Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Monday, November 30, 2015

Just a Quickie

I have been bugging mum to post, but she has been kinda stressed out for the past week or so, so she has not felt like it. She asked me to tell everyone that she reads a LOT of posts, but has not had time or energy to post comments and apologizes for that. We hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was kinda weird, but it was ok. Also, I have been pretty good about taking my meds -- I wont use the Pill Pockets -- has to be peanut butter or soft cheese, or I eat whatever the pills are in and spit out the pills. Mum also thanks everyone who has donated to my GoFundMe and she is still trying to post it on here so it stays here!! The reason she has been kinda stressed is that Uncle Vic is sposed to move today, but has not found a place to move to -- part of the problem is that he procrastinated (mum is proud that I know and can spell that word!!!). He wanted to get an apartment in the same complex as mum, but was rejected for some strange reason -- some of the complexes can use such stupid reasons for rejecting prospective tenants!! Mum may have to rent a car so she can take him around. She likes to drive, but because she does not own a vehicle she does not have insurance, so when she rents a car she has to buy their insurance and it costs almost double to rent a car for a day, also, she it is too expensive to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle. She hopes she will soon be able to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle, which will make things much easier. Anyway, I was a good girl this morning and let mum sleep till 8:30 before waking her up for my walk. She has not been sleeping well cos of the stress so I decided she needed it. When we got to the park, there was another dog in the large area so I went in the small area. The other dog and I ran the fence a few times -- it felt good to stretch my legs. I hope mum takes to Udall Park soon so that I can really run!! Mum almost had leaky eyes this morning. She came across a "Passover Haggadah" she had helped produce back in 1960 (before she came over here) for Habonim in London. It brought back memories of having to type the stencils on a manual typewriter for the Gestetner machine!!!! And brought back a lot of memories of the friends she had over there!!! She wanted me to say that if by any chance there are any readers of my blog who were involved with Habonim In the lat '50s to1962, or even later, in the US or UK, PLEASE get in touch -- she gets homesick (even after all these years over here) and kinda leaky-eyed this time of year. Well, this was sposed to be a "quickie" and it has gone on longer than I intended so I will end now. Have a wonderful day. ttfn and Toodle Pip Coocki

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Not too much happening.  I have not taken off running since Saturday -- which mum says is just as well as I have lost my tags, and until she gets me new ones ........  Mind you, I do have a microchip, but mum doesn't wanna  take any chances!!!!  Auntie April left on Saturday -- I think my barking upset her (although I really only bark when mum is getting ready to take me out early morning).  Also, she said she was not comfortable sleeping on the couch!!!

On Friday when mum met Uncle Vic at Fry's, she said she also bumped into Auntie Sherri.  I haven't seen her in absolutely ages (nor has mum).  Turns out she had gotten mad at mum and blocked her on her cell phone!!!  On Saturday afternoon, she called mum and after the first call of her bitching about Uncle Vic, mum didn't answer t he phone.  Then mum did pick up the phone -- it was Sherri and she was outside the gate and wanted mum to let her in.  She had her little mini longhaired doxie with her.  I had met Sugah Pi before and not gotten well with her.  This time mum held onto her for quite some time and then when I ignored Sugah Pi, mum put her on the floor, and we were fine.  Sherrie was her for a couple of hours, and we were actually glad to see her leave ---bol bwah hah.  Mum thinks she has blocked her again cos she has not been able to reach her!!!!  I say, no loss.

Mum had to get a refill on my Tramadil and Rymadil -- she almost passed out when the vet told her it was almost $100!!!!  She has to call the compounding pharmacy for a refill on my other medication.

We are walking to Uncle Vic's for Thanksgiving dinner -- I should be ok cos I have been resting and then when we get there, I will be able to take another rest!!

Our stray kitty that comes to eat on our patio is getting a bit braver.  Not sure if it is male or female, but IT lets us watch but will not let us come close!!

Mum says that we are gonna try to comment on more posts this week, but if we don't -- here's wishing all our American buddies a Happy Thanksgiving.

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, November 21, 2015


Mum has a friend (Auntie April) staying with her -- she just arrived last night.  This morning when mum was getting ready to take me out, April opened the door and, of course, I took off with April following me!!!!  I made sure that April kept close behind me till I let her catch me!!!  When we got home, mum made sure to let me know that she was mad at me!!!  You see, my leg is starting to get better after my last escapade, and she did not want to have to take me to the dogtor!!!  Mum had not realized that April was opening the door until I was already out!!!  Also, she is mad cos I have lost my tags,, so no one will be able to let her know if they find me!!!  I am microchipped, but ......

Not sure how long auntie april will be staying, but I likes her!!!!

Mum has to go and get a refill of my rimadyl and tramadol from the vet and also call the compounding pharmacy to refill my valley fever meds.

ttfn and toodle pip


ps -- can someone PLEASE help mum with setting my Gofundme on the side of my blog?????

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I was a bad girl this morning!!!!

When mum and I left for my early morning potty walk, I suddenly realized that she had not attached my lead properly.  I took one look at her, and took off.  It was dark so she could not see where I went.  I came back to the apartment -- came in -- turned around and took off again.  When I finally came home, I had been gone for over an hour!!  Mum didn't know whether to scold me or hug me!

Mum here:  When she took off, she went towards our dog park here.  I knew that the gates were closed, but when people leave, she could have followed them through the gates!!  This is a very large complex, and the layout in complex (bol) so there was no point in me trying to follow her!!!  I came home and left the door ajar.  (Our stray feral cat came and ate while I was waiting for Cookie!!!)  As mentioned above, she came in the door, but before I could get up and close it, she took off again!!!!  She did finally come home!!!  I have not really seen whether she is limping or not and just told her she was a bad girl!!!!  But at least she did come home!!!

Except for the peanut butter with her meds -- no treats for her today!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I dodged the bullet -- bol

Cookie's mum here:

Cookie started barking when I got up to go to the bathroom at around 4:30 am.  She always barks as soon as I stir in the morning, so even though it went on longer than usual, I ignored it.  I got up around 6:30 (when it gets light and warmer this time of year) and took her to our dog park here in the complex.  When I got home and started into the kitchen, I discovered several piles of loose poop!!!!  I am unable to bend down to clean it up, so I covered it with paper towels till Krista can get here!!  I then noticed that she had thrown up, and she threw up again.  I called the vet's office and told them what happened, and they said I should bring her in.  I called a little later to find out if they wanted a fecal sample.  At that point, Cookie seemed to be eating, etc.  The vet told me to watch her, but If she seemed ok, I would not need to bring he in.  I have not given her her meds this morning -- I will wait and see if she acts "normal" before giving them to her!!

Back to Cookie"

Whew, glad I didn't need to go to the dogtor!!!!  Mum said she would watch me carefully.  Another reason we are glad, is that the dogtor charges $60 just to walk in there and then there are any tests needed.  The reason we go there, and not a cheaper (but just as good) one is that it is within walking distance and because mum does not have a vehicle, it is really the only one we can go to!!!!

Mum is still trying to figure out how to make our Gofundme badge to stay on my blog every day!!!

Well, I have been eating my food and drinking water, and no more poops in the house!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Pee Ess

After mum posts my blog, she remembers things!!

This time she wanted to comment on the horrific things that have been happening in France.  She told me about 9/11 when she was living in Connecticut.  She was hosting msn gaming site Scrabble Tournaments (as Tricki_Wu) and her tournies were fun tournies on Tuesdays.  She hummed and hawed as to whether to hold the tourney, but after xchanging messages with others, she decided to hold it.  She got over 40 contestants (the most she usually got were 20-25) and several of these were people who normally did not play in tourneys -- including one person she had known for ages online.  He (and several others) commented that they decided to come and play because the news all day had been so depressing, and they just wanted to "get away" from it for a couple of hours.  So, although all of these terrorist thingies are so awful, we as furry friends need to luv on our peeps and let them know that (especially here in Blogville) we are all good buddies.


Something seems to happen around here on the weekends!!!!  Last weekend we had no internet (no fault of mum's that time), then yesterday when she was commenting, she did something, and we could not post a blog!!!  She needs someone to really talk to her!!  I really can't get too mad at her, though.  On Tuesday she got a call from the attorney that he would NOT be able to represent her as the person who was gonna be co-counsel couldn't do it and it was too much (with such a short time before the statute of limitations ran out -- 12/09).  Then on Wednesday she found out that she needs to have some surgery within the next month or so!!!!

Also, I sat her down and had a long talk with her about the next subject.  With all the expenses for my Valley Fever, the court costs and other things, we really cannot participate in Oreo's Christmas exchange.  She said that hopefully we can next year.

Let's hope that this week will be better!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Cookie's Mum here with a PS:

I needed to call the vet this morning about Cookie's meds -- she STILL sometimes spits them out!!  I had not been giving her the Tramidol (SP) for a few days -- but apparently she still needs them.

I mentioned our long walk on Saturday and how Cookie was starting to limp by the time we got home.  Vet said NO MORE LONG WALKS!!

I will turn it back to Cookie"

Well, now I have to start taking the tramidol again -- grrrrrr -- mum is starting to get good about shoving the pills down my throat!!!!  Either with cold custs or the pill pockets!!!  I really miss going to the grocery store with her!!!  I also cannot walk to Uncle Vic's and mum feels it is too expensive to take the van (it is $3 each way -- and it is only about a mile to his house).  *sigh*

Will have to have her take some pics soon.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Just a Quickie

Mum is gonna be picked up soon for a doctor's appointment, but I insisted she write a quickie!!***

First, Mum and I want to thank everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe.  She also wants me to explain why she put such a high amount -- my vet has told her that it is going to take a couple of years (probably) for me to completely get over this Valley Fever!!!!  My meds are around $100 per month; and visits to the dogtor every three to 6 months!!!  The vet charges about $60 just to walk in!!!  That does not include any x-rays and tests!!!  Hopefully, it wont cost that much (or take that long).  If that is the case -- we will let you know!!  Mum took me out the other day to the grocery score.  I did pretty well, but when I was almost home, I started limping a little, so mum is hesitant about taking me out for long walks!!!!  Uncle Vic wanted us to come over, but mum said it was too far for me!!!  I hope I am able to walk more soon.  Mum wants me to go to the bigger dog park so that I can (as she says) become "less dog aggressive"!!  There are not usually many puppers at out park here -- although this morning I did get to play with a really cute 6 month old pit bull mix pupper!!  Mum has often said that  because I am a big girl (almost 70 lbs) people with smaller pups are nervous around me, which in turn makes the pupper nervous!!

Things are starting to turn around for mum!!!  She had the stitches out of her eyelids last week, and it is much more comfortable, and the bruising has just about gone.  She also had a very satisfying appointment with an attorney who (she hopes) is taking her case!

***Grrrr- the paratransit company screwed up -- they left me a message that I could not understand; could not understand the message; and the number on the screen was busy.  Consequently, she has missed her appointment!!!

Well, I'm gonna go and let mum relax a little!!  Will catch you all again soon.

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Penny for the Guy

For all my buddies in the UK (and anywhere else where they celebrate Guy Fawkes Day) -- hope you have a good one and that there are lots of good fireworks!!!  Mum was telling me all about when she was a kid in London this time of year.  So, Princess Leah (and anyone else) enjoy!!!

This has been a kinda hectic week for mum!!!  On Tuesday she had a doctor's appointment, then she went shopping at the mall.  One nice thing that happened -- while she was waiting for the paratransit van, this woman came over and handed mum a $20 bill.  When mum asked her why, the lady said that "God had told her to"!!!!  She and mum got talking, and mum mentioned about my sickies, and the lady took mum's hand and prayed for me!!!!!  That made the rest of mum's day a little better!!!  Her van was about an hour late picking her up, so instead of getting home between 4 and 4:30, she did not get home until 6 pm!!!!  She had been gone since about 9 am (and since she still could not take me with her, she gave me a nice marrow bone before she left), so she was really tired, hungry and cranky by the time she got home.  Yesterday she had to have the stitches in her eyelids removed.  Again, she had a problem with the van being late (Tuesday she knew the driver and knew that it was not his fault, but the fault of the scheduling/routing -- which sometimes can be really crazy; but Wednesday it was definitely the driver).  Not only was he more than 10 minutes after his "late window", but when he left our complex, he almost turned the wrong way to go to the doctor's office!!!  Mum was really angry because she had to direct him how to get there.  She always tells the schedulers that her appointment is 15 minutes earlier than it actually is -- this usually gets her there with time to relax while signing in, etc.  This time she got there with about 2 minutes to spare!!!  It really hurt when the dr took the stitches out -- they had been in for 2 weeks, so some of them were kind embedded!!!!  She is much more comfortable now though!!!  She did not take me with again cos she was gonna walk home -- about 3 or 4 miles, and she didn't want to have me walk that far yet!!  Not long after she got home, the doorbell rang, and it was the BIIIG delivery from Chewy!!!  Krista is coming today and will unpack it all!!

Mum says she is gonna take it easy today -- although we do have to go to Uncle Vic's after Krista comes -- it is not to far to get there, and I can relax with Coco when I get there!!  But tomorrow she has to go to the (hopefully) new attorney.  They want her to bring her old wheelchair -- the one that caused the accident -- and she HATES that one!!

Well, mum wants another cup of coffee and she hasn't given me my medicine yet (I still sometimes give her a hard time with it -- bol), so I will catch up in a couple of days when I get her to take some more picshers!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just a short post of thanks

This is just gonna be a short post -- mum has been suffering from a headache caused by a muscle spasm in her neck!!!!  Her eyes are getting better -- bruising around the eyes is fading so she hopes we can go out tomorrow.  My leg is not hurting and I am not limping.  I still sometimes give her a problem taking my meds!!!!!  We have no more turkey; I ate the cheese and spat out the pills; when she gave me one of those "Jif on the Go" tubs of peanut butter, I ate the peanut butter and spat out the pills AGAIN, bol.  When she gives me the peanut butter on a spoon with the pills stuck in then I do NOT spit out the pills.  I guess I just like to give mum a hard time, bol.  Anyway, mum placed a biiiiig order from Chewy -- among other things she ordered the pill pods for me.  I hope I like them!!

Mum and I wantto thank everyone for the donations and thoughts on my valley fever.  Right now I have anti-fungal meds which are VERY expensive.  The vet kindly gave us for information on a compounding pharmacy in Phoenix where they will fill and send by mail.  I do not have to see the dogtor for 3 months.  Mum thinks that some readers may have misunderstood her comment about not wanting to give me up.  What she meant was that when the dogtor told us that it was either  Valley Fever or a tumor, mum remembered Cody's tumor and the fact that some tumors are either inoperable (like Cody's was) or really, really expensive.  She has promised me that we will treat the Valley Fever as long as necessary and hopefully with the GofundMe donations she will be able to continue to keep up the treatment.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at mum's e-mail: and we will answer them for you.

Again -- could someone PLEASE help mum figure out how to put the GoFundMe link on the side of my post so that it is there all the time.  Abby Lab's mum (The Book of Barklay) also has it on her blog, but we would luve to have it on my blog.

Thanks to everyone who has donated (mum will be thanking everyone individually when she is up to it -- hopefully soon -- she is having the stitches out on Wednesday!!

Thanks again to all my bloggy buddies.

ttfn and Toodle Pip

ps:  I k ow it is early, but I was wondering if anyone is planning on coming to Blog Paws in Phoenix in June.  If a few of us go, maybe we can set our own mini Retreat.  Let me know.