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Cookie's Comments

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Over One Year of Blogging

I have been bugging mum to recognize my one year blogoversery -- and FINALLY got her to write a post. We want to thank Frankie and Ernie's mum for suggesting we start the blog and especially to Sarge's mum for setting it up. For those of you who remember, it was a year ago in June that there was a "push" to get new people into Blogville. Mum had been reading blogs with Cody since they had met with Jack and Tall Guy at the dog park here in Tucson and then with me since I came to live with her. We all of us (mum, Cody and me) have always luved reading the blogs and commenting sometimes. Tall Guy was gonna help mum but they never got around to it!!!! I have enjoyed being a member of Blogville and everyone here. We woulda LUVVED to have gone to BAR, but that was not possible but we did enjoy reading about it. I told mum that we should either go to Blog Paws or else invite anyone coming through Tucson to visit us (so I could maybe hide out in their luggage/vehicle and hide way to join them), but she told me that was too rude!!! Hopefully, there will be other things we can go to. The main reason we couldn't go to BAR or Blogpaws was transportation!! We could have possibly gotten places (especially to Phoenix -- only a couple of hours away) but once there we woulda been stuck in one place -- even getting from the airport would have caused a problem!! Instead, mum and I went and stayed with my Uncle Vic, Coco, Kiki and Cubby. Coco and I get along really well and she shared her marrow bones with me!!! On Saturday night mum and Uncle Vic had lamb chops, potatoes and mint sauce (not mint jelly -- apparently the Brits don't like mint jelly with meat). Uncle Vic left most of his potatoe; mum shared part of her chop with us and they very kindly left the plates in the living room. I will never tell which one of us did it, but we cleaned the plates off while they were asleep -- very tasty it was, too!! Mum and Uncle Vic are both from the UK, although he is a US citizen but mum is still a UK citizen (her passport says it is an EU passport -- wonder what will happen now!!!!! She only just got it renewed last year and it was VERY expensive to renew and now has to be sent to the UK to be renewed!!!!! One of the biggest problems for mum with the Brexit is that the value of her UK pension does not convert as well!!! It is not very much to start with, and now that the exchange rate has dropped, it is really not much!!! Mum had an epidural on Tuesday. It helped with the back pain, but she had run out of her Prevacid and did not realize that the epidural would affect her stomach as much as it did. Until her aide, Cathy, was able to get her some more, she was really in BIG trouble!!! Fortunately she is doing ok now!! Because of the heat here, we have not been doing much. I refuse to wear booties so mum does not like to take me out when the ground is this hot. I don't mind riding on the paratransit, but the asphalt in the parking lots are pretty uncomfortable. Mum has tried me with several different kinds of booties, but I keep shoving them off, so she doesn't really try me with them. If I am going with her, she tries to make it early in the morning or the evening -- that is why we stayed over at Uncle Vic's. Mum said she will not stay over there again -- first of all, he would not let her bring the wheelchair in the apt cos of the way he has the furniture set up he would have to move the couch; also Coco pooped several times and also peed on the floor and one of the kitties pooped on the rug in the bathroom!!!!!!! Oh well, they will have to come over her if they want to see us. I have to go for my follow up visit with the Dogtor in a couple of weeks -- hopefully everything is better. Mum does not take me as far as she used to because I have a bit of a tendency to limp by the time we get home!!! Keeping her fingers and all our paws crossed that everything is improving -- it is sooooo expensive for my meds!! Sorry for rambling on so much!!!!! I am still trying to get mum to write about some of her experiences in London when she was a kidlet!! She keeps promising -- but, as they say, promises, promises. Will try to post some pics of a few of my boyfriends soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie PS: ARE THERE ANY BOY PUPPERS WHO'D LIKE TO GO WITH ME TO THE SUMMER DANCE? HIGGINS AND SARGE CAN TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN I AM AT THESE THINGS!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


DOES ANYONE HAVE SOME CHEESE (PREFERABLY BRIE) TO GO WITH MUM'S W[H]INE?????? Well, I finally got mum bac to post on my blog!!!! She has been very stressed out about the lawsuit and lack of attorney; she has missed a couple of deadlines!!!! Also, she has been having problems with the desktop pc and there are some documents on there she needs -- first of all the mouse deaded (fortunately she had an extra wireless mouse) and now for some reason she cannot print stuff out. Also, if any of you are in AZ or have read about it you will know thaHt we have record-breaking heat. This means that I can only go out early in the morning or at night. Mum was also told by the people who do maintenance on her wheelchair that if she tries to go out in the extreme heat she could 'blow up' the joystick on the chair. This means that pretty much we are stuck in the house all day after mum takes me out early morning. The only other time she goes out is if she has a doctor's appointment!!!!! Also, we really wanted to go to BAR, but transportation created a major problem!!! Mum could probably have made it by air to IN or IL, and also probably to the hotel, but getting to and from the events would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible and/or extremely expensive. To be really mean, we hope the weather is nasty (BWAR BWAR BWAR, BOL) -- not really, just disappointment that we cannot go!!! So, to everyone going, think of us poor pupper and their hoomans who are left at home. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie