Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


After our walk to MY dog park here (where I met another of my boyfriends, Red), mum came in, parked her chair and plugged it in to recharge it; made her coffee, got my food and sat down to read the paper, etc. After almost an hour she got up to go to the bathroom, and when she came back, she realized she had not released me from my leash, which is attached to the chair!!! She released me, and said she was sorry for not releasing me earlier (I bet), and said she had vaguely wondered why I had not eaten any of my food!!!! I am trying to think of a punishment for HER for not unleashing me. Anyone got any ideas????? ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Sunday, April 17, 2016


She SAID that she was trying to get the mountains and clouds (it was just after a rainstorm) and did not realize what I was doing (or even that I was in the pic (yeah, I bet)!!! Things have been a little crazy around here. For some unknown reason (s'posedly some certification issue) the agency is not sending Krysta to take care of us. On of the ladies who came was scared stiff or me. Apparently her father's dog attacked/mauled her and made her scared of dogs. On the first day she came, she accidentally let me out (mum forgot to tell her I am a "runner"). She came after me, but I got into it with a little dog and then took of again. Mum ran inside to get her wheelchair and came in the direction where she thought I had gone. When she got to us, the aide was not even trying to catch hold of my collar!! Mum leashed me to her chair and we came home. When we were in the house, the aide asked mum to come every time she (the aide) had to get me to move!!!!! I know I am a big girl, but inside the apartment I am really easy going!!! Mum finally called the agency and said that it was not working out cos I was tense, she (mum) was on edge and the aide really was. The person at the agency was not very happy but finally called back and said that she had given the aide the option of comint to us or not, and she preferred not!!! That means we will be having ANOTHER new aide and the one that comes on Friday is only coming one more time. Mum does not like all this changing around!!!! One of the reasons I have not posted earlier is that mum got a terrible spasm in her neck and lower back and has been in a lot of paind. Her doctor scheduled her for physical therapy at home!! Something kinda funny happened to mum last weekend. She had gone to the store (without me--mean mum) and went into the ASPCA store. She was looking at the puppies there and this man was standing looking at her. He thenstarted asking how she was, etc. Mum looked at him and asked if she knew him!!! He responded that he was Doctor L -- her Primary Care doctor!!!! He looked so different in shorts and a polo shirt!!!!! She had an appointment with him on Wednesday and it turns out he got the dog that he and his family were looking at!!! Mum said that dog was very cute. Wedll, mum says that she will post more in a day or two (wisheful thinking, I think), so I will end here. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sorry I haven't posted for a while

Mum wanted to paste in a picsur she took of me in the dog park -- actually I am kinda glad she didn't (yet) She SAYS she was just trying to get the mountains and didn't realize I was pooping in the foreground -- bol --I think she did it on purpose!! We had a power outage for a few hours on Friday. Only good thing about it was during the daytime so mum could read!! Not much else has happened. Mum was sposed to go to Best Buy on Saturday, but did not feel up; to it. She hopes to go on Thursday so that she can figure out how to post the pics, etc. She is going to have another injection in her neck tomorrow -- she is feeling a bit better after the first one and hopes that this one will make her totally pain free in the shoulder/arm/hand!! Well, mum says she cannot type any more today -- but I had insisted that she do at least a small post to make sure my buddies know i'm still around!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie