Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well, I finally got mum to sit down with the puter. She has been asking whether it is a full moon (it is) cos she says that she gets into a certain mood during that time, and really cannot get ANYTHING done. Thank goodness Krista comes over to clen!! Starting next week for 3 months she will be coming 3 times a week!!!! Krysta's oldest daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She loves to go to a bookstore called Bookmans where you take in books you don't want and they will give you vouchers to get other books in the store. Krysta says that she loves to go there so mum and I got together a big bag of books for her to take in there! There really is not much new going on -- mum had her last physical therapy today. Her knee is doing very well so she can go to a pt clinic if she really wants to. The exercises are not difficult so she does not think she needs to do that and she will do the exercises at home!! Well, now that I have gotten mum to let you know how I am doing, I am going to try to catch up on all the blogs I have not read for a while. ttfn and toodle pip COOKIE

Thursday, February 11, 2016


The reason for this caption is that mum picked up a refill of my Rimadyl prescription, and it cos $100!!!!! Her prescription for pain pills only cost $35!!! Her knee is getting better. The Physcial Therapist is very pleased -- said that mum's range of motion is really good for 3 weeks post surgery!!! The Occupational Therapist came yesterday and, after looking and finding mum's laptop mouse, he asked her some questions and decided that she did not need any more OT!!! Mum went to see her Primary Care doc yesterday and got a real lecture from him because she had filled a Percocet prescription from the surgeon who did her surgery in december. He reminded her that she had signed a form agreeing not to fill prescriptions, and that she had broken the agreement!!! Mum explained that she had filled it without thinking anything of it -- and that she had filled it because it was such a painful surgery!!! The finally hashed it all out -- thank dogness!!! He is very 'squirrely' about it all because of the doctor in California who was charged with murder after some of his patients died from OD's of pain meds!!!! Well, now mum knows that she cannot fill Rx's that docs give her after surgery, etc. Well, things are starting to get back to normal -- mum's PT is going well -- as I said earlier. She went to the store without me yesterday -- she had the Van drop her off at the store on the way home from the doc's office!! I am going to talk her into going to the mall soon, just so she can get out more. Have to go no --PT is coming over soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie p.s. dont know why this doesnt publish with paragraph spacing!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Mum actually came home last Tuesday and I came home on Wednesday, and I have been bugging her ever since to post on my blog. It has taken her this long to get around to it!!!!!! This will not be a long post -- hopefully that will be in a day or two. I am not sure if you know that she had a revision total knee replacement. It has been a painful recovery, but is getting better!! She was in the surgical hospital from Monday to Thursday then went to rehab until last Tuesday when she came home. It is taking her longer to get used to being home on her own!!! In fact she forgot to take her meds for a couple of days and yesterday had a really nasty panic attack. She decided to take me out for a long walk to Udal Park (which is about 1 mile away). I met lots of new friends there and had fun running around -- none of my old friends were thare cos it was kinda late in the morning. Mum felt better when she got home, but spent the rest of the day sleeping and watchin tv. Did anyone else watch Puppy Bowl? Mum says she had not watched it since the first time. The first time was kinda boring cos it was just puppies playing. She quite enjoyed this time. Anyway, mum says she cannot write any more now, but promises me she will soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie