Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yaaaaay--Yaptop seems to be behaving

As I mentioned in my last post, for some reason mum could not get the yaptop to open for a post to my blog. Today, IT WORKED PROPERLY!! Nothing new has happened since our last post -- It is Uncle Vic's birthday today -- Happy Birthday Uncle Vic!! This is just gonna be a short post -- will write more in a few days. Mum is gonna go to geek squad to find out why the yaptop is so temperamental!!! ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No more bully sticks for me

My mum is getting a bit dotty lately!!! For some reason she screwed up my blog on the yaptop!!! Anyway -- the reason for the caption -- mum gave me a couple of really good bully sticks from Chewy and it made my pooper shooter to go all kerploowy!! First time, mum went next door to our neighbor, and I just couldnt wait for her to get back -- I pooped on the rug!! Then on Friday, she gave me another one and when Krista came, I begged and begged to go out and when we got out, I had a loose poop all over the gravel!!!!! Mum had an injection in her neck to help her right hand, arm and neck. It seems to have helped her somewhat. She has to call the doctor and set up to see him again in a couple of weeks. She is a much happier camper when she is not in so much pain!!!! Going back to my first comment here -- last Tuesday she had written down that she had an appointment with the knee surgeon, but when she got there it turned out that the appointment was scheduled for Wednesday -- this was not so much her mistake as the nurse that gave her the appointment cos mum had it written down for Tuesday!!!!! Mum has some pics to download/post -- she said she will take care of it this week. Anyway --mum wants to go back to watching TV -- hopefully she and Uncle Vic will get her yaptop working properly on Tuesday. It is his birthday and she is taking him out for dinner. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am still here, thinking I should do another post by myself because mum has been busy trying to find a lawyer. She had a leter from the court to say the case would be dismissed if she didn't do something, so it has been very frustrating. She is going for a consultation with a lawyer tomorrow so we will keep all 12 paws crossed, and ask that you do. BTW, mum asked me to remind you that she is still in need of money for my Valley Fever meds and vet bills. I know that LB and the Book of Barkley has it posted in that blog or please contact mum. Thanks a lot. Mum says she will be posting probably on Friday or the weekend. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Mum said that she has important phone calls to mke, so I'm gonna try to do my own post today. Please excuse any typos, but this is th first time I have tried to do it. Nothing much has been happening here (which is another reason mum refused to do my post today). Mum is doing better -- her knee hardly bothers her -- now it is the recurring back pain!! Mum has been telling me stories about when she was a younstter growing up in London just after WWII and I am trying to get her to put it on my post!!! She said she is not sure anyone would be interested, so please comment and let me know if you are. Oh, and by the way, Since I have been back home with mum, I have not tried to take off -- I am so glad to be back. Uncle Vic was OK, but he isn't mum and I had to share him with Coco!!! Mum is telling me she needs the 'puter, so I have to go. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie