Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Mum starting a post the other day, had to leave it, and blogger ate it!! Anyway, I will let mum start off this blog: Thanks Cookie. Sorry for not blogging for such a long time. As you may or may not know, I had some surgery on Dec 22. I took my laptop with me to the hospital, but for some reason their wifi did not work so I could not use it. I was only supposed to be in for 2 days, but ended up being there for 4 days, and after I got home, was still not really up to posting. I was also getting behind on reading all your posts. I have finally gotten caught up, and I apologize for not commenting on any of them, but because I had not posted in a few days, I felt that any comments I made would be lengthy, so I decided to just read them!! I was also in the hospital on my birthday!!!! I got birthday greetings from the staff at the hospital cos every time they do anything they ask for your date of birth, and they would realize it was my b'day! When I finally got home, Cookie was really pleased to see me (so were the kitties). She has been such a good girl for the past few weeks while I have been on the sick list (for my knee) and the surgery!! She is also getting better about taking her meds. She didn't want me to tell you, but she was a mischievous pup when I left for the hospital!! The van was scheduled to pick me up at 6 am, which meant that I had to take her out, etc., much earlier than usual. Also, because I had just put her food out, I did not leave her a treat as I usually do if I am going out for quite a while. She gave me the real stink eye for that. It was dark out, and I was having a little difficulty getting my chair out the door (!!), and when I turned around to lock the door, I did not see her in the living room. I decided to do a quick look around the apartment, but did not see her!! Now, she does have a trick of getting out and taking off quicker than I can say "cookie", so I figured that was what had happened. I did not have time to go searching for her, so I left the door unlocked and as soon as it was late enuf I left a text for Krysta, then later called my neighbor and the leasing office in case anyone found her!! Needless to say I was upset and, partly because of this, my blood pressure went waaaaay up!! I got calls from Krysta and Joni (my next door neighbor) throughout the day saying they had not seen her. Finally at about 5 pm Joni called to say that Cookie was in the apartment. I think that when I went out the door, she ran and jumped into the bathtub and stayed there most of the day!! I am sure she thought it was a great joke, but I sure as heck didn't!!! Anyway, all's well that ends well. I am going to let Cookie finish the post: Well, everyone, I did think it was a good joke to hide in the bathtub -- I didn't realize mum would be upset, but she shouldn't have left me without a treat!! I was not too happy to be left all alone over Christmas, but because Uncle Vic was getting ready to move, it would not have worked for me to go over there!!! I have forgiven mum for leaving me, and mum has forgiven me for hiding in the bathtub -- bol Incidentally, I think it may be a first in Blogville, but mum actually got more cards than me!!!! Part of that is because of it being her birthday on the 23rd, and part cos we really do not celebrate Christmas -- and this being my first year in Blogville, I have not made toooooo many friends yet!! Hopefully next year will be a different story. I was disappointed that I did not get to be involved with the holidy hijinks -- but with everything going on with mum's health, I forgive her. I really hope that I can find a date for Valentilnes day -- so any doggy who wants to have a date with me then -- just let me know. Well, this blog is getting kinda lengthy, so we will end now. Wishing everyone in Blogville a really happy and healthy New Year ttfn and toodle pip Cookie, Mum, Sixpence and Tigger III

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mum has been ignoring my bloggie

I have been on at mum to write a post on my bloggie, but she just has not "felt up to it"!!!!!! Part of it is because she says that nothing exciting is happening!!! She got a "sound bar" for the smaller TV in the living room, but is having problems with it -- means another call to the Geek Squad. Tomorrow (Tuesday) mum is being picked up at 6 am to go to the hospital for her surgery!! She is not sure why, but she is nervous about this one!!! Her lapband migrated into the chest cavity and so it has to be removed and the surgeon is doing a different procedure!! Also, when the doc inserted the lapband, he closed up her hiatal hernia, but apparently it has opened up and is even bigger than it was, so he has to repair that too!!!! Also, her birthday is on Wednesday and she will be in the hospital then!!! She hopes to be home on Thursday!! Oh, and I keep asking mum to remind peeps that we still have the GoFundMe site up. Mum just refilled my prescriptions -- $200 a month!!. So, any little bit helps!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Cookie's mum here: Cookie very kindly handed over the blog to me to give you an update. Well, I am home from the hospital. I did not have my laptop with me, so could not blog for a couple of days. Tuesday morning I was just lying on the couch; I moved my left leg (same one that hurt couple of weeks ago) and it started to hurt. Within about 15 minutes the knee was hurting so badly that I could not put ANY weight on it -- it was FAR worse than 2 weeks ago. I used my LifeAlert button and called for an ambulance. The firemen/EMT's were really nice and Cookie behaved herself and did not try to run out. I literally only took the very basics and we were on the way to the hospital. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 20!!!! It was really painful when they transferred me from one thing to another and did x-rays! At first they were gonna send me home; but I told them there was no way I was gonna be able to get in and out of a taxie; then they started saying that because I live on my own, they would not release me except to go to a nursing home -- I told them that was not going to happen!!! We got to the ER around 11:30 and at about 6 pm they took me up to a room. They told me this room was temporary, but that I should order some dinner -- which I did. Finally, at about 8 pm they took me to the final room. I can tell you, I am surprised no one in Blogville heard me yelling when they were transferring me from gurneys to beds etc!!! Until around noon today, the only time I got up was to go to the bathroom -- they got a commode cos I could not use a bedpan. The floor doctor yesterday told the nurses I should get up and walk!!!! When the nurse told me that, I burst into laughter -- I am in a wheelchair and can hardly walk ANYWAY!!!! Anyway, this morning a physical therapist brought a walker in and had me try to walk in my room, which was not too bad. When I came home, they called a cab -- my nurse and I waited a really long time, but I finally got home. The driver went up; to my neighbor's apt to get her walker and I made it home. Of course, Cookie was very happy to see me. I will tell you about her little escapade with Krysta this afternoon, and then I am going to lie down in bed for the rest of the evening. Back to Cookie: Cookie here: I was hoping that mum hadn't heard about my escapade, but I shoulda known that Krysta would tell her!! When Krysta came, I got out and took off. I made sure that Krysta stayed right behind me (I still don't have my tags!). I kept turning and grinning until she caught up with me and brought me home!! I am REALLY glad that mum is home. I am gonna tuck her into bed with Sixpence and let her sleep. Will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Again thanks for the POTP and your good wishes for mum ttfn and toodle pip cookie

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mum Keeps Losing Stuff

Mum swears the apartment is a "black hole" because stuff keeps disappearing and reappearing. When Auntie Kim stayed with us, she could always find stuff, now mum has to wait for Krysta to come to find things. The latest: the charger for the digital camera; and the change Krysta brought back from Pizza Hut (thanks Ziggy for the e-gift certificate from Sasha last summer -- that was another thingy that went missing for a couple of months). Grrrrrrrr Without the charger mum cannot download pics from the camera and the ones from the I-phone are not always the best! *sigh* When Krysta comes back on Thursday, mum will have her check. Mum blames in on the stress she has been on lately!!! Uncle Vic got the sickies over the weekend and mum got very stressed out. He seems to be getting better, although he has not found a new place to live yet!!! Mum also forgot to light the menorah and put up her Hannukah sign on Sunday. She remembered yesterday and managed to send a pic of me with the menorah to Hailey and Phod!! Happy Hannukah to all our Jewish puppers and kitters from me, mum, Sixpence and Tigger ttfn and toodle pip Cookie ps -- would any boy puppers want to go as my date on New Year's -- or maybe a few of us 'gal' puppers could go as a group and sit and drink and make fun of some of the boy puppers!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hope these pics post

Grrrr-mum could not get the pictures to load. Will try again -- there was a really cute one of my mum's friend's dog in Idaho -- Peanut -- Geek Squad was sposed to come today, but there was a goof up!!!! Not coming for a couple of weeks!!! Will also try then to figure out how to put the "badge" for my GoFundMe on then, too. BTW--Abby Lab's mum -- thanks again for the second donation. It is REALLY coming in handy!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Mum has got to get the geek squad out again -- her desktop is really going bananas!!!! She wrote this morning's post on it and you will see how screwy the formatting came out!!!! Hope you can make sense of it. Mum finally also got the GoFundMe money into her checking account -- just in time -- she has been paying for my meds, and now she has to pay for the filing fees for her lawsuit!!! the lawyer she spoke to a couple of weeks ago has drafted the documents, but she has to file them herself so she does not miss the Statute of Limitations. Then she will look for a lawyer!!! Her knee is still hurting -- the orthopod this morning took xrays and wants her to have a bone scan because he thinks they may have to be replaced!!! I'm not sure if I have told you, but she had both knees replaced in October 1996, so they are well beyond their useful life. The only reason they have lasted this long is because she is using the wheelchair. Oh well!!! It has started getting quite chilly (for Tucson) at night, so mum made up a 'bed' for the stray cat that comes around. Not sure if the cat is using it, but mum feels better about having it there. It was really chilly this morning when she took me out and then when she had to leave for her doctor's appointment. She had to leave really early, so as soon as she finishes here, she said she is gonna take a nap while waiting for the wheelchair serviceman to come to make a few minor adjustments. I keep bugging her to take picshers and she promises she will -- hopefully for Chanukah!!!


Cookie's Mum here: My neighbor knocked on my door yesterday and as I was trying to hear what she said , Cookie slipped by me and out the door. The only good thing was that she did not try to attack our neighbor's tiny dog, Buddy. She was gone for quite some time before I got a call from the management office asking if I had lost my dog!!!! One of the maintenance men that Cookie knows brought her home. Whe she came in, she acted very pleased with herself -- rolling on her back all over the floor. Grrrrr-back to Cookie Hey -- at least I didn't go for Buddy!!! It's fun to run around the complex every so often, even though mum has not replaced my tags!!!!! Mum's knee is hurting kinda bad and she has to leave shortly to go to the knee doctor. I gave her a hard time taking my meds this morning, so she is not very happy with me. Usuaully she gives me a marrow bone when she is gonna be gone for a while -- gonna have to make nice to her so that she gives me one today!!!! well, ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Mum goofed!!! Turns out that she had not set up to withdraw the funds from my GoFundMe account. It is all set up now, so donations should be accepted. We REALLY appreciate all the donations -- It is costing almost $300 a month for my meds!!!!! Maybe I should behave better when mum gives me my meds and not spit them out!!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Just a Quickie

I have been bugging mum to post, but she has been kinda stressed out for the past week or so, so she has not felt like it. She asked me to tell everyone that she reads a LOT of posts, but has not had time or energy to post comments and apologizes for that. We hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was kinda weird, but it was ok. Also, I have been pretty good about taking my meds -- I wont use the Pill Pockets -- has to be peanut butter or soft cheese, or I eat whatever the pills are in and spit out the pills. Mum also thanks everyone who has donated to my GoFundMe and she is still trying to post it on here so it stays here!! The reason she has been kinda stressed is that Uncle Vic is sposed to move today, but has not found a place to move to -- part of the problem is that he procrastinated (mum is proud that I know and can spell that word!!!). He wanted to get an apartment in the same complex as mum, but was rejected for some strange reason -- some of the complexes can use such stupid reasons for rejecting prospective tenants!! Mum may have to rent a car so she can take him around. She likes to drive, but because she does not own a vehicle she does not have insurance, so when she rents a car she has to buy their insurance and it costs almost double to rent a car for a day, also, she it is too expensive to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle. She hopes she will soon be able to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle, which will make things much easier. Anyway, I was a good girl this morning and let mum sleep till 8:30 before waking her up for my walk. She has not been sleeping well cos of the stress so I decided she needed it. When we got to the park, there was another dog in the large area so I went in the small area. The other dog and I ran the fence a few times -- it felt good to stretch my legs. I hope mum takes to Udall Park soon so that I can really run!! Mum almost had leaky eyes this morning. She came across a "Passover Haggadah" she had helped produce back in 1960 (before she came over here) for Habonim in London. It brought back memories of having to type the stencils on a manual typewriter for the Gestetner machine!!!! And brought back a lot of memories of the friends she had over there!!! She wanted me to say that if by any chance there are any readers of my blog who were involved with Habonim In the lat '50s to1962, or even later, in the US or UK, PLEASE get in touch -- she gets homesick (even after all these years over here) and kinda leaky-eyed this time of year. Well, this was sposed to be a "quickie" and it has gone on longer than I intended so I will end now. Have a wonderful day. ttfn and Toodle Pip Coocki

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Not too much happening.  I have not taken off running since Saturday -- which mum says is just as well as I have lost my tags, and until she gets me new ones ........  Mind you, I do have a microchip, but mum doesn't wanna  take any chances!!!!  Auntie April left on Saturday -- I think my barking upset her (although I really only bark when mum is getting ready to take me out early morning).  Also, she said she was not comfortable sleeping on the couch!!!

On Friday when mum met Uncle Vic at Fry's, she said she also bumped into Auntie Sherri.  I haven't seen her in absolutely ages (nor has mum).  Turns out she had gotten mad at mum and blocked her on her cell phone!!!  On Saturday afternoon, she called mum and after the first call of her bitching about Uncle Vic, mum didn't answer t he phone.  Then mum did pick up the phone -- it was Sherri and she was outside the gate and wanted mum to let her in.  She had her little mini longhaired doxie with her.  I had met Sugah Pi before and not gotten well with her.  This time mum held onto her for quite some time and then when I ignored Sugah Pi, mum put her on the floor, and we were fine.  Sherrie was her for a couple of hours, and we were actually glad to see her leave ---bol bwah hah.  Mum thinks she has blocked her again cos she has not been able to reach her!!!!  I say, no loss.

Mum had to get a refill on my Tramadil and Rymadil -- she almost passed out when the vet told her it was almost $100!!!!  She has to call the compounding pharmacy for a refill on my other medication.

We are walking to Uncle Vic's for Thanksgiving dinner -- I should be ok cos I have been resting and then when we get there, I will be able to take another rest!!

Our stray kitty that comes to eat on our patio is getting a bit braver.  Not sure if it is male or female, but IT lets us watch but will not let us come close!!

Mum says that we are gonna try to comment on more posts this week, but if we don't -- here's wishing all our American buddies a Happy Thanksgiving.

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, November 21, 2015


Mum has a friend (Auntie April) staying with her -- she just arrived last night.  This morning when mum was getting ready to take me out, April opened the door and, of course, I took off with April following me!!!!  I made sure that April kept close behind me till I let her catch me!!!  When we got home, mum made sure to let me know that she was mad at me!!!  You see, my leg is starting to get better after my last escapade, and she did not want to have to take me to the dogtor!!!  Mum had not realized that April was opening the door until I was already out!!!  Also, she is mad cos I have lost my tags,, so no one will be able to let her know if they find me!!!  I am microchipped, but ......

Not sure how long auntie april will be staying, but I likes her!!!!

Mum has to go and get a refill of my rimadyl and tramadol from the vet and also call the compounding pharmacy to refill my valley fever meds.

ttfn and toodle pip


ps -- can someone PLEASE help mum with setting my Gofundme on the side of my blog?????

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I was a bad girl this morning!!!!

When mum and I left for my early morning potty walk, I suddenly realized that she had not attached my lead properly.  I took one look at her, and took off.  It was dark so she could not see where I went.  I came back to the apartment -- came in -- turned around and took off again.  When I finally came home, I had been gone for over an hour!!  Mum didn't know whether to scold me or hug me!

Mum here:  When she took off, she went towards our dog park here.  I knew that the gates were closed, but when people leave, she could have followed them through the gates!!  This is a very large complex, and the layout in complex (bol) so there was no point in me trying to follow her!!!  I came home and left the door ajar.  (Our stray feral cat came and ate while I was waiting for Cookie!!!)  As mentioned above, she came in the door, but before I could get up and close it, she took off again!!!!  She did finally come home!!!  I have not really seen whether she is limping or not and just told her she was a bad girl!!!!  But at least she did come home!!!

Except for the peanut butter with her meds -- no treats for her today!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I dodged the bullet -- bol

Cookie's mum here:

Cookie started barking when I got up to go to the bathroom at around 4:30 am.  She always barks as soon as I stir in the morning, so even though it went on longer than usual, I ignored it.  I got up around 6:30 (when it gets light and warmer this time of year) and took her to our dog park here in the complex.  When I got home and started into the kitchen, I discovered several piles of loose poop!!!!  I am unable to bend down to clean it up, so I covered it with paper towels till Krista can get here!!  I then noticed that she had thrown up, and she threw up again.  I called the vet's office and told them what happened, and they said I should bring her in.  I called a little later to find out if they wanted a fecal sample.  At that point, Cookie seemed to be eating, etc.  The vet told me to watch her, but If she seemed ok, I would not need to bring he in.  I have not given her her meds this morning -- I will wait and see if she acts "normal" before giving them to her!!

Back to Cookie"

Whew, glad I didn't need to go to the dogtor!!!!  Mum said she would watch me carefully.  Another reason we are glad, is that the dogtor charges $60 just to walk in there and then there are any tests needed.  The reason we go there, and not a cheaper (but just as good) one is that it is within walking distance and because mum does not have a vehicle, it is really the only one we can go to!!!!

Mum is still trying to figure out how to make our Gofundme badge to stay on my blog every day!!!

Well, I have been eating my food and drinking water, and no more poops in the house!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Pee Ess

After mum posts my blog, she remembers things!!

This time she wanted to comment on the horrific things that have been happening in France.  She told me about 9/11 when she was living in Connecticut.  She was hosting msn gaming site Scrabble Tournaments (as Tricki_Wu) and her tournies were fun tournies on Tuesdays.  She hummed and hawed as to whether to hold the tourney, but after xchanging messages with others, she decided to hold it.  She got over 40 contestants (the most she usually got were 20-25) and several of these were people who normally did not play in tourneys -- including one person she had known for ages online.  He (and several others) commented that they decided to come and play because the news all day had been so depressing, and they just wanted to "get away" from it for a couple of hours.  So, although all of these terrorist thingies are so awful, we as furry friends need to luv on our peeps and let them know that (especially here in Blogville) we are all good buddies.


Something seems to happen around here on the weekends!!!!  Last weekend we had no internet (no fault of mum's that time), then yesterday when she was commenting, she did something, and we could not post a blog!!!  She needs someone to really talk to her!!  I really can't get too mad at her, though.  On Tuesday she got a call from the attorney that he would NOT be able to represent her as the person who was gonna be co-counsel couldn't do it and it was too much (with such a short time before the statute of limitations ran out -- 12/09).  Then on Wednesday she found out that she needs to have some surgery within the next month or so!!!!

Also, I sat her down and had a long talk with her about the next subject.  With all the expenses for my Valley Fever, the court costs and other things, we really cannot participate in Oreo's Christmas exchange.  She said that hopefully we can next year.

Let's hope that this week will be better!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Cookie's Mum here with a PS:

I needed to call the vet this morning about Cookie's meds -- she STILL sometimes spits them out!!  I had not been giving her the Tramidol (SP) for a few days -- but apparently she still needs them.

I mentioned our long walk on Saturday and how Cookie was starting to limp by the time we got home.  Vet said NO MORE LONG WALKS!!

I will turn it back to Cookie"

Well, now I have to start taking the tramidol again -- grrrrrr -- mum is starting to get good about shoving the pills down my throat!!!!  Either with cold custs or the pill pockets!!!  I really miss going to the grocery store with her!!!  I also cannot walk to Uncle Vic's and mum feels it is too expensive to take the van (it is $3 each way -- and it is only about a mile to his house).  *sigh*

Will have to have her take some pics soon.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Just a Quickie

Mum is gonna be picked up soon for a doctor's appointment, but I insisted she write a quickie!!***

First, Mum and I want to thank everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe.  She also wants me to explain why she put such a high amount -- my vet has told her that it is going to take a couple of years (probably) for me to completely get over this Valley Fever!!!!  My meds are around $100 per month; and visits to the dogtor every three to 6 months!!!  The vet charges about $60 just to walk in!!!  That does not include any x-rays and tests!!!  Hopefully, it wont cost that much (or take that long).  If that is the case -- we will let you know!!  Mum took me out the other day to the grocery score.  I did pretty well, but when I was almost home, I started limping a little, so mum is hesitant about taking me out for long walks!!!!  Uncle Vic wanted us to come over, but mum said it was too far for me!!!  I hope I am able to walk more soon.  Mum wants me to go to the bigger dog park so that I can (as she says) become "less dog aggressive"!!  There are not usually many puppers at out park here -- although this morning I did get to play with a really cute 6 month old pit bull mix pupper!!  Mum has often said that  because I am a big girl (almost 70 lbs) people with smaller pups are nervous around me, which in turn makes the pupper nervous!!

Things are starting to turn around for mum!!!  She had the stitches out of her eyelids last week, and it is much more comfortable, and the bruising has just about gone.  She also had a very satisfying appointment with an attorney who (she hopes) is taking her case!

***Grrrr- the paratransit company screwed up -- they left me a message that I could not understand; could not understand the message; and the number on the screen was busy.  Consequently, she has missed her appointment!!!

Well, I'm gonna go and let mum relax a little!!  Will catch you all again soon.

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Penny for the Guy

For all my buddies in the UK (and anywhere else where they celebrate Guy Fawkes Day) -- hope you have a good one and that there are lots of good fireworks!!!  Mum was telling me all about when she was a kid in London this time of year.  So, Princess Leah (and anyone else) enjoy!!!

This has been a kinda hectic week for mum!!!  On Tuesday she had a doctor's appointment, then she went shopping at the mall.  One nice thing that happened -- while she was waiting for the paratransit van, this woman came over and handed mum a $20 bill.  When mum asked her why, the lady said that "God had told her to"!!!!  She and mum got talking, and mum mentioned about my sickies, and the lady took mum's hand and prayed for me!!!!!  That made the rest of mum's day a little better!!!  Her van was about an hour late picking her up, so instead of getting home between 4 and 4:30, she did not get home until 6 pm!!!!  She had been gone since about 9 am (and since she still could not take me with her, she gave me a nice marrow bone before she left), so she was really tired, hungry and cranky by the time she got home.  Yesterday she had to have the stitches in her eyelids removed.  Again, she had a problem with the van being late (Tuesday she knew the driver and knew that it was not his fault, but the fault of the scheduling/routing -- which sometimes can be really crazy; but Wednesday it was definitely the driver).  Not only was he more than 10 minutes after his "late window", but when he left our complex, he almost turned the wrong way to go to the doctor's office!!!  Mum was really angry because she had to direct him how to get there.  She always tells the schedulers that her appointment is 15 minutes earlier than it actually is -- this usually gets her there with time to relax while signing in, etc.  This time she got there with about 2 minutes to spare!!!  It really hurt when the dr took the stitches out -- they had been in for 2 weeks, so some of them were kind embedded!!!!  She is much more comfortable now though!!!  She did not take me with again cos she was gonna walk home -- about 3 or 4 miles, and she didn't want to have me walk that far yet!!  Not long after she got home, the doorbell rang, and it was the BIIIG delivery from Chewy!!!  Krista is coming today and will unpack it all!!

Mum says she is gonna take it easy today -- although we do have to go to Uncle Vic's after Krista comes -- it is not to far to get there, and I can relax with Coco when I get there!!  But tomorrow she has to go to the (hopefully) new attorney.  They want her to bring her old wheelchair -- the one that caused the accident -- and she HATES that one!!

Well, mum wants another cup of coffee and she hasn't given me my medicine yet (I still sometimes give her a hard time with it -- bol), so I will catch up in a couple of days when I get her to take some more picshers!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just a short post of thanks

This is just gonna be a short post -- mum has been suffering from a headache caused by a muscle spasm in her neck!!!!  Her eyes are getting better -- bruising around the eyes is fading so she hopes we can go out tomorrow.  My leg is not hurting and I am not limping.  I still sometimes give her a problem taking my meds!!!!!  We have no more turkey; I ate the cheese and spat out the pills; when she gave me one of those "Jif on the Go" tubs of peanut butter, I ate the peanut butter and spat out the pills AGAIN, bol.  When she gives me the peanut butter on a spoon with the pills stuck in then I do NOT spit out the pills.  I guess I just like to give mum a hard time, bol.  Anyway, mum placed a biiiiig order from Chewy -- among other things she ordered the pill pods for me.  I hope I like them!!

Mum and I wantto thank everyone for the donations and thoughts on my valley fever.  Right now I have anti-fungal meds which are VERY expensive.  The vet kindly gave us for information on a compounding pharmacy in Phoenix where they will fill and send by mail.  I do not have to see the dogtor for 3 months.  Mum thinks that some readers may have misunderstood her comment about not wanting to give me up.  What she meant was that when the dogtor told us that it was either  Valley Fever or a tumor, mum remembered Cody's tumor and the fact that some tumors are either inoperable (like Cody's was) or really, really expensive.  She has promised me that we will treat the Valley Fever as long as necessary and hopefully with the GofundMe donations she will be able to continue to keep up the treatment.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at mum's e-mail: and we will answer them for you.

Again -- could someone PLEASE help mum figure out how to put the GoFundMe link on the side of my post so that it is there all the time.  Abby Lab's mum (The Book of Barklay) also has it on her blog, but we would luve to have it on my blog.

Thanks to everyone who has donated (mum will be thanking everyone individually when she is up to it -- hopefully soon -- she is having the stitches out on Wednesday!!

Thanks again to all my bloggy buddies.

ttfn and Toodle Pip

ps:  I k ow it is early, but I was wondering if anyone is planning on coming to Blog Paws in Phoenix in June.  If a few of us go, maybe we can set our own mini Retreat.  Let me know.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

cookie's go fund me

OK--Now that we have the GoFundMe on the blog -- how do we get it onto the side of the blog so that it will stay there????????

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another update

Cookie's Mum here:

I finally figured out how to get Cookie to take her meds!!!  I wrap it in a slice of turkey -- it goes down like a dream!!!

I have set up a GoFundMe following the directions on the site, but cannot figure out how to attach it to the blog!!!!  Can anyone help me.

Thanks for all your good wishes and POTP

Monday, October 26, 2015


Cookie's mum here:

I just got a call from Cookie's vet -- Cookie definitely has Valley Fever in the bone -- which is better than a tumor, but very expensive.

Could someone please help to to set up a Go Fund Me to help me cover the costs for the medication and vet bills.  I would really appreciate any help I can get.

My e-mail is

Thanks all from me and Cookie.

Still on the Sick List

Just a quickie post to say that mum and I really appreciate all your good wishes and POTP.  It really makes us feel good to know that so many of the residents of Blogville are thinking of us.

I will try to get mum to take a selfie -- her eyes are a bit better now, but she still has two black eyes!!!

My leg is a bit better.  I am giving mum a really hard time about taking the Tramadol -- I like the Rimadyl tho!!!!

I will try to post again tomorrow.

Again thanks so much for all your well wishes and POTP

ttfn and toodle pip


Friday, October 23, 2015

Mum and Me are both on Sick List

I am on medication that is making me sleepy so I will let mum tell you about it.

Cookie's Mum here:

I had surgery on my eyelids yesterday.  It is a residual from the eye injury I had back in December 2013.  It is not very painful -- just uncomfortable.  I could not close my eyes properly last night, but now I am able to!!  But I have two black eyes, and it looks horrible!!

Anyway, Cookie has been limping a bit from time to time, but yesterday she was limping more and this morning could barely put her paw down.  I took her to the vet, and $550 later, we STILL are not sure what is wrong.  The vet took x-rays and said it is her left shoulder, and she is not sure if it is valley fever (which is very prevalent here in Arizona) or a tumor.  She took a blood sample and gave Cookie Rymadil and Tramidol!! Cookie's prescriptions cost more than the ones I had to get this morning.  If I had had a car, I would have gone to my pharmacy, but it was too far for Cookie to walk.  The vet is just around the corner.  *sigh* now I have MORE expenses!!!

I will keep you posted, but please POTP for her.


ttfn and toodle pip


Monday, October 19, 2015


I sat mum down this morning and gave her a talking to because she had not been keeping up with posting on my blog.  This is the result!!!!

Mum has been reading (and occasionally commenting) her favorite blogs, but even that has been a bit sporadic.  She has been looking a little down in the mouth, and when I try to find out what is wrong, she cannot tell me.  I think part of it is she is really getting worried about finding a lawyer.  If she does not get things going by the beginning of December, the statute of limitations will be over.  A lot of the lawyers she has spoken to have given that as a reason for not taking on the case -- not enuf time to really prepare!!!!  She is also having surgery to correct her droopy eyelid on Thursday and although that is not major, it is not gonna be fun.  She went last week for her post-op surgery and the nurse practitioner told her that it was healing very well (at least one thing seems to be going right).  She has to have a CT scan on Wednesday because of the possibility of her lapband having migrated!!

Aside from all that ..........  We are still waiting of my training to start.  Hopefully, now that the weather is cooling off a little, we will get started soon.
Even though this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago -- Krista is still getting almost as big piles of my floof when she brushes me!!!  I think I have told you how much I luvs Krista -- I always give her lots of kisses.  she also has a very cute 5 year old daughter --I luvs her too.  When she comes over next time, I will bug mum to take Kathrines picture!!!
Well, I don't wanna bore you any more.  Hopefully some more exciting stuff will start happening soon and mum will feel more up to taking pics.
Take care all
ttfn and toodle pip

Monday, October 12, 2015


This was me when we got home from our loooong trip  a week ago!!  As you can see, I just about made it into the apartment before zonking out.

I had a long talk with Mum on our way out this morning!!  Among other things, I told her that she needs to spread out her doctor's appointments so that she does not have so many in one week!!!  She explained that this is not always possible, but she will try.  I also told her that I wanted to go more places with her.  She has often said that I am so well behaved on the van and in stores.  However, she says that certain appointments (i.e., mri's, xrays, etc) it does not work out well for me to go with he.  ***Big sigh***

Besides running around to all these doctors, mum has been trying to find a good product liability lawyer.  She THOUGHT she had one, but a few weeks ago he told her he could not represent her (the reason he gave had absolutely nothing to do with the lawsuit!).  Anyway, part of the problem is that the statute of limitations is up the beginning of December, and several of the attorneys mum has spoken to have told her there is not enuf time.  If she does not find one soon, she is going to have to make the initial filings pro se until she can find a lawyer!!!  She has been under so much stress because of this .........

Hmmmm--thought mum had forgotten about this!!!!  This Is my hiding place when it storms!!!  I am going to have to hid her camera at embarrassing times like this.

Well, I hope I will have some better pic and things to talk about in a couple of days.

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Mum here:

Cookie was busy telling me to do a post today about her hike yesterday, when it started to thunder and lightning and so, of course, she had to go and hide in the bathtub!!!!  She asked me to do the post instead -- oh, the things I do for that pup --lol.

Anyway, I had to pick up a letter from the post office.  For some reason the mailman will not bring certified letters to our apartment.  Instead, he leaves a notice in the mailbox and because the recipient has to be present to sign for it, I had to go to the post office.  I decided we would go to Udall Park first.  Because it was later than we usually go, none of her buddies were there -- but she had fun with all the new buddies she made.  (Udall Park is about 1 mile from home and the PO is about 2 miles beyond that -- I was in my chair and she was walking beside me)..We got to the post office before they opened, so had to wait a while (of course Cookie lay down while we were waiting).  We then went to Target cos I needed to get a couple of things and it was right around the corner.  While we were there, I realized that Cookie had not eaten yet (it was about 9 by this time) so I got her one of her favorites -- the Beneful in the plastic container, and while we were waiting for the van home, she ate it.  She was VERY glad I had arranged to go home by van, but because she  had not been with me on the van for a while, I totally forgot her extra leash and so had to take off theone attached to the chair.  It had been there since last December, and I had a heck of a time with it.  Fortunately a lady came over and helped out by holding on to Cookie while I got it off!!  We finally got home (we had been out almost 4 hours) and we were BOTH EXHAUSTED.  It was the first time I had been out since Wednesday and I was really glad that the incision was not hurting (for about the first time).  I had intended to go to Udall this morning plus the grocery store, but I was still exhausted from yesterday and I have doctor's appointments every day for the rest of the week.

When the storms are over, I am sure Cookie will be very apologetic about not posting today, and will be back later in the week.  Probably not till the weekend because of my schedule and, as you all know you puppers and kittiehs need our help to post.

So, ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie's Mum

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Let's see if SHE can post a pic of me!!

Yaaaaay -- good pic of me and my kitty sistah Tigger!!

Let's see if we can get one of both the kitty's

You can't really see their faces, but take it from me, it IS Tigger and Sixpence

Mum forgot all about Taco Day -- I can't blame her because of the pain she has had since Thursday morning.  She says she has to go to post office tomorrow and will TRY to stop at the taco shop nearby.  A lot depends on her wheelchair charging!!!

See ya soon

ttfn an toodle pip


Saturday, October 3, 2015


Just a quickie post to thanks you all on mum's behalf.  She is starting to feel better and is able to sit up more (with a pillow behind her back!).  And I am able to snoopervise more now that I have recovered.  Mum was worried cos I didn't eat much yesterday, but I reminded her that I had soooo much to eat at the dance that I was still full.

Well, Uncle Vic (and maybe Coco) are SUPPOSED to visit mum today --- hmmmmmmm

Gotta straighten up some

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mum is doing better

Mum says thanks for all the well wishes after her (not so minor, after all) surgery on Tuesday.  She was feeling pretty good yesterday and so went to her hand doctor, etc.  She has been really paying for it today and has been in bed resting.  I felt really sorry for her when she had to take me out because the area of the incision is right where her back meets the wheelchair!!!!  But she is such a trooper that she made sure I got a good run and then made sure Krysta took me out when she got here.

As you will see when you read Sarge's blog, mum also insisted that I go to the Sadie Hawkin's dance with Sarge.  She made sure my gown was ready and that I made it on time.  Thanks again mum, and I really thank Sarge's mum for making sure our picshurs go on the blog.

Sarge and I danced so much that I also have sore paws so I am gonna go take a rest now so I can take care of mum later.

Again, mum says thanks for all your well wishes

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


No pics today!  Mum left me this morning (with a marrow one to chew on) to go to the hospital to have some minor surgery.  She had had this type of surgery and was not worried and expected to be home by about 7 pm.  Well, she didn't get home until after 9 pm -- she didn't get out of surgery until after 9 pm and by the time they managed to get a ride home for her ......

I am still gonna go with my date (Sarge) to Sadie Hawkins day dance.  Wait to see the gorgeous dress I will be wearing.  Sarge looks bery handsome to.  I am counting sleeps until then!!!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Mum FINALLY was able to post a picture of me by herself!!!!!  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when Krysta was brushing me!!!!  You can see the "extra pet" next to the wheel of the wheelchair.  Krysta gets this amount every time she brushes me!!!

Tigger and Sixpence here:  This is a picture of our two new scratching  posts.  You can see the smaller one right under the "Heidelberg" poster and the really tall one next to it.  We really LUV it -- especially when mum grinds the catnip she won from Ruby (Pip) and puts it on the various parts of the post.
Sixpence and Tigger here:  This is another scratching board that mum grinds catnip onto and puts it on there.  We have definitely not scratched on the furniture nearly as much.
Back to Cookie:  I am SOOOOOOO proud of mum for figuring out how to post the pics without the help of Best Buy.  She was s'posed to go there this morning but cancelled out cos it was too  hot and she didn't sleep well last night.
This is a picture of our next door neighbor, Buddy.  He is a 10 year old Chihuahua.  I have not met him yet -- I think mum is waiting for Phyllis to do the intro so that I don't go crazy!!!
Well, I think mum deserves a treat for doing such a good job!!!!
ttfn and toodle pip

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Oh no -- Mum needs and intervention!!!  Over the past couple of weeks she has become addicted to watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.  She got interested in reading/watching about Caitlyn Jenner and then one day started watching the other program and has become addicted.  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HER

We are getting tired of watching them -- BOL and MOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


To all of our Jewish puppers and their humans -- L'shana tova -- and hope the fast goes well for you.

Mum has PROMISED to get to Best Buy by Friday to get pics on my blog.

In the meantime

Shalom and toodle pip


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No Pics yet

This will be just a short post today.  Still no pics cos mum still has not figured out how to transfer them to my blog!!!!!

Cookie's mum here:  First I want to thank everyone for their helpful comments. I had a long phone conversation with Cookie's trainer today and told her about the comments.  She agrees, but agrees with me that in order for Cookie to become a Certified Service Dog, she needs to get over this problem!!  I am going to continue observing and as soon as the weather gets cool enuf the trainer will meet with us at the big dog park to observe and see what we can do.

Again, thanks to all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mum has a question for all of you

Cookie's mum here:

As I have mentioned before, Cookie is in training as a service dog for me.  She learns very quickly using clicker training except for two things:

1.  Early in the morning when she wants to go out (usually between 4-5 am) she will bark and will NOT stop.  I have tried everything I can think of!!!  Does anyone have any suggestions?  (Cookie here:  I just want to go walkies, mum!)

2.  Dog aggression.  As you know, Cookie weighs 70 lbs.  When we go out her leash is attached to my wheelchair arm so I have pretty good control of her.  When I take her to Udall Park (the big dog park) she NEVER has any problems with any of the dogs.  However, when I have her on the leash walking and she meets another dog most times she will start barking at the other dog and try to start a fight.  It is VERY embarrassing.  When we go into the dog park here in the complex, she is aggressive to almost ALL the dogs.  The other day it was dark as we were going there and when we got close I realized there was a beagle in there.  the beagle started barking at Cookie but once we got inside, Cookie gave one bark (as if to say hello) and then started to go off to do her business.  The beagle owner immediately grabbed her dog saying she was afraid for it and left!!!!

I am going to be working with her trainer on this, but neither of us can really figure what is going on.  As a service dog, she really needs to be dog friendly and this aggression is really bothering me.  So I thought I would reach out to our friends in Blogville for suggestions.

If you would like to email me or talk to me on the phone, my e-mail is and if you send me an e-mail I will give you my phone number.  Also, if anyone is in the Tucson, AZ area, maybe we can meet for you to help me.

Thank you all for reading this rather lengthy e-mail.

We will return to regular blogging tomorrow (I hope).

Cookie back here:

Mum went to Best Buy on Friday and THOUGHT she knew how to post picshurs here -- but she just tried and could not figure it out.  Fortunately, the guy from Geek Squad is coming today to fix her desktop pc, sho she will have him help her.

Actually, mum said it was rather funny when s he went to Best Buy on Friday -- of course I was not with her because it was too hot -- but when the guy came to help her, she recognized him as being someone who had helped her before.  She asked him if that was so, and he responded that just about all of the Geek Squad techs in the store had helped her out!!!!  She was rather embarrassed, but thinks they remember her because of the wheelchair!!!!!!!  Mum also says that when she goes on the paratransit van, a lot of the drivers ask where I am!!!!  Now that weather is getting cooler, hopefully I will go on more walks with her.

Hopefully I will have pics tomorrow.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and Mum

Friday, September 11, 2015


Mum has PROMISED that she will go to Best Buy today so that she can start posting pickshures!!!  But I insisted that she post today so that my kitty sistahs and I can thank Ruby for the really great gift we got today.  When mum went to the mailbox and there was a key for the package boxes, she could not think what it could be.  Then she read who it was from and told me and I was almost jumping for joy.


Hopefully will write more tomorrow

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, September 6, 2015


We ended up staying at Uncle Vic's overnight again cos it kept raining on and off all day and thunderbooms were forecast!!!  We HAVE to go home today cos mum didn't bring any clean undies --- mwah mwah mwah and bol.

Anyway, Uncle Vic has been waiting to get his hands on mum's puter so that he can fine tune it -- bol.  Well, now she cannot access some of the blogs, plus she is gonna have to go back to Best Buy cos the picshurs wont download -- which is why no picshurs AGAIN.

Hopefully soon

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, September 5, 2015


Mum, being an old(er) lady can't afford to lose any years off her life, so I will apologize to her right now (yeah, right, I can hear you all barking).  Here's what happened:  We stayed the night at Uncle Vic's.  I started pestering mum to take me out at my usual time.  Well, without realizing the gate was open, she opened the front door and I, being the (almost) reformed escape artist that I am, I took off. 

I will let mum continue:

Mum here:  Of course, when Cookie took off I was really concerned because she has not been far from this apartment.  I did go out to try to find her, but she can be pretty fast when she wants to be.  I came back into the apartment in the hope that she would come back soon or someone would catch her and call me!!  Shortly thereafter, we heard her give a bark and she came running back.  She knew she had done wrong because her tail was down!!  As soon as I have recovered, we will start our trek home!

Back to Cookie:

Sorry mum!!!!!

Well, I need to relax somewhat after that adventure and in anticipation of the walk home (before it gets too hot)

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, September 3, 2015


I reminded mum that she had promised me a post today, but she is complaining that after 3 days of being out for hours on end (without me, I might add) she just is not up to a lengthy post with picshurs!!  She says this will have to do!!!

Her dr's appointments, etc., were good and bad!!!  On Monday she was informed that she has to have some tests done and that if, indeed, her lap band has moved, she has to have it removed and then probably will have to have either bypass or sleeve surgery!!!!  On Tuesday after her apt with attorney she went to the mall, and did not realize till she got home that she was missing a bag of stuff -- she uses the reusable bags and hangs them on the back of the wheelchair -- this one must not have been hung properly (she called Walmart and asked if it was there -- it was -- so she has to go back there to get it).  Yesterday her first appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner on our side of town.  Unfortunately, the surgeon who has done all her procedures is on the Northwest side of town, and she has to go there for THAT doctor to schedule it!!!!!  While she was there she upchucked and partially missed the sink (she doesn't know what caused it, but it happens sometimes, but hasn't for a while).  She was wearing white pants and it went all over them, and because it was coffee, it looked like poop all over  her pants!!!!!!  Luckily there was a Target close by, so mum stopped there and got new pants and t-shirt (yes, it got on her t-shirt, too), and put on the clean clothes there!!!!!  She then cruised along in her chair to the hospital for her EMG -- she was early, so she went into the Starbucks there.  She took a chance and got her favorite (caramel macchiato -- iced).  Needless to say, she asked the tech to put a trashcan close by -- just in case!!!  BOL  Anyway, the results of the EMG showed that she does have more problems with her hands and elbow (probably partially caused by the muscle disease) and was recommended to go see her hand specialist and she authorized them to forward the results!!!!  So, as I said at the start -- it was good new/bad news!!

The kitties are bugging mum because they want to show you their new climbing tree -- but that again is going to have to wait.

We have a stray cat that comes around (that mum has never seen).  Mum leaves food out for it.  This morning while she was taking me to the dogpark here, we stopped to talk to someone we see frequently and she has a beautiful black cat that she says comes around for treats -- wonder if it is the same one who comes to our place for food???
Mum has a WHOLE day where she does not have to go anywhere!!!  Krista will be coming later, and she will take me for a little walk -- still too hot to go far during the daytime hours!!

So, I am gonna leave now -- mum has to pay her rent today, bol.  May not be posting again until Saturday -- so everyone have a good couple of day.

ttfn and toodle pip


p.s. when mum tried to schedule my Gotcha Day post, it some how go set for tomorrow, so if it does show up, I apologize for it -- As I said in my header for this post ....

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Watch this spot -- Mum has had lots of drs appts, etc., but promises me a post tomorrow -- hopefully with pictures!!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, August 30, 2015


Tigger:  I thought I was gonna post again today!!

Sixpence:  No, Cookie said that I could!!

Cookie:  Go ahead Sixpence -- I did say I didn't feel like posting so you could cos Tigger posted yesterday.

Sixpence:  Thank you Cookie.  Well, Mum realized this morning when she took Cookie out one of the reasons she had been so crabby for the past couple of days!!!  It was still dark so the FULL MOON was very bright -- she always gets cranky when it is a full moon!!!!

Anyway -- I am not sure if you know how I got my name -- I have six toes on each paw!!!!  Mum wanted to use the "six" in my name, so out of nostalgia, she called me Sixpence.  She contemplated calling Tigger "Farthing" also out of nostalgia, but decided that she looked more like a Tigger!!

I am the more friendly of the two of us.  I like to sleep with mum -- on the couch or on the bed and I also chat with her a lot.  We had a nice chat last night and we discussed what I would post about.  I promised to make it sweet, and because nothing much has been happening around here, I think I am just about done.  I promise I will have mum take some pics soon.

meowww and purrrrr


Saturday, August 29, 2015


Tigger here.  Cookie is mad at mum cos she forgot to send in pics for the demolition derby and for the drawing for Derby Queen (she swears she woulda won at least one if not both if she had!!).  She is so mad at mum that mum asked me to do the blog today.

It is not gonna be a very long post tho -- I just wanted to tell you that we have a kitty that comes around and eats the food that mum leaves in a little container on the patio.  She THINKS she has seen it a couple of times, but the kitty usually comes when no one is around.  Sixpence and I have seen it but by the time we get mum's attention, the kitty is gone.

We really have got to get mum to take some more pictures (especially of us kitties).

Well, I promised this would be short so I will end here.  Have a good day all and have fun at the demolition derby.

ttfn and toodle pip

Tigger (in place of Cookie who is being a spoiled big brat)

Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, I got to go to Udall Park this morning, but no one was there until we were ready to leave,, then a couple of our friends showed up.  Apparently, the park had been closed for cleaning, etc., for a couple of days.  Good thing we didn't walk all the way there yesterday.  It was after 5 am when we left so we went over to the Safeway store (which opens at 5 am).  I think we were the only ones there!!!  But mum did get a couple of packages of my marrow bones!!

Did I tell you our new Shark came on Saturday?  (I actually thought it was a real shark until she opened the box and I discovered it was County Vacular)  Anyway, Krista opened it yesterday and she was raving about the fact that it was a much fancier one than the old one and worked much better!!!!  She took everything out of the box with the new cat tree, and took it in pieces to her car -- it was far too heavy for her to carry in one piece -- 80 lbs!!!  Anyway, about an hour after she left, the doorbell rang -- it was one of the gardeners, and he asked if mum wanted the box thrown out.  We discovered there were some parts of the cat tree there, which mum put on the patio, and then tried to call Krista.  Just as she was sending Krista a text the doorbell rang again and the same guy was out there and told mum that there was a pile of stuff on top of a car in the parking lot.  Mum realized that Krista was at the next door neighbors (she cleans for her too, but not as often as mum) so she knocked on the door.  Sure enuf, Krista was there and had just forgotten she had left stuff out there and on her car!!!!  Her husband is gonna put it together for mum.

Mum also received a book she had ordered from Amazon and then this morning when she went to get my food, she found that her Kuerig had been delivered!!!  It never rains but it pours, lol.

I am still spending time in the bathtub!!!  Monsoon season does not end for another couple of weeks, so there are still storms.

Incidentally, when mum went next door she ended up visiting with Joni for a while, and she came back smelling of another dog.  This has happened before, and I have told Mum I have to meet this dog.  Both she and joni are a bit nervous because of how I am around most strange dogs.  Mum says that this dog is tiny and so we are gonna be careful!!!

My trainer was sposed to come over this afternoon -- I have not seen her in a couple of months cos of the heat.  We will be starting training again soon.  Anyway, she texted mum yesterday to say she would not be able to come today, but asked when would be convenient.  Mum texted back that cos of dr's appointments, Tuesday is the only day.  Hope she comes!!!

Well, mum just said that she has to end for now.

have a good weekend -- am gonna try to get mum to post over the weekend!!

ttfn and toodle pip


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mum thought she got away with it!!!

I told mum she had to post today, but she thought if she messed around enuf she could get away with not having to post!!!!!  NO WAY MUM

Anyhoo, she agreed to post, but said there would not be any photos (AGAIN!!).  I let her get away with not posting on Tuesday and Wednesday cos she had doctors' appointments.  On Tuesday she had a CT scan and x-rays of her back and neck (the back doctor would have preferred an MRI but mum can't have those cos of an implant she has in her back).  The doctor called her yesterday to say that there was not much change in her back, but that her lapband had changed position.  This now means that she has to go see the doctor that put in the lapband to find out what is going on!!!  Later yesterday, mum went to see the doctor who she saw when she first had her eye injury because her eyelid is much more droopy than it was.  He is going to do surgery on it in October.  She now has to call the attorney to see if these costs can be included with the lawsuit!!!!!  Mum is not too happy about this, but it really needs to be done cos (expecially when she is tired) her eye completely closes and she has problems w/the Teevees -- not as bad as when she first hurt her eye, but bad enuf.  She also asked the doctor about a procedure (that is not approved here by the FDA) that is performed in England.  Apparently the doctor works with the hospital Mum wants to deal with and so it should not be too much of a problem.  She is still covered by the National Health Service over there so it should not be too bad.  We are planning (me and Mum) to go over for a few months after mum gets the lawsuit settled.  She discussed with the doctor how, unless they saw her when she had the injury, that people do not seem to realize just how bad it was!!!!  She almost lost the whole eye and the eyeball ruptured and so the first surgery was pretty extensive!!  She had two more surgeries cos pressure on the eye kept building up until the pain was excruciating.  During the third surgery the doc inserted a glaucoma drain and because of the extensive injury to the eye, it is very noticible cos the doc could not put it in the usual spot in the eye.  This also caused problems when mum was at the point where she shoulda been able to wear a contact lens in that eye.  The normal lens did not work so she had to have surgery to sew in a lens -- the surgery shoulda only taken 30 minutes, but, again cos of all the damage to the eye, took 90 minutes -- which then caused her back and neck to go into spasm (one of the symptoms of her muscle disease).  I was only around for the last surgery.  Apparently Cody was with mum on the way home when she had the accident.  Cody had to go with mum to the hospital in the ambulance and stay there until Uncle Vic could pic her up!!!!!!  Mum says that she was a very good girl until the orderlies came to take mum for a CT scan -- then she tried to drag and nurse tech after mum!!!!!  Anyway -- enuf about all this -- sorry to take so long and go into so much detail!!!

Mum had said she would take me to Udall Park, but I forgot to wake her up until almost 5:30, which she says is too late because it STILL gets very hot here.  In fact, it was in the newspaper and apparently on the news that a man took his dog on a hike and the dogs paws got burned on the hot ground.  I guess if I want to go out more, I better start wearing the booties mum bought me!!

Anyway -- not much else has happened -- I have been spending a fair amount of time hiding in the bathtub because of the thunderstorms!!!  Mum finally got the hint and put a towel on the bottom of the tub for me!!

Well, guess that's it for today -- will try to get my mum to post some pics soon.

ttfn and toodle pip


Monday, August 24, 2015


I convinced mum that to make up for not blogging for a whole week, to blog again today.  Not that anything exciting happened, except that just as mum was settling down to do the crossword in the newspaper, her friend Betty (who used to live next door) invited us for coffee!!!  Well, given that mum's Keurig does not seem to be working, and she had to make coffee in the drip machine and that it was not tooooo hot for me, she decided we should go.  There was a very nice man sitting at the only outside table that was in the shade, and he offered to share with us.  He was very nice and he filled my dish with the water mum brought.  Betty and her dog Fred (a pom who is now a certified service dog) arrived and she and mum had a really nice time.  Mum then went to the grocery store and, among other things, she got me some more Frosty Paws.  By this time it was almost 9 am and the ground was getting hot,, so mum and I hurried home.  She learned a couple of weeks ago that when she puts her chair on the highest speed, I have to run to keep up!!!!!  So she puts it on 3 (instead of 4) and we make it home just right!!!!!!

Well, I had a nice drink of water, and am gonna rest now (it is about a mile each way to the store/coffe shop where we meet) and so I have to wear my Gentle Leader so I don't pull mum too much.  Hoopefully will have picsures soon.

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, August 23, 2015


I cant believe it has been a week since I last posted!!!!!!  If anyone is interested. mum downloaded Windows 10 onto the Lenovo (the newest pc) and then had problems getting to things she wanted to use!!!!  So, Uncle Vic came and got it so that he could set it up for me.  In the meantime, I was using the ASUS (which she bought about 18 months ago).  Well, every time she tried typing on that one, it did all sorts of weird things!!!!!  So she pretty much gave up until she got the Lenovo back when we went to Uncle Vic's on Friday.  I had a good time with my buddy Coco II and, of course I slept lots, but mum did not sleep very well.  We came home early yesterday morning and mum was so exhausted she slept and watched TV most of the day.  She said she is feeling better this morning so I convinced her she had better post on my bloggie or peeps would think I had done a disappearing act!!!!!!

I had been chatting with Madi's mom on my smartphone and had brought up the problem some of us puppers were gonna have getting to BAR.  She mentioned that Blogpaws is going to be in Phoenix next year and that maybe some of us Southern/Southwesterners might get together there.  Mum and I would like to know if anyone else is interested.  I know it is in June (when it is very hot and stormy cos of the Monsoon), but we could make our own fun!!!!!

I do not have any pics to post today -- hopefully mum will get around to it in a day or two and if we do not have too many thunderstorms, maybe I wont hid in the bathtub as much.

Will catch ya later


toodle pip

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I was gonna make this a long post, together with picksures, but mum has been very lazy, but I really wanted to let you know that we finally have a winner for the drawing for my Gotcha Day!!!

And the winner is -- Madi from Madi and Mom.  Congratulations Madi -- if you will have your mum e-mail me with your snail mail addy (to, mum will send you the prize.

Sorry I don't have picksures this time, but I promise some soon.  (I have to get her going on picksures for the Demolition Derby!!!!!)

Will post more soon.

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Monday, August 10, 2015


Blogger is giving me some problems -- I start my post and blogger at it up!!!!!  Anyway, Mum had PROMISED that we would announce the winner of my Gotcha Day drawing but, as usual, she hasn't!!!  Mind you, she has been having major back and tummy problems, so I will forgive  her this time.  Also, when she took me out this morning, the weather didn't help any -- it started to rain heavily while we were out -- fortunately she had an umbrella, but when we got home she felt quite chilly so turned off the a/c and went back to bed to get warmed up.  This is the FIRST time in about5 months that the a/c has been turned off!!!!!!

We have had some pretty bad thunderstorms lately, so, of course, I have been spending a lot of time in the bathtub!!!  Mum said she will post some pics in a day or so!!!

Mum is pestering me that she wants to write something:  Over to Mum

Cookie's mum here -- If there are any puppers who wear booties when weather is either very hot (or cold), any suggestions for getting you pup to cooperate in putting them on and keeping them on???

Back to Cookie:

Mum is trying to be a good dog owner with the booties because when it is hot, I really cannot go out because the ground is tooooo hot for my paws -- so any assistance will be helpful (to her, not me).

Anyway -- Mum said that she needs to go lie down again.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Cookies' Mum here:  Thanks to everyone for your good wishes on Cookies Gotcha Day.  I know I don't have to give any prizes, etc., but everyone in Blogville has been so great, I just wanted to.

Back to Cookie:  Yeah, thanks from me to.  I didn't do much on my Gotcha Day, just sat around with mum and reminisced about the past year and also remembered Cody (who went to the Bridge just a few days before I came to live with Mum, Sixpence and Tigger III).  I did get some extra treats yesterday (including a Frosty Paws)!!!  Mum had wanted to take me to Udall Park this morning, but I kindly let her sleep till 5:30 am (which she says is too late because of the ground getting too hot).  She said if it cools off early evening we may go!!)  It's the first Wednesday of the month and many of the grocery stores have discounts today!!

Oh, I must tell you a silly that Mum did yesterday -- when we came back from my doing my business at the dogpark here, Mum decided she had better charge her wheelchair (she forgot the night before).  Anyway, she had taken me off the leash, grabbed the cord for the charger, grabbed me by the collar and put me in a "sit-stay".  Then she realized what she was trying to do (charge me up -- which I don't need, bol), got a silly grin on her face and said "sorry" to me!!!!  (She said I could tell the story and would not lose out on treats for telling it.)

Anyway, she has the names of everyone who posted a comment over the past week, and will do the drawing in the next day or two.  The kitties have said they will not do the drawing cos it's not for them, so it will just be Mum and Me.

Have a great day everyone, and again, thanks.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I have been reminding mum all morning that it is my Gotcha Day and finally got her to stop reading long enuf to get this blog done!!!!!

Remember, if you want to be in the drawing -- make a comment on this blog and it will be added to those since last Thursday for a drawing.  Mum says that she hope she has not gotten anyone's hopes up cos it will not be a very large pressie -- she just wants to acknowledge that I have been with her for a year.  Mum says that she still remembers and misses Cody, but she luvs luvs luvs me.  I gave her a bit of a hard time at first -- every time the door opened I would run off.  The first time I did this Mum was very glad that all the gates in the complex were closed -- she had not had time to put tags on me!!!!  After that day, until she got me my own tag -- she put Cody's tags on me so that people would know who I owned. I took off a couple more times -- it got so that she would put me on a very long lead at home so I could get around, but not out!  I did take off a couple more times, but after getting attacked by those two nasty dogs and having to go to the vet with a couple of nasty bites, I have not taken off.  The lady whose two dogs attacked me said that I bit her, and she called Animal Control.  The lady did not press any charges against me cos her dogs were not licenses and she would have had to pay much more than Mum in fines.  However, because she SAID that I bit her (and mum couldn't prove otherwise), I had to be quarantined, fortunately at home, but it was a nuisance and again cost vet bills for me to released from the quarantine.  As I say, I have been very good lately -- when they were working on the leak and coming in and out, I did not try to take off.  I also don't pull as much since mum uses the gentle leader when we are going anywhere but the dog park here in the complex!!

I will try to get mum to take some more pictures that I can post here.

(If you notice, I am being quite polite to mum -- I don't want to lose my treats -- and she has promised me a Frosty Paws as a treat for my Gotcha Day).

Well, if I want to get a treat, I had better let Mum post this

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Monday, August 3, 2015

couldnt find the post

Well, mum said that the post she THOUGHT she had scheduled for yesterday musta disappeared into the black hole we have in the apartment!!!!!

What's that mum?   Oh, she just looked at t he date and realized that today  in 1961 (3 August 1961) when, as a teenager she had her open heart surgery in London.  She said that it was very scary because there was still a fair risk, but she wanted to go on a Kibbutz in Israel and the docs said she couldn't go unless she had the surgery.  (She ended up coming to the US instead, and has only been there once on holiday)  She had to be out of work for 3 months when she had the surgery -- she was in hospital 2 weeks before surgery; 4 weeks after; 3 weeks convalescent home and then another 3 weeks before she could go back to work!!!!  Nowadays, she says, she thinks that people who have that kind of surgery are out of the hospital within a week!!!!

Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff -- don't forget to enter a post before tomorrow night at midnight so you can be entered into a drawing for my gotcha day.

Mum said she will help me with that!!!!

Well, everyone, have a good evening

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*ttfn = ta ta for now

Sunday, August 2, 2015

hmmmm- ?mum thought she scheduled a post for this morning -- wonder what happened.  Guess the "blue moon" has been causing her to act...................... ops there go my treats AGAIN

Friday, July 31, 2015


I talked to mum and decided to join Murphy and Stanley's FFHT this month.  I'm a little nervous as this is the first time I have tried to do this.  oops, I can't remember what the phrase is!!!  Mum needs to write things down for me cos she has a bad memory she's such an old biddy.

Oops again -- she just told me no more treats till I apologize to her!!!  Sigh

Oh, btw -- if you cant read this, if you biggify, you will see the oblong one says "If you want the best seat in the house you'll have to move the cat" and the other one says "no outfit is complete without cathair".  The drum above the is from Ireland and the Love Spool next to it is from Wales and the corner of the poster is the "Heidelberger".  Mum said she bought all of these a long time ago and the reason she doesn't have them for dogs is that she only had cats until Uncle Vic came down to Tucson from Chicago with Amber and then we got Coco I.  When he and Coco I moved out was when Mum got Cody from someone she worked with (2007).  Now mum cannot conceive of living without me, bol

BTW -- don't forget to post a comment to be added into my Gotcha Day drawing.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hole in ceiling after maintenance men 'fixed' it -- waiting for it to dry
 "Old" friend Lexi at park

Lexi's "brother" Jack

Leanne with Simon and Lori (all "old friends")
Early morning view of mountains in the background -- in reality, MUCH prettier--bol
I think mum is getting a bit better with pics, lol
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Mum did take some pictures, but has not gotten around to posting them.  Mum is getting really disgusted about not being able to use the kitchen -- not that she really cooks any more, but the way they emptied the cabinet before taking it down -- she cannot get to ANY of her dishes and she does not like using paper plates, etc.

Mum did not sleep very well last night and I got her up at about 4:15 and insisted that she take me to Udall Park (that is where Mum and Cody met Jack and TG and everyone from Blogville).  There were not too many people there (and for most of the time I was the only girl puppy with the boys, bol).  But I had a really good time.  Unfortunately there was no mud for me to roll in!!!  Mum says she was glad because it is only about 10 days since my spa day and she was happy that she did not have to get mud off my furs!!!!  I started sprinkling with a little rain, and because she does not want to get her chair wet she hurried me out of the park and home, where I told Tigger and Sixpence all about my excitement!!!!  BTW--if any of you see Jack and TG before I do, tell them that everyone that still remembers them sends their regard!!

The Maintenance guy are sposed to come tomorrow morning -- hopefully they will finish it all so that my kitchen can get back to its normal messiness (BOL).

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Mum had thought for the past few days that her Keurig had broked because there was water all over the counter.  She and Krysta racked their brains and thought that when the 'tank' was full it was leaking and so they put towels down and mum was gonna call them about it.  Well, this morning we had coffee with a former neighbor who has Fred a pom who had to have a leg amputated a couple of years ago.  I have met him a few times and he is one of the few (small) dogs that I don't try to kill.  Anyway, when we got home, mum started putting groceries away and noticed that the counter by the coffeemaker had a lake of water.  She then noticed that water was dripping from the upper cabinet.  She called for maintenance and the two guys have been here for more than an hour trying to fix it!!!  They had to empty the cabinet (a major job in itself!!) and take the cabinet down and fix the leak!!!  I have lived in this apartment since 2007 and this is the third leak in the past 3 years!!!!!  I just hope I don't have another one any time soon!!!

Well, then I remembered that Mum had not posted anything about my gotcha day which is next Tuesday!!!  She racked her brain what to do with her limited knowledge of posting (STILL!!).  I suggested, and she agreed with me.  What is going to happen -- the names of any commenters between now and next Tuesday will be put in a bowl and I will let one of my kitty sisters pick out a name and the winner will get either a gift certificate or a gift box from Chewy once they send me their snail mail/e-mail addy.  Whattya think?????

Anyway -- hope to have some more pics in a day or two.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015


I'm gonna let my kitty sister Sixpence post today.
Above is my sister Tigger III.  She got that name cos mum had a Tigger many years ago; then her best friend in New York also had a Tigger, so when she got me and my sister, naturally she was named Tigger II.  She is the one who scratches the furniture more than I do.  Mum is hoping that the cat tree that Tigger is on will help stop her scratching as much.

These two are of me, Sixpence.  I got this name because I have six toes on each paw!!!   I am a tortoiseshell, and am much more loving to mum that Tigger is.  When mum goes to bed (or watches TV in bed) I have to be right there with her.  If she ignores me, then I pester her until she starts giving me belly rubs, etc.

Back to me (Cookie).  This picture was taken last week after my spa day.  I was tired so decided to sleep on the couch and mum took pity on me and put the blanket over me.  bol

Hope you like these pics

Toodle pip


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Me at my spa day

Today I am going to show you some of the photos from when mum took me for my spa day.  A couple will be out of order, so please forgive mum -- she is just learning (bwaaaah haaaaa)
This is me and mum when we arrived and my groomer was getting ready for me
Here I am in the tub waiting like the good girl I am

Making sure that Jasmine (the groomer) gets all my loose floof off me!!

This one is out of order -- I was just checking out the hoses!!
Aren't I a good girl!!!!!
This morning mum and I got another "shower" cos it started raining just as we got to the dog park!!!
Oh well
Toodle pip from a slightly damp Cookie and Mum