Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, May 13, 2016


Grrrr-- when our new aide, Cathy, took me for a walk last week, my tags came off!!! Fortunately they did not get lost, but neither Cathy nor mum have been able to get them back on -- hopefully, today!!! This has been a really stressful week for mum. First, as I may have mentioned, we had a flood in the bathroom; then when we removed everything from the closet, it turned out half the wall and carpeting had mold (when mum when to the cardiologist and pulmonologist she check whether it had affected her, and they did not think so). Anyway, this mold has caused a lot more stress -- they came in and took up the damaged wallboard and carpeting and now have to replace it!!! This means that mum and I are walking around all sorts of stuff in the bedroom, and Cathy is unable to do what she is sposed to do!!! To top all this off, the steroid injection mum had in her neck didn't work!!! Because mum gets panic attacks when using her Bipap machine, the cardiologist wants her to use oxygen at night -- hence the main reason for the visit to the pulmonologist, who has ordered it for her. Incidentally, mum has reported the results from the doctors' offices to me -- it is much too hot for me to go with her. The ground gets very hot here in the summer -- in fact when mum took me out at 8 am to do my business, it was already in the 80's!!! Another thing adding to the stress, is that she STILL cannot find an attorney and she has a Motion Hearing on Monday to which she thought an attorney would be there, but he has backed out too. Hopefully this one will go in her favor. She said she is taking me with her in the hopes it will gain her some sympathy (bol). Then, to top it all off, the new neighbors upstairs are awfully noisy!!! Usually it is during the night, but today they are banking away up there!!!! Then, to top it all off, the joystick on her wheelchair seems to be acting up. Even when the charger is plugged in all night, the indicator does not move!!! Service cannot come till Wednesday -- so keep all your paws crossed for her!! Mum says she will try to download the pics of my boyfriends properly so that we can show them next week. Well, we are gonna try to relax somewhat. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, May 9, 2016


I had a pretty good weekend, how about you? On Friday, Mum took me to the big dogpark (Udall Park, Jack). I had a great time there with all my buddies, although I gave mum a bit of a scare on the way there!! I started limping and lifting my left front paw. Mum stopped, but couldn't see anything but she rubbed the whole paw so whatever was in there came out and I started walking properly. [grrr-blogger ate a whole paragraph now I'll have to rewrite it!!]Anyway, Saturday night we had some excitement. The toilet overflowed for some reason and flooded and also soaked the carpeting between bedroom and bathroom. Mum called the emergency number for maintenance and one of the guys came over. This particular guy is ALWAYS Mr. Grumpy and this time was no exception. He did mum a whole favor to mop up some of the water and throw the wet towels in the bathtub. It has finally dried out a fair amount but now we have to wash the towels and empty out the closet!!! This morning mum took me out much earlier because her new upstairs neighbor was thumping around and dropping stuff!!! Anyway, we are starting to go out earlier because it is getting warmer in the mornings. In the really hot weather we go out when it is still dark so that we miss the worst of the heat. Anyway there was this gorgeous black dog there (his name is Rufus) and he and I had a great time running around!! His mum took my mum's phone number so I hope that she calls so we can meet again. Anyway, guess I will close for now. Mum downloaded the pics from her phone wrong, so she has to do it agin. Hopefully soon. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Monday, May 2, 2016

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*sigh* mum has not really been feeling up to getting on the puter much this past week. More problems concerning the lawsuit is causing her stress and headaches, but I told her we had to let all our furiends know we hadn't forgotten them. However, she has promised me that she will do a long post later in the week and put some pics of my 'boyfriends' on the post. So, for now ttfn and toodle pip Cookie