Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, July 29, 2016


I kept on at mum to post because it is my Second Gotcha Day. Yesterday, for the first time in ages someone asked mum what happened to Cody!!! It reminded both of us that she had been gone for 2 years and that I had been with mum for that length of time.

I will now let mum continue with the post:

To give more information on the situation: Cookie got into fights twice when she got out of the apartment. The first time was in May 2015 and was actually not on the complex property!!! She got badly bitten and the other woman called Animal Control; however, because her dogs had not been licensed and it would cost her about $2,500, she did not pursue it. The other time was a couple of months ago when I had a new aide who was absolutely terrified of Cookie!!! Anyway, she let Cookie out and even when she caught up with Cookie, she did nothing and Cookie got into it!!! Fortunately, the other person did nothing about it. This most recent incident happened on July 6. Cookie and I were getting the mail early in the morning (Cookie, as usually was on her leash attached to my wheelchair); a woman with two small dogs, one of whom was NOT on a leash came up. The little dog who was not on a leash literally attacked Cookie and so she was just responding. The other woman grabbed her dog and dashed away. As I was leaving I asked if her dog was OK. She just shook her head and then ignored me. Later that morning I got a call from the management office here about it. Next day Animal Control showed up. This woman twisted the story around to say that SHE was at the mailboxes and I came up with Cookie. She said that Cookie was not leashed and I had no control of her, and that Cookie attacked her dog. Since there were no witnesses and SHE was the one complaining, I got a citation for a "biting dog" and for non-compliance with the leash laws. I had to appear in court for an arraignment and we have a Pre-Trial hearing on August 23. Needless to say, I was very upset about all of this but because the management had said nothing more, we went on with "business as usual". Then, on Wednesday morning there was a knock on the door and the complex manager and maintenance superviser were there. Shelley (the manager) gave me the 10 Day notice and insisted that I sign it. She explained that I had 10 days to either get rid of Cookie or move!!!!! I was stunned. I reiterated what they knew -- that Cookie was a Service Dog in training (I actually have a letter from the trainer to confirm this), but she said that made no difference!!!! I am going to look further into this with the ADA, etc., but in the meantime I am not giving up Cookie. For one thing, she has the Valley Fever and in all good conscience I would not do that to her or anyone that would take her. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT PUT HER IN A SHELTER because I would worry that she would be euthanized!!

I am on Section 8 and when I finally got hold of my case worker, she told me that there was no way that everything could be taken care of before the end of August!!!! My friend, Vic, has offered to take her for however long it takes. I will have to pay my August rent because I do not want an eviction on my record!!!!!

Incidentally, the other lawsuit that I have referred to has nothing to do with this situation!! Back in December 2015 I was in my old wheelchair on the main street coming with Cody from shopping, etc. I was leaning to the left and the left armrest went flying out and I went over it and hit my head and whole left side. Long story short -- I badly injured my eye -- among other things rupturing the eyeball and have very bad eyesight in my left eye. I have had several surgeries. It is also possible that the problems with my left knee (which necessitated a Revision Total Replacement in January) were also caused by this fall. I retained a lawyer to sue the wheekchair manufacturer, etc. and he was handling it. Then,, all of a sudden last September, for something totally unrelated to this accident he dropped my case. I have since tried to find a lawyer here in Tucson, but because of the complexity of it, no one wants to help me; so right now I am representing myself.

All of this has been extremely stressful for me. I may have to rent a car in order to go around looking for an apartment!!! Another unwanted expense!!!! So, I am extremely grateful for any donations to Cookie's GoFundMe account. Not only do I have the additional expense of moving now, but I still have almost $200 a month for Cookie's meds, but routine vet visits to check on her progress!

Sorry this is such a long post, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

Again, that's for your generosity.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and her Mum

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Cookie's mum here:

Due to an incident which was not Coookie's fault, we have just been served with a 10 day vacate notice or I have to get rid of Cookie -- which I do not want to do. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for a move so I have updated Cookie's GoFundMe page to hopefully raise money to move. I actually really need about $1000 -- and if I dont pay August rent, I may be able to get by with less!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2016


I cannot believe it is a week since I last posted -- but this week has been about as bad (or maybe a little worse)!!! It started out on Sunday morning when she was talking to Auntie Kim in Idaho (she used to live next door and stayed with mum for a couple of months before moving out there). Mum was starting as usual to chit chat with her, and Kim stopped her and told her that she had heard from a friend of hers that our next door neighbor had died on Saturday. Mum had not spoken to Joni since around 11 am on Saturday, but Joni had said she was going out with a friend. Even though Joni had been in really bad shape for a couple of weeks, mum knew that Joni would get mad if she said anything. So, when mum didn't hear from Joni, she just assumed that she was tired after gallivanting around. Apparently the friend she was supposed to be going out with found her when she stopped in to get her!!! A little bit later on Sunday, while mum was still bummed out about Joni, the manager at our apartment complex called. Apparently, she had gotten a call about Joni, then a little later someone else called to say they had seen an ambulance at MY apartment at 4:00 am. The manager had gotten quite a shock when it sounded like something had happened to ME as well as Joni!!!!!! Anyway, mum and I were both bummed out and are still reeling from it all. Joni's son came over to start cleaning out the apt. He gave mum his phone number and she spoke to him today and he told he was having a memorial service for her in August!!

Mum had to go to Court on Tuesday (will tell you all about it another time -- this time it was about me -- and I was TOTALLY innocent). She took me with her and she keeps raving about how good I was. Of course, she pled not guilty and hass to go back for a pre-trial on auguat 23. It did not take long, but was stressful for mom and lo and behold on Wednesday she got a UTI!!! She was about to call to check it out w/her doctor when she started showing blood in her pee!!!!! she called the doctor's office and was able to get in that afternoon (so she didn't have to go to the ER like last time she had it!!). The doctor's office gave her an antibiotic and somethin for the pain. Good thing they told mum it would turn her pee orang!!!! I was not with her this time because it was too hot for me (I would not mind, but mum is afraid I will burn my paws). Anyway, she told me that she was on a section of sidewalk that was not much wider than her wheelchair (which is quite common here, although her wheelchair is not that wide)and was looking ahead and accidentally moved the joystick. There as about a 2-3 inch drop to the gravel in the parking lot and her chair completely tipped over and threw mum out!!! Fortunately she did not get badly hurt, just shaken up and a couple of grazes nad bruises. She waited a few minutes to see if someone would stop to help her --they did not, so she started to call 911 when a very nice young man on a bike stopped to haul the chair back on the sidewalk. Then a lady stopped to help her. Mum was really happy for their help and, although she was shaken up, she continued to the doctor with was less than 5 minutes away.

Mum here: I should mention here that are LOT of main streets and, especially, side streets that do not have ANY sidewalks at all. In a lot of places I have to travel in bike lanes (which is VERY scary on the main streets as traffic tends to come awfully slow) and there is one area where the cuts in the sidewalks (especially at crossings) are so steep that mum is afraid of tipping over if she goes up; or down, so, again she goes in the street!! Not much fun!!

Back to Cookie:

Well, for now that is enuf whining from ua -- please send the cheese to go with the w[h]ine as soon as possible.

ttfn and toodle pip


Saturday, July 16, 2016

THAT WAS A WEEK ...................

Whew, what a week that was!!! If you read Astro's blog, you will see that we miss the dead lion for the Summer Dance. Instead, Astro invited me up to Seattle and took me up to the Space Needle. I wont tell you what else we did -- I didn't want mum to know, but -- on Sunday I started limping so badly that mum got really upset. I tried to blame it on her (we had been out of my Valley Fever medicine for a couple of days), but she said it was cos I did too much partying with Astro. She also said that if I don't behave myself, no more dates for me!!!!

Mum also has not been feeling too great lately and so she put in a call to her doctor. Before the doc could return her call she had something VERY scary happen. On Wednesday she had a dr's appointment, then went to the library to return (and get more) books. On the way to the mall, she tried to take money out of her UK bank account, and had problems so had to go into the bank!!!! Then she went to her bank to deposit the money she had just withdrawn (don't ask why she can't do it all at one bank -- the atm's wont let her). Anyway, for some reason it thought she was putting in checks, and when she was all done (so she thought) it told her that there was an error -- but it did not return her cash!!! So, again, she had to go into the bank and it took some time to get it all straightened out. So, to things that should have taken 5 minutes took almost an hour!!!!!! So she did not have as long to mosey around the mall as she wanted!! all of a sudden, she found herself outside a store that she would not normally go into, and a security guard was standing over her asking if she needed help. After a few confusing minutes, mum was able to leave (she refused offered medical help) and went to the food court. She spent the rest of the time feeling pretty yucky. Then finally went home. I was not with her -- it is WAAAAAY to hot for my poor little paws -- but I heard her telling the doctor what happened because he happened to call her a couple of hours later. Anyway, he told mum to come to see him at 8:15 am on Friday. Mum took it easy on Thursday and made a reservation on the paratransit for the doc's appointment on Friday. She managed to get herself up and out in time for the scheduled pick up time. The van was supposed to pick her up between 7:15 and 7:45 -- it did not arrive until almost 8:15!!!! Mum said she was on the phone with the van people over and over and spoke to a couple of supervisors too. She also called the doctor's office to explain why she was late. When she go there at about 8:35 they told her that the doctor could not see her till 11!!!! She decided to go get something to eat. She also went to the Ross store there -- and LOST HER SUNHAT!!!!!! Because she had had to cancel her return ride, the supervisor she spoke to promised that he would put them on alert for her return ride so she would not have to wait too long. Guess what -- she called just before noon but had to wait until after 1:30 before the van picked her up -- she was not a happy camper!! The doctor did all sorts of test on mum and scheduled an MRI on her brain!!! He said that her EKG and chest x-rays were normal. So, we shall have to see what is wrong.

Actually something funny did happen yesterday evening. Mum fell asleep and woke up and her watch said it was 5:30. She thought it was 5:30 AM and that I needed to go out. As we were leaving she noticed that the newspaper was not on the door. She then suspecte that it was 5:30 PM not AM!!! Sure enuf -- when we got home she checked further and that was the case!!!! That happened once before a few weeks ago!!! I think it's a good thing she is having her brain checked out. BOL BOL

Today, mum has just been taking it easy and watching TV, etc. Also, she made a change in the Options so hopefully it will have the line breaks where they are sposed to be.

Oh, dear, mum just realized that because of everything that went on yesterday, she missed the dead lion for entry into the Blogville Pawlympics!!!! She also tried to say that because of my limping so badly earlier in the week, I shouldn't exert myself to much this week-- to that I say --brrrrmph

so, ttfn and toodle pip
Cookie (whose limp is almost gone)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I think I have gotten mum to agree to write a short post

Mum is finally getting around to doing something besides playing games on the puter!!!! Happy July 4th to all puppers and peeps here in the US and Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. By the way -- does anyone have any idea why my posts do not have paragraph spacing even though mum hits the Enter Key!!! Like now Anyway -- I hid during the fireworks. Luckily mum doesn't really like fireworks so she stayed at home with me, and they were not too loud!!! I think I have mentioned before that I want mum to write about some of the things that happened to her when she was a kid in England. She is not sure that anyone would be interested, so please just make a mention in the comments whether or not you would like to read some of them. Also, again WOULD SOME BOY PUPPER LIKE TO BE MY DATE FOR THE SUMMER DANCE? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP Well, I promised mum to make this short!!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie