! It reminded both of us that she had been gone for 2 years and that I had been with mum for that length of time.

I will now let mum continue with the post:

To give more information on the situation: Cookie got into fights twice when she got out of the apartment. The first time was in May 2015 and was actually not on the complex property!!! She got badly bitten and the other woman called Animal Control; however, because her dogs had not been licensed and it would cost her about $2,500, she did not pursue it. The other time was a couple of months ago when I had a new aide who was absolutely terrified of Cookie!!! Anyway, she let Cookie out and even when she caught up with Cookie, she did nothing and Cookie got into it!!! Fortunately, the other person did nothing about it. This most recent incident happened on July 6. Cookie and I were getting the mail early in the morning (Cookie, as usually was on her leash attached to my wheelchair); a woman with two small dogs, one of whom was NOT on a leash came up. The little dog who was not on a leash literally attacked Cookie and so she was just responding. The other woman grabbed her dog and dashed away. As I was leaving I asked if her dog was OK. She just shook her head and then ignored me. Later that morning I got a call from the management office here about it. Next day Animal Control showed up. This woman twisted the story around to say that SHE was at the mailboxes and I came up with Cookie. She said that Cookie was not leashed and I had no control of her, and that Cookie attacked her dog. Since there were no witnesses and SHE was the one complaining, I got a citation for a "biting dog" and for non-compliance with the leash laws. I had to appear in court for an arraignment and we have a Pre-Trial hearing on August 23. Needless to say, I was very upset about all of this but because the management had said nothing more, we went on with "business as usual". Then, on Wednesday morning there was a knock on the door and the complex manager and maintenance superviser were there. Shelley (the manager) gave me the 10 Day notice and insisted that I sign it. She explained that I had 10 days to either get rid of Cookie or move!!!!! I was stunned. I reiterated what they knew -- that Cookie was a Service Dog in training (I actually have a letter from the trainer to confirm this), but she said that made no difference!!!! I am going to look further into this with the ADA, etc., but in the meantime I am not giving up Cookie. For one thing, she has the Valley Fever and in all good conscience I would not do that to her or anyone that would take her. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT PUT HER IN A SHELTER because I would worry that she would be euthanized!!

I am on Section 8 and when I finally got hold of my case worker, she told me that there was no way that everything could be taken care of before the end of August!!!! My friend, Vic, has offered to take her for however long it takes. I will have to pay my August rent because I do not want an eviction on my record!!!!!

Incidentally, the other lawsuit that I have referred to has nothing to do with this situation!! Back in December 2015 I was in my old wheelchair on the main street coming with Cody from shopping, etc. I was leaning to the left and the left armrest went flying out and I went over it and hit my head and whole left side. Long story short -- I badly injured my eye -- among other things rupturing the eyeball and have very bad eyesight in my left eye. I have had several surgeries. It is also possible that the problems with my left knee (which necessitated a Revision Total Replacement in January) were also caused by this fall. I retained a lawyer to sue the wheekchair manufacturer, etc. and he was handling it. Then,, all of a sudden last September, for something totally unrelated to this accident he dropped my case. I have since tried to find a lawyer here in Tucson, but because of the complexity of it, no one wants to help me; so right now I am representing myself.

All of this has been extremely stressful for me. I may have to rent a car in order to go around looking for an apartment!!! Another unwanted expense!!!! So, I am extremely grateful for any donations to Cookie's GoFundMe account. Not only do I have the additional expense of moving now, but I still have almost $200 a month for Cookie's meds, but routine vet visits to check on her progress!

Sorry this is such a long post, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

Again, that's for your generosity.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and her Mum

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Cookie's mum here:

Due to an incident which was not Coookie's fault, we have just been served with a 10 day vacate notice or I have to get rid of Cookie -- which I do not want to do. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for a move so I have updated Cookie's GoFundMe page to hopefully raise money to move. I actually really need about $1000 -- and if I dont pay August rent, I may be able to get by with less!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2016


I cannot believe it is a week since I last posted -- but this week has been about as bad (or maybe a little worse)!!! It started out on Sunday morning when she was talking to Auntie Kim in Idaho (she used to live next door and stayed with mum for a couple of months before moving out there). Mum was starting as usual to chit chat with her, and Kim stopped her and told her that she had heard from a friend of hers that our next door neighbor had died on Saturday. Mum had not spoken to Joni since around 11 am on Saturday, but Joni had said she was going out with a friend. Even though Joni had been in really bad shape for a couple of weeks, mum knew that Joni would get mad if she said anything. So, when mum didn't hear from Joni, she just assumed that she was tired after gallivanting around. Apparently the friend she was supposed to be going out with found her when she stopped in to get her!!! A little bit later on Sunday, while mum was still bummed out about Joni, the manager at our apartment complex called. Apparently, she had gotten a call about Joni, then a little later someone else called to say they had seen an ambulance at MY apartment at 4:00 am. The manager had gotten quite a shock when it sounded like something had happened to ME as well as Joni!!!!!! Anyway, mum and I were both bummed out and are still reeling from it all. Joni's son came over to start cleaning out the apt. He gave mum his phone number and she spoke to him today and he told he was having a memorial service for her in August!!

Mum had to go to Court on Tuesday (will tell you all about it another time -- this time it was about me -- and I was TOTALLY innocent). She took me with her and she keeps raving about how good I was. Of course, she pled not guilty and hass to go back for a pre-trial on auguat 23. It did not take long, but was stressful for mom and lo and behold on Wednesday she got a UTI!!! She was about to call to check it out w/her doctor when she started showing blood in her pee!!!!! she called the doctor's office and was able to get in that afternoon (so she didn't have to go to the ER like last time she had it!!). The doctor's office gave her an antibiotic and somethin for the pain. Good thing they told mum it would turn her pee orang!!!! I was not with her this time because it was too hot for me (I would not mind, but mum is afraid I will burn my paws). Anyway, she told me that she was on a section of sidewalk that was not much wider than her wheelchair (which is quite common here, although her wheelchair is not that wide)and was looking ahead and accidentally moved the joystick. There as about a 2-3 inch drop to the gravel in the parking lot and her chair completely tipped over and threw mum out!!! Fortunately she did not get badly hurt, just shaken up and a couple of grazes nad bruises. She waited a few minutes to see if someone would stop to help her --they did not, so she started to call 911 when a very nice young man on a bike stopped to haul the chair back on the sidewalk. Then a lady stopped to help her. Mum was really happy for their help and, although she was shaken up, she continued to the doctor with was less than 5 minutes away.

Mum here: I should mention here that are LOT of main streets and, especially, side streets that do not have ANY sidewalks at all. In a lot of places I have to travel in bike lanes (which is VERY scary on the main streets as traffic tends to come awfully slow) and there is one area where the cuts in the sidewalks (especially at crossings) are so steep that mum is afraid of tipping over if she goes up; or down, so, again she goes in the street!! Not much fun!!

Back to Cookie:

Well, for now that is enuf whining from ua -- please send the cheese to go with the w[h]ine as soon as possible.

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, July 16, 2016

THAT WAS A WEEK ...................

Whew, what a week that was!!! If you read Astro's blog, you will see that we miss the dead lion for the Summer Dance. Instead, Astro invited me up to Seattle and took me up to the Space Needle. I wont tell you what else we did -- I didn't want mum to know, but -- on Sunday I started limping so badly that mum got really upset. I tried to blame it on her (we had been out of my Valley Fever medicine for a couple of days), but she said it was cos I did too much partying with Astro. She also said that if I don't behave myself, no more dates for me!!!!

Mum also has not been feeling too great lately and so she put in a call to her doctor. Before the doc could return her call she had something VERY scary happen. On Wednesday she had a dr's appointment, then went to the library to return (and get more) books. On the way to the mall, she tried to take money out of her UK bank account, and had problems so had to go into the bank!!!! Then she went to her bank to deposit the money she had just withdrawn (don't ask why she can't do it all at one bank -- the atm's wont let her). Anyway, for some reason it thought she was putting in checks, and when she was all done (so she thought) it told her that there was an error -- but it did not return her cash!!! So, again, she had to go into the bank and it took some time to get it all straightened out. So, to things that should have taken 5 minutes took almost an hour!!!!!! So she did not have as long to mosey around the mall as she wanted!! all of a sudden, she found herself outside a store that she would not normally go into, and a security guard was standing over her asking if she needed help. After a few confusing minutes, mum was able to leave (she refused offered medical help) and went to the food court. She spent the rest of the time feeling pretty yucky. Then finally went home. I was not with her -- it is WAAAAAY to hot for my poor little paws -- but I heard her telling the doctor what happened because he happened to call her a couple of hours later. Anyway, he told mum to come to see him at 8:15 am on Friday. Mum took it easy on Thursday and made a reservation on the paratransit for the doc's appointment on Friday. She managed to get herself up and out in time for the scheduled pick up time. The van was supposed to pick her up between 7:15 and 7:45 -- it did not arrive until almost 8:15!!!! Mum said she was on the phone with the van people over and over and spoke to a couple of supervisors too. She also called the doctor's office to explain why she was late. When she go there at about 8:35 they told her that the doctor could not see her till 11!!!! She decided to go get something to eat. She also went to the Ross store there -- and LOST HER SUNHAT!!!!!! Because she had had to cancel her return ride, the supervisor she spoke to promised that he would put them on alert for her return ride so she would not have to wait too long. Guess what -- she called just before noon but had to wait until after 1:30 before the van picked her up -- she was not a happy camper!! The doctor did all sorts of test on mum and scheduled an MRI on her brain!!! He said that her EKG and chest x-rays were normal. So, we shall have to see what is wrong.

Actually something funny did happen yesterday evening. Mum fell asleep and woke up and her watch said it was 5:30. She thought it was 5:30 AM and that I needed to go out. As we were leaving she noticed that the newspaper was not on the door. She then suspecte that it was 5:30 PM not AM!!! Sure enuf -- when we got home she checked further and that was the case!!!! That happened once before a few weeks ago!!! I think it's a good thing she is having her brain checked out. BOL BOL

Today, mum has just been taking it easy and watching TV, etc. Also, she made a change in the Options so hopefully it will have the line breaks where they are sposed to be.

Oh, dear, mum just realized that because of everything that went on yesterday, she missed the dead lion for entry into the Blogville Pawlympics!!!! She also tried to say that because of my limping so badly earlier in the week, I shouldn't exert myself to much this week-- to that I say --brrrrmph

so, ttfn and toodle pip
Cookie (whose limp is almost gone)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I think I have gotten mum to agree to write a short post

Mum is finally getting around to doing something besides playing games on the puter!!!! Happy July 4th to all puppers and peeps here in the US and Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. By the way -- does anyone have any idea why my posts do not have paragraph spacing even though mum hits the Enter Key!!! Like now Anyway -- I hid during the fireworks. Luckily mum doesn't really like fireworks so she stayed at home with me, and they were not too loud!!! I think I have mentioned before that I want mum to write about some of the things that happened to her when she was a kid in England. She is not sure that anyone would be interested, so please just make a mention in the comments whether or not you would like to read some of them. Also, again WOULD SOME BOY PUPPER LIKE TO BE MY DATE FOR THE SUMMER DANCE? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP Well, I promised mum to make this short!!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Over One Year of Blogging

I have been bugging mum to recognize my one year blogoversery -- and FINALLY got her to write a post. We want to thank Frankie and Ernie's mum for suggesting we start the blog and especially to Sarge's mum for setting it up. For those of you who remember, it was a year ago in June that there was a "push" to get new people into Blogville. Mum had been reading blogs with Cody since they had met with Jack and Tall Guy at the dog park here in Tucson and then with me since I came to live with her. We all of us (mum, Cody and me) have always luved reading the blogs and commenting sometimes. Tall Guy was gonna help mum but they never got around to it!!!! I have enjoyed being a member of Blogville and everyone here. We woulda LUVVED to have gone to BAR, but that was not possible but we did enjoy reading about it. I told mum that we should either go to Blog Paws or else invite anyone coming through Tucson to visit us (so I could maybe hide out in their luggage/vehicle and hide way to join them), but she told me that was too rude!!! Hopefully, there will be other things we can go to. The main reason we couldn't go to BAR or Blogpaws was transportation!! We could have possibly gotten places (especially to Phoenix -- only a couple of hours away) but once there we woulda been stuck in one place -- even getting from the airport would have caused a problem!! Instead, mum and I went and stayed with my Uncle Vic, Coco, Kiki and Cubby. Coco and I get along really well and she shared her marrow bones with me!!! On Saturday night mum and Uncle Vic had lamb chops, potatoes and mint sauce (not mint jelly -- apparently the Brits don't like mint jelly with meat). Uncle Vic left most of his potatoe; mum shared part of her chop with us and they very kindly left the plates in the living room. I will never tell which one of us did it, but we cleaned the plates off while they were asleep -- very tasty it was, too!! Mum and Uncle Vic are both from the UK, although he is a US citizen but mum is still a UK citizen (her passport says it is an EU passport -- wonder what will happen now!!!!! She only just got it renewed last year and it was VERY expensive to renew and now has to be sent to the UK to be renewed!!!!! One of the biggest problems for mum with the Brexit is that the value of her UK pension does not convert as well!!! It is not very much to start with, and now that the exchange rate has dropped, it is really not much!!! Mum had an epidural on Tuesday. It helped with the back pain, but she had run out of her Prevacid and did not realize that the epidural would affect her stomach as much as it did. Until her aide, Cathy, was able to get her some more, she was really in BIG trouble!!! Fortunately she is doing ok now!! Because of the heat here, we have not been doing much. I refuse to wear booties so mum does not like to take me out when the ground is this hot. I don't mind riding on the paratransit, but the asphalt in the parking lots are pretty uncomfortable. Mum has tried me with several different kinds of booties, but I keep shoving them off, so she doesn't really try me with them. If I am going with her, she tries to make it early in the morning or the evening -- that is why we stayed over at Uncle Vic's. Mum said she will not stay over there again -- first of all, he would not let her bring the wheelchair in the apt cos of the way he has the furniture set up he would have to move the couch; also Coco pooped several times and also peed on the floor and one of the kitties pooped on the rug in the bathroom!!!!!!! Oh well, they will have to come over her if they want to see us. I have to go for my follow up visit with the Dogtor in a couple of weeks -- hopefully everything is better. Mum does not take me as far as she used to because I have a bit of a tendency to limp by the time we get home!!! Keeping her fingers and all our paws crossed that everything is improving -- it is sooooo expensive for my meds!! Sorry for rambling on so much!!!!! I am still trying to get mum to write about some of her experiences in London when she was a kidlet!! She keeps promising -- but, as they say, promises, promises. Will try to post some pics of a few of my boyfriends soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie PS: ARE THERE ANY BOY PUPPERS WHO'D LIKE TO GO WITH ME TO THE SUMMER DANCE? HIGGINS AND SARGE CAN TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN I AM AT THESE THINGS!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


DOES ANYONE HAVE SOME CHEESE (PREFERABLY BRIE) TO GO WITH MUM'S W[H]INE?????? Well, I finally got mum bac to post on my blog!!!! She has been very stressed out about the lawsuit and lack of attorney; she has missed a couple of deadlines!!!! Also, she has been having problems with the desktop pc and there are some documents on there she needs -- first of all the mouse deaded (fortunately she had an extra wireless mouse) and now for some reason she cannot print stuff out. Also, if any of you are in AZ or have read about it you will know thaHt we have record-breaking heat. This means that I can only go out early in the morning or at night. Mum was also told by the people who do maintenance on her wheelchair that if she tries to go out in the extreme heat she could 'blow up' the joystick on the chair. This means that pretty much we are stuck in the house all day after mum takes me out early morning. The only other time she goes out is if she has a doctor's appointment!!!!! Also, we really wanted to go to BAR, but transportation created a major problem!!! Mum could probably have made it by air to IN or IL, and also probably to the hotel, but getting to and from the events would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible and/or extremely expensive. To be really mean, we hope the weather is nasty (BWAR BWAR BWAR, BOL) -- not really, just disappointment that we cannot go!!! So, to everyone going, think of us poor pupper and their hoomans who are left at home. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Friday, May 13, 2016


Grrrr-- when our new aide, Cathy, took me for a walk last week, my tags came off!!! Fortunately they did not get lost, but neither Cathy nor mum have been able to get them back on -- hopefully, today!!! This has been a really stressful week for mum. First, as I may have mentioned, we had a flood in the bathroom; then when we removed everything from the closet, it turned out half the wall and carpeting had mold (when mum when to the cardiologist and pulmonologist she check whether it had affected her, and they did not think so). Anyway, this mold has caused a lot more stress -- they came in and took up the damaged wallboard and carpeting and now have to replace it!!! This means that mum and I are walking around all sorts of stuff in the bedroom, and Cathy is unable to do what she is sposed to do!!! To top all this off, the steroid injection mum had in her neck didn't work!!! Because mum gets panic attacks when using her Bipap machine, the cardiologist wants her to use oxygen at night -- hence the main reason for the visit to the pulmonologist, who has ordered it for her. Incidentally, mum has reported the results from the doctors' offices to me -- it is much too hot for me to go with her. The ground gets very hot here in the summer -- in fact when mum took me out at 8 am to do my business, it was already in the 80's!!! Another thing adding to the stress, is that she STILL cannot find an attorney and she has a Motion Hearing on Monday to which she thought an attorney would be there, but he has backed out too. Hopefully this one will go in her favor. She said she is taking me with her in the hopes it will gain her some sympathy (bol). Then, to top it all off, the new neighbors upstairs are awfully noisy!!! Usually it is during the night, but today they are banking away up there!!!! Then, to top it all off, the joystick on her wheelchair seems to be acting up. Even when the charger is plugged in all night, the indicator does not move!!! Service cannot come till Wednesday -- so keep all your paws crossed for her!! Mum says she will try to download the pics of my boyfriends properly so that we can show them next week. Well, we are gonna try to relax somewhat. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, May 9, 2016


I had a pretty good weekend, how about you? On Friday, Mum took me to the big dogpark (Udall Park, Jack). I had a great time there with all my buddies, although I gave mum a bit of a scare on the way there!! I started limping and lifting my left front paw. Mum stopped, but couldn't see anything but she rubbed the whole paw so whatever was in there came out and I started walking properly. [grrr-blogger ate a whole paragraph now I'll have to rewrite it!!]Anyway, Saturday night we had some excitement. The toilet overflowed for some reason and flooded and also soaked the carpeting between bedroom and bathroom. Mum called the emergency number for maintenance and one of the guys came over. This particular guy is ALWAYS Mr. Grumpy and this time was no exception. He did mum a whole favor to mop up some of the water and throw the wet towels in the bathtub. It has finally dried out a fair amount but now we have to wash the towels and empty out the closet!!! This morning mum took me out much earlier because her new upstairs neighbor was thumping around and dropping stuff!!! Anyway, we are starting to go out earlier because it is getting warmer in the mornings. In the really hot weather we go out when it is still dark so that we miss the worst of the heat. Anyway there was this gorgeous black dog there (his name is Rufus) and he and I had a great time running around!! His mum took my mum's phone number so I hope that she calls so we can meet again. Anyway, guess I will close for now. Mum downloaded the pics from her phone wrong, so she has to do it agin. Hopefully soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, May 2, 2016

Watch this blog

*sigh* mum has not really been feeling up to getting on the puter much this past week. More problems concerning the lawsuit is causing her stress and headaches, but I told her we had to let all our furiends know we hadn't forgotten them. However, she has promised me that she will do a long post later in the week and put some pics of my 'boyfriends' on the post. So, for now ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


After our walk to MY dog park here (where I met another of my boyfriends, Red), mum came in, parked her chair and plugged it in to recharge it; made her coffee, got my food and sat down to read the paper, etc. After almost an hour she got up to go to the bathroom, and when she came back, she realized she had not released me from my leash, which is attached to the chair!!! She released me, and said she was sorry for not releasing me earlier (I bet), and said she had vaguely wondered why I had not eaten any of my food!!!! I am trying to think of a punishment for HER for not unleashing me. Anyone got any ideas????? ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Sunday, April 17, 2016


She SAID that she was trying to get the mountains and clouds (it was just after a rainstorm) and did not realize what I was doing (or even that I was in the pic (yeah, I bet)!!! Things have been a little crazy around here. For some unknown reason (s'posedly some certification issue) the agency is not sending Krysta to take care of us. On of the ladies who came was scared stiff or me. Apparently her father's dog attacked/mauled her and made her scared of dogs. On the first day she came, she accidentally let me out (mum forgot to tell her I am a "runner"). She came after me, but I got into it with a little dog and then took of again. Mum ran inside to get her wheelchair and came in the direction where she thought I had gone. When she got to us, the aide was not even trying to catch hold of my collar!! Mum leashed me to her chair and we came home. When we were in the house, the aide asked mum to come every time she (the aide) had to get me to move!!!!! I know I am a big girl, but inside the apartment I am really easy going!!! Mum finally called the agency and said that it was not working out cos I was tense, she (mum) was on edge and the aide really was. The person at the agency was not very happy but finally called back and said that she had given the aide the option of comint to us or not, and she preferred not!!! That means we will be having ANOTHER new aide and the one that comes on Friday is only coming one more time. Mum does not like all this changing around!!!! One of the reasons I have not posted earlier is that mum got a terrible spasm in her neck and lower back and has been in a lot of paind. Her doctor scheduled her for physical therapy at home!! Something kinda funny happened to mum last weekend. She had gone to the store (without me--mean mum) and went into the ASPCA store. She was looking at the puppies there and this man was standing looking at her. He thenstarted asking how she was, etc. Mum looked at him and asked if she knew him!!! He responded that he was Doctor L -- her Primary Care doctor!!!! He looked so different in shorts and a polo shirt!!!!! She had an appointment with him on Wednesday and it turns out he got the dog that he and his family were looking at!!! Mum said that dog was very cute. Wedll, mum says that she will post more in a day or two (wisheful thinking, I think), so I will end here. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sorry I haven't posted for a while

Mum wanted to paste in a picsur she took of me in the dog park -- actually I am kinda glad she didn't (yet) She SAYS she was just trying to get the mountains and didn't realize I was pooping in the foreground -- bol --I think she did it on purpose!! We had a power outage for a few hours on Friday. Only good thing about it was during the daytime so mum could read!! Not much else has happened. Mum was sposed to go to Best Buy on Saturday, but did not feel up; to it. She hopes to go on Thursday so that she can figure out how to post the pics, etc. She is going to have another injection in her neck tomorrow -- she is feeling a bit better after the first one and hopes that this one will make her totally pain free in the shoulder/arm/hand!! Well, mum says she cannot type any more today -- but I had insisted that she do at least a small post to make sure my buddies know i'm still around!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yaaaaay--Yaptop seems to be behaving

As I mentioned in my last post, for some reason mum could not get the yaptop to open for a post to my blog. Today, IT WORKED PROPERLY!! Nothing new has happened since our last post -- It is Uncle Vic's birthday today -- Happy Birthday Uncle Vic!! This is just gonna be a short post -- will write more in a few days. Mum is gonna go to geek squad to find out why the yaptop is so temperamental!!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No more bully sticks for me

My mum is getting a bit dotty lately!!! For some reason she screwed up my blog on the yaptop!!! Anyway -- the reason for the caption -- mum gave me a couple of really good bully sticks from Chewy and it made my pooper shooter to go all kerploowy!! First time, mum went next door to our neighbor, and I just couldnt wait for her to get back -- I pooped on the rug!! Then on Friday, she gave me another one and when Krista came, I begged and begged to go out and when we got out, I had a loose poop all over the gravel!!!!! Mum had an injection in her neck to help her right hand, arm and neck. It seems to have helped her somewhat. She has to call the doctor and set up to see him again in a couple of weeks. She is a much happier camper when she is not in so much pain!!!! Going back to my first comment here -- last Tuesday she had written down that she had an appointment with the knee surgeon, but when she got there it turned out that the appointment was scheduled for Wednesday -- this was not so much her mistake as the nurse that gave her the appointment cos mum had it written down for Tuesday!!!!! Mum has some pics to download/post -- she said she will take care of it this week. Anyway --mum wants to go back to watching TV -- hopefully she and Uncle Vic will get her yaptop working properly on Tuesday. It is his birthday and she is taking him out for dinner. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am still here, thinking I should do another post by myself because mum has been busy trying to find a lawyer. She had a leter from the court to say the case would be dismissed if she didn't do something, so it has been very frustrating. She is going for a consultation with a lawyer tomorrow so we will keep all 12 paws crossed, and ask that you do. BTW, mum asked me to remind you that she is still in need of money for my Valley Fever meds and vet bills. I know that LB and the Book of Barkley has it posted in that blog or please contact mum. Thanks a lot. Mum says she will be posting probably on Friday or the weekend. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Mum said that she has important phone calls to mke, so I'm gonna try to do my own post today. Please excuse any typos, but this is th first time I have tried to do it. Nothing much has been happening here (which is another reason mum refused to do my post today). Mum is doing better -- her knee hardly bothers her -- now it is the recurring back pain!! Mum has been telling me stories about when she was a younstter growing up in London just after WWII and I am trying to get her to put it on my post!!! She said she is not sure anyone would be interested, so please comment and let me know if you are. Oh, and by the way, Since I have been back home with mum, I have not tried to take off -- I am so glad to be back. Uncle Vic was OK, but he isn't mum and I had to share him with Coco!!! Mum is telling me she needs the 'puter, so I have to go. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well, I finally got mum to sit down with the puter. She has been asking whether it is a full moon (it is) cos she says that she gets into a certain mood during that time, and really cannot get ANYTHING done. Thank goodness Krista comes over to clen!! Starting next week for 3 months she will be coming 3 times a week!!!! Krysta's oldest daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She loves to go to a bookstore called Bookmans where you take in books you don't want and they will give you vouchers to get other books in the store. Krysta says that she loves to go there so mum and I got together a big bag of books for her to take in there! There really is not much new going on -- mum had her last physical therapy today. Her knee is doing very well so she can go to a pt clinic if she really wants to. The exercises are not difficult so she does not think she needs to do that and she will do the exercises at home!! Well, now that I have gotten mum to let you know how I am doing, I am going to try to catch up on all the blogs I have not read for a while. ttfn and toodle pip COOKIE

Thursday, February 11, 2016


The reason for this caption is that mum picked up a refill of my Rimadyl prescription, and it cos $100!!!!! Her prescription for pain pills only cost $35!!! Her knee is getting better. The Physcial Therapist is very pleased -- said that mum's range of motion is really good for 3 weeks post surgery!!! The Occupational Therapist came yesterday and, after looking and finding mum's laptop mouse, he asked her some questions and decided that she did not need any more OT!!! Mum went to see her Primary Care doc yesterday and got a real lecture from him because she had filled a Percocet prescription from the surgeon who did her surgery in december. He reminded her that she had signed a form agreeing not to fill prescriptions, and that she had broken the agreement!!! Mum explained that she had filled it without thinking anything of it -- and that she had filled it because it was such a painful surgery!!! The finally hashed it all out -- thank dogness!!! He is very 'squirrely' about it all because of the doctor in California who was charged with murder after some of his patients died from OD's of pain meds!!!! Well, now mum knows that she cannot fill Rx's that docs give her after surgery, etc. Well, things are starting to get back to normal -- mum's PT is going well -- as I said earlier. She went to the store without me yesterday -- she had the Van drop her off at the store on the way home from the doc's office!! I am going to talk her into going to the mall soon, just so she can get out more. Have to go no --PT is coming over soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie p.s. dont know why this doesnt publish with paragraph spacing!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Mum actually came home last Tuesday and I came home on Wednesday, and I have been bugging her ever since to post on my blog. It has taken her this long to get around to it!!!!!! This will not be a long post -- hopefully that will be in a day or two. I am not sure if you know that she had a revision total knee replacement. It has been a painful recovery, but is getting better!! She was in the surgical hospital from Monday to Thursday then went to rehab until last Tuesday when she came home. It is taking her longer to get used to being home on her own!!! In fact she forgot to take her meds for a couple of days and yesterday had a really nasty panic attack. She decided to take me out for a long walk to Udal Park (which is about 1 mile away). I met lots of new friends there and had fun running around -- none of my old friends were thare cos it was kinda late in the morning. Mum felt better when she got home, but spent the rest of the day sleeping and watchin tv. Did anyone else watch Puppy Bowl? Mum says she had not watched it since the first time. The first time was kinda boring cos it was just puppies playing. She quite enjoyed this time. Anyway, mum says she cannot write any more now, but promises me she will soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Friday, January 15, 2016


Mum tried twice this week to post and both times blogger ate it. She also had to type that sentence twice cost blogger ate it first time!! She was trying to blog about all the problems she had about the new chair she bought. The salesman told mum she was buying a power chair. When it arrived, it was NOT a power chair. After several calls back and forth to the store -- the salesman told mum HE had made a mistake and the model she bought did not come in a power chair -- the only model similar in style would be $500 more!!!!!! His manager told mum that she could get a power lift chair for a little less than she had paid, but it would be 10-12 inches narrower. The main reason mum liked this chair was because of the width. Well, yesterday she spoke to another manager at the store. He went and tried out the model mum had bought. He also ran into the same "stiffness" problems mum had. He told her that it would "wear in". She immediately thought of the BritCom Are you being served where they are always telling the customer "It'll ride up with wear". Does anyone else watch that program and remember the comment? Well cos mum is going into hospital on Monday, she has decided to keep it for now and see what happens. This has been a very stressfull week for mum cos when she scheduled her surgery, the scheduler told her that she would be released from the hospital after 3 or 4 days to go home. Mum remembers after her original knee replacement she was in for almost 3 weeks (1 in surgical hospital and 10 days in rehab). The surgeon told her that what she is having now (revision total replacement) is more painful, etc., so mum was really worried. Uncle Vic has told her she can stay there with me, but he does not have a bed yet, and so she really didn't want to. Fortunately, when she went for pre-surgery testing on Wednesday, they told her that would not be the case, and that she would be go to rehab!!!! Krysta is going to take me over to Uncle Vic's on Sunday cos mum has to leave REALLY early on Monday!!! Mum is taking me for a visit to the vet tomorrow to check on my valley fever. BTW -- Abby Lab's mum -- thanks for the GoFundMe donation. I did get a notification from them, and it will go into my checking account soon. If anyone else would like to help me out, it would be really appreciated. The visit tomorrow is probably gonna cost me almost $200 and then her meds. Someone told mum about a program that Walgreens has where she paid for a membership and my meds will cost less. Unfortunately with the problems with the battery onn her chair, she has not been able to get there. She has to have an MRI on her neck this afternoon and the van will drop her off near Walgreens, so she is gonna go in there. The service tech was supposed to come out today to change the batteries, but he got sick so is coming tomorrow afternoon!! Mum has so much to take care of before going in the hospital. Krysta is gonna take care of my kitty sistahs and, as I said, Uncle Vic is gonna take care of me. Hopefully the wi fi at this hospital is working properly so she can make posts and read all of your posts!! Well, someone will be over shortly so mum has said I have to end this now. Hope to be posting again soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, January 11, 2016


The other day when we went over to Uncle Vic's, when they went out, mum bought a tag with my name and phone no. on it. Finally, today, between her and Krysta, I AM NOW WEARING IT!!! I am so relieved that mum wont get AS upset when I get out. When I first came to live with her and kept on getting out, she had a couple of extra long walking strings joined together and would put that on me when she went out. I was able to get to my bed and food and water bowls (and, of course, the couch) while she was gone. But when I stopped running out every time the door opened, she stopped tying me up. She is now threatening to start doing it again if I don't stop running off!!!! I am VERY selective when I do it, BOL. For instance, when the EMT's came to take her to hospital a few weeks ago, they had the door open, and I didn't even try to get out!!!! When mum had her surgery over Christmas, I stayed alone and Krysta came over and fed me and walked me and I didn't try to get out (except the scare I gave everyone when I hid the day mum went to the hospital, BOL). Mum has to find out whether she will be going to rehab or coming straight home as to whether I stay here or go to Uncle Vic's. The doctor has told her that revision surgery is much more extensive than the original knee replacement surgery, but the surgery scheduler told mum that they would only be keeping her in the hospital for about 4 days!!!! Given that she lives alone, she does not know how they can send her home in such a short time. She has to go for pre-surgery scheduling this week, and see what she can find out!!! What is kinda ironic is, mum says that when she went to the ER for her knee at the beginning of December, they were only going to release her to a nursing home and not directly home!!! However, by the time she had the bone scan, she was able to get around better, and so they let her come home!!! But, thank goodness for Krysta!!!! Well, just wanted to let you know I finally have my name tag -- mum said the other tags will come eventually, bol. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Yesterday me and mum went over to visit Uncle Vic in his new apartment. It was nice to see them all again. Mum and Uncle Vic went out for brunch, etc. and when they came back (both in wheelchairs) I, of had to squeeze in to greet mum and, of course, squeezed past her and took off!! Mum said she was worried cos I still didn't have tags on, and I had never been to this complex before!!! Anyhoo -- I found my way back to the area, but wasn't sure which was the apartment, but then Uncle Vic came out and called me and I came back in. I is sorry to have upset mum but I just smelled some delightful pee mails and had to go read them!!!! Will write more later -- mum is waiting for a delivery from Safeway!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Friday, January 8, 2016


Can anyone tell mum why sometimes the blog she has just typed on my behalf will disappear and will then appear a few days later ready to post??????? IT JUST DID IT AGAIN, and mum does not feel like repeating it all. Suffice it to say that the reason we have not blogged for about a week is cos mum has not been feeling 100%. As you know, she had surgery over Christmas, so was recuperating last week. Uncle Vic invited us over to spend New Year's Eve with him a Coco in the new digs, but mum has been having problems with the battery on her chair, and did not want to chance getting stuck!!! We went to the store on Saturday cos there had been a mnixup on her pain meds!!!! It is less than 3 miles to go to the store, wander around and come back -- the chair looked as though it was gonna die on us!! Sunday morning mum was lying on the bed watching tv and her knee started hurting again!!! This was as bad as in December. She didn't wanna go to the ER because she knew that all they would wanna do was put her in a nursing home!! We went to Fry's cos she needed some stuff that Safeway doe sn't carry. It is not much further to go to Fry's and, again, by the time we got home, it looked like the battery was gonna die on her!! The chair is supposed to go about 10 miles on a full charge -- and IT IS NOT DOING IT!!! Mum finally got hold of someone at the chair place on Monday and they are ordering new batteries -- at last!!! Anyway, going back to sunday -- Mum decided to go out to get her mind off the pain (the Percocet was already helping somewhat -- bol) and also cos when she takes me to the store, she likes that everyone makes a fuss of me. They know me in both Fry's and Safeway, so everyone says hello to me -- in fact if she goes without me, she says they ask where I am and if I am ok!!! Anyway, aside from the problem with the battery, the trip itself went fine!! However, when we got home she had a terrible time unloading the perrishables!!! She leaves the other stuff cos Krysta will put it away for her!!!! There is not enuf space to use the wheelchair in the apt, so she tried using the walker -- it was not very easy, but she did manage to get the perishables put away, and then went back to bed, where she pretty much stayed the rest of the day. On Monday, mum had to go for her post-op visit to the surgeon. When she goes to that doctor, it is all the way over on the northwest side of town, and if she uses a "will call" for the return, she can wait forever, so she tries to time it. Well, this time, the van was on time and got her there very early, which meant she got out early. She tried to get an earlier return trip, but couldn't -- of course she did not take me with her, so I could not entertain her!!!! She says they have a good expresso coffee stand in the lobby of the hospital, which is just across the parking lot, so she went over and got herself a nice Caramel Macchiato. Of course, I was glad to see her, but the trip wiped her out cos of the pain in her knee. Of course, when Krysta got here, it started raining, so she could not take me out for my usual walk to the mailbox!!!!! BTW-- the surgeon was very pleased with mum's recovery and she doesn't hae to go back unless she has more problems. On Tuesday, the casework that arranges for Krysta came over for a routine visit. He has dogs so I was sniffing him most of the time!! Anyway, mum was telling him some of what was going on, and he said he was gonna see if he can arrange for mum to have Krysta for more hours!!! Since this last surgery, mum has been having a visiting nurse come a couple of times a week. That was all arranged by the surgeon!! On Wednesday, mum had an appointment to see the knee surgeon. She was outside waiting for the van and when it arrived, she realized that the gates were closed -- they are usually open during the daytime. Fortunately, the driver came back for her!!!! When the knee doctor heard about the "episode" on Sunday, he told mum what she expected to hear!!! Rvision surgery of the knee -- there is no way we can wait any longer. Well, mum went over to the Scheduler, and she is scheduled for the surgery on Jan 18 with pre surgery stuff the week before. The scheduler told her that she would only be in the hospital for 3-4 days and would be discharged home!!!!! There is no way mum can take care of herself after such major surgery, and Uncle Vic is still not completely satisfied -- it will be ok for me, but not for her, so she is gonna try to see about rehab afterwards!! Mum also called my dogtor and I am supposed to have a followup visit this month -- mum is gonna make it before her surgery!!! Oy gevalt -- so much going on here!!!!! Sorry for that garbage , but mum was trying to re-post the GoFundMe picture, but this is what she got!!! If anyone wants to help mum with some of these problems, please e-mail her at and she will get back to you for any assistance you can give us!!! Well, I think mum has bored you enuf, and she has to make some phone calls. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Friday, January 1, 2016

Really just a quickie

Happy New Year to all of Blogville and friends, etc. Over to you mum: As most of you know I am not a US Citizen (I'm from the UK) but am here legally, paid taxes while I was working, etc. However, not being a citizen, I cannot vote over here an generally feel that because of that, any opinions I may have, I keep to myself. However, this Presidential election has raised some issues that really upset me. I have just come from reading the post from the young girl who was upset at Trump. I lived in the NY/NJ area from 1982 through 1999 and so saw and heard many things about Trump. Most of which I could ignore. However, I cannot keep quiet about some of his immigration policies. When I came over here in 1962 it was very easy for a British citizen to get a visa/green card. I understand that it is not so easy now and so I REALLY appreciate being able to keep my citizenship and take advantage of being a legal immigrant here. I am sure that many people will ask why I never became a US citizen -- expecially since my ex worked at NASA and had high level security clearance. A short answer is that my ex and I had an agreement -- if my being a UK citizen should affect his clearance, I would become a US citizen. It didn't and so I didn't. I have been divorced since 1978 so it is a moot point. Another point that is brought up is why I don't move back to the UK. Believe me, there have been many times I have considered it, but I just haven't. If my lawsuit ever gets settled satisfactorily I may go over there for a few months -- but at my age ...... Sorry to be such a party pooper on new years day, but ...... So, saying that I will now say HAPPY NEW YEAR and ttf and toodle pip Cookie and family