Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, July 31, 2015


I talked to mum and decided to join Murphy and Stanley's FFHT this month.  I'm a little nervous as this is the first time I have tried to do this.  oops, I can't remember what the phrase is!!!  Mum needs to write things down for me cos she has a bad memory she's such an old biddy.

Oops again -- she just told me no more treats till I apologize to her!!!  Sigh

Oh, btw -- if you cant read this, if you biggify, you will see the oblong one says "If you want the best seat in the house you'll have to move the cat" and the other one says "no outfit is complete without cathair".  The drum above the is from Ireland and the Love Spool next to it is from Wales and the corner of the poster is the "Heidelberger".  Mum said she bought all of these a long time ago and the reason she doesn't have them for dogs is that she only had cats until Uncle Vic came down to Tucson from Chicago with Amber and then we got Coco I.  When he and Coco I moved out was when Mum got Cody from someone she worked with (2007).  Now mum cannot conceive of living without me, bol

BTW -- don't forget to post a comment to be added into my Gotcha Day drawing.

Toodle pip


Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hole in ceiling after maintenance men 'fixed' it -- waiting for it to dry
 "Old" friend Lexi at park

Lexi's "brother" Jack

Leanne with Simon and Lori (all "old friends")
Early morning view of mountains in the background -- in reality, MUCH prettier--bol
I think mum is getting a bit better with pics, lol
toodle pip

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Mum did take some pictures, but has not gotten around to posting them.  Mum is getting really disgusted about not being able to use the kitchen -- not that she really cooks any more, but the way they emptied the cabinet before taking it down -- she cannot get to ANY of her dishes and she does not like using paper plates, etc.

Mum did not sleep very well last night and I got her up at about 4:15 and insisted that she take me to Udall Park (that is where Mum and Cody met Jack and TG and everyone from Blogville).  There were not too many people there (and for most of the time I was the only girl puppy with the boys, bol).  But I had a really good time.  Unfortunately there was no mud for me to roll in!!!  Mum says she was glad because it is only about 10 days since my spa day and she was happy that she did not have to get mud off my furs!!!!  I started sprinkling with a little rain, and because she does not want to get her chair wet she hurried me out of the park and home, where I told Tigger and Sixpence all about my excitement!!!!  BTW--if any of you see Jack and TG before I do, tell them that everyone that still remembers them sends their regard!!

The Maintenance guy are sposed to come tomorrow morning -- hopefully they will finish it all so that my kitchen can get back to its normal messiness (BOL).

Toodle pip


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Mum had thought for the past few days that her Keurig had broked because there was water all over the counter.  She and Krysta racked their brains and thought that when the 'tank' was full it was leaking and so they put towels down and mum was gonna call them about it.  Well, this morning we had coffee with a former neighbor who has Fred a pom who had to have a leg amputated a couple of years ago.  I have met him a few times and he is one of the few (small) dogs that I don't try to kill.  Anyway, when we got home, mum started putting groceries away and noticed that the counter by the coffeemaker had a lake of water.  She then noticed that water was dripping from the upper cabinet.  She called for maintenance and the two guys have been here for more than an hour trying to fix it!!!  They had to empty the cabinet (a major job in itself!!) and take the cabinet down and fix the leak!!!  I have lived in this apartment since 2007 and this is the third leak in the past 3 years!!!!!  I just hope I don't have another one any time soon!!!

Well, then I remembered that Mum had not posted anything about my gotcha day which is next Tuesday!!!  She racked her brain what to do with her limited knowledge of posting (STILL!!).  I suggested, and she agreed with me.  What is going to happen -- the names of any commenters between now and next Tuesday will be put in a bowl and I will let one of my kitty sisters pick out a name and the winner will get either a gift certificate or a gift box from Chewy once they send me their snail mail/e-mail addy.  Whattya think?????

Anyway -- hope to have some more pics in a day or two.

Toodle pip


Sunday, July 26, 2015


I'm gonna let my kitty sister Sixpence post today.
Above is my sister Tigger III.  She got that name cos mum had a Tigger many years ago; then her best friend in New York also had a Tigger, so when she got me and my sister, naturally she was named Tigger II.  She is the one who scratches the furniture more than I do.  Mum is hoping that the cat tree that Tigger is on will help stop her scratching as much.

These two are of me, Sixpence.  I got this name because I have six toes on each paw!!!   I am a tortoiseshell, and am much more loving to mum that Tigger is.  When mum goes to bed (or watches TV in bed) I have to be right there with her.  If she ignores me, then I pester her until she starts giving me belly rubs, etc.

Back to me (Cookie).  This picture was taken last week after my spa day.  I was tired so decided to sleep on the couch and mum took pity on me and put the blanket over me.  bol

Hope you like these pics

Toodle pip


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Me at my spa day

Today I am going to show you some of the photos from when mum took me for my spa day.  A couple will be out of order, so please forgive mum -- she is just learning (bwaaaah haaaaa)
This is me and mum when we arrived and my groomer was getting ready for me
Here I am in the tub waiting like the good girl I am

Making sure that Jasmine (the groomer) gets all my loose floof off me!!

This one is out of order -- I was just checking out the hoses!!
Aren't I a good girl!!!!!
This morning mum and I got another "shower" cos it started raining just as we got to the dog park!!!
Oh well
Toodle pip from a slightly damp Cookie and Mum

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Well, mum cannot get her pictures to upload from the new camera onto the bloggie!!!  She said she is gonna try calling the Geek Squad, but thinks she will have to go back to Best Buy, which probably will not  be until Wednesday, so new pics will have to wait.  I know you have all been waiting with bated breath, but what's a gal to do when she has a mum like mum.  Believe it or not, she says she USED to be able to figure things out easily -- guess that's what happens when mums get older!!!!!

I did go and have my bath yesterday, and mum had the groomer take some pics -- they came out pretty good, even if I say so myself!!!!  I also have one of mum (although she doesn't want me to post that -- I'll have to do that when she's not looking) and I also have some of my kitty sistahs!!!

Well, I will have her keep trying in the meantime, otherwise ......

Toodle pip


Thursday, July 16, 2015


I cannot believe that I have been living with Mum and my kitty sistahs for almost a year!!!!  July 31 is my Gotcha Day (my 7th birthday will be in February!!).  I must say once Sixpence and Tiggah II got used to me they have been great kitteys (the had grown up with Cody since they were 6 weeks old, so I was quite a bit different and they gave me the stink eye and cornered me for a few weeks after I came here).

I am so glad that I came to live with Mum.  Especially since we joined Blogville.  I keep telling her that was the best thing she ever did (actually that and getting stuff from Chewy!!).

She is still working on the camera, but hopefully she will be using it in a day or two!!

Catch ya again soon

Toodle pip


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Teased Mum this morning

Mum was supposed to go to a doctor's appointment then to the mall afterwards, but because of our monsoon thunderstorm this morning she didn't go.  She was walking around the apartment calling me and wondering where I was.  For one quick second she thought I had done one of my 'bolts' but remembered I had  been in when she got my bowl of kibble!!!  Anyway -- she finally came into the bathroom and turned on the light (cos I like to lie on the rug in there and she is afraid of stepping on me!!).  She did not see me, but then she heard a thumping noise on the wall in the bathtub.  I decided to stop teasing her and poked my head around the shower curtain with a smile!!!!

Mum here:  Cookie does not usually seem bothered by the thunderstorms, but they are usually in the afternoon, and this one was early morning, it may have bothered me more!!!  She kept hiding in there till the storm was over.

Mum -- I was not hiding there because of the storm but cos I wanted to tease you!!!!!

Anyway, mum went to Best Buy (again) yesterday and they replaced her camera!!!  They did not have the same one, but she got one that is similar.  She just has to figure out how to work this one!!!

Hopefully I will have some pics tomorrow!!!

Toodle pip


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just a quickie post

Goody goody gumdrops!!!!!  The UPS guy came today and guess what he had?  A box from Chewy!  Ziggy is my exchange pup for Christmas in July -- I had sent his package about a week ago and his mom told me that mine was on the way.  Wish mum's camera was working so I could show you what I got!!!  So, I will have to tell you -- a cute placemat, a foodbowl and few packages of treats!!  WOWIE, I am soooo excited!!!  Everything that mum has gotten for me from Chewy has been great.

Jiggling with happiness

Toodle pip


Friday, July 10, 2015


I don't know what to do with mum!!!!!  She recharged the (new) camera and now it wont work!!!!  The zoomie lens doesn't come out as it's sposed to.  Guess it's back to Best Buy this weekend for this.

I was already mad at mum cos she didn't send in any pictures for the Rodeo and I was really looking forward to getting into some of the events!  Anyone know a good assistant I can borrow for a while??????? 

She just gave me the stink eye and said if I don't stop putting her down, she won't write good blogs or get the camera fixed and I wont get any Frosty Paws.  So guess I had better close for now.

Catcha ya later

Toodle pip


Monday, July 6, 2015

OOOOOOH my mantastic boyfriend Higgins gave me an award!!!!

Higgie just gave me an award -- hopefully mum can respond to it.  If not we'll do it on Tuesday at Best Buy!!

Yaaaaaaay--mum was able to bring it over!!

Here goes -- my answers to my Leibster Award from Higgins

1.  Besides naps, what are some of your furvorite things to do?

       In the summer lying on the tile near the front door.

2.  What is your favorite treat?
     Ooh -- there are so many , but my latest is Frosty Paws
3.  Do you play fetch?
       No -- mum really has not been able to  because of being in a wheelchair --- boooo hoooo
  4.  Why did you start to blog?
     Had been reading the blogs from Blogville and sometimes commenting, and wanted to join in some of the activities.
5.  Do you like car rides?
     Havent really been on car rides, but I do like riding in the paratransit van with my mum -- just don't like having to stand on hot asphalt waiting for mum to come down the lift!!
6.  Is you scared of anything?
     So far no!!
7.  Do you like to snuggle?
    Not really although when I go to my Uncle Vic's I like to jump up on sofa with mum.  At home she sits in her rocker and there really isn't room for me!!
8.  Do you like cheese?
     Oooooooh-- I LUV LUV LUV cheese
9.  Do you chase tree rats aka squirrels?
     What are they?  Don't think I have ever seen one  BOL
10.  What is your most favorite thing about blogging?
      Meeting all other bloggers and reading their blogs; thinking up things for my mum to write about and reading other's comments on blogs (especially on my blog).

I can't wait to read your answers Cookie!!!!
Hope you like my answers Higgins
Do I need to pass this on to anyone?  Please let me know so I can forward them.  BOL
Toodle pip
p.s.  This is first award I have received.  It's fun!!!!


Mum told me to tell you that Peanut's mum called -- She took Peanut to the dogtor yesterday, and the vet gave Peanut shots and told his mom to bring him back if Peanut didn't get better.  Well, thanks efurrybuddy for the POTP -- Peanut is back to normal this morning!!!!!!

Well, the main reason this post is so late is that mum did not take me for a bath yesterday (we had some thunderstorms) so this morning she took me early to the store and was going to get me a bath.  Well, fortunately for me, the were not got to be open in time for my bath, so mum made an appointment for me to have the bath on Saturday 'cos they open early enuf for me to miss the really hot pavement on the way home!!

Shoot -- mum just gave me a look to say that she has to get off the pc for now!!!!  I don't think we will be on till Wednesday (she has a dr's appointment tomorrow).  soo, everyone behave themselves (BOL) and again, thanks for all the POTP for Peanut.

Toodle pip


Sunday, July 5, 2015


This is Cookie's mum here:

I am taking over cookie's blog to ask for the POTP and suggestions for a good friend's doxie.  My friend lives in a small town near Kellott, ID.  She thinks that someone broke into her apartment on Friday (actually she knows they did cos stuff was missing) and that the poisoned her doxie Peanut to keep him quiet.  Saturday morning he started have lose stools with some blood in it.  Unfortunately she does not have a car, etc. to get Peanut to the vets so will have to wait till tomorrow.  I have not actually met Peanut cos she moved out there last year and had to give up her other doxie, and got Peanut when she got settled!!!

I suggested that she just give Peanut a few spoonfuls of broth and see how he does.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  You could e-mail me at and if you want to talk to her directly, I can give you her phone number.

Cookie and her kitty sistahs and I have our fingers, legs and arms crossed for Peanut.


Toodle Pip

Cookie's mum (and, of course Cookie)

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Although my mum is not a Yank (she is a Brit -- even after all these years, bol) she wanted me to tell you that she holds no animosity to the Yanks and wishes all of you a great 4th of July.

She has told me that my buddy Coco is going to have a bath tomorrow and that I MIGHT be having one, too.  First one I have had since I have lived with her so she has no idea if I like it or not,  Will try to post afterwards.

Toodle Pip and good holiday


Thursday, July 2, 2015


I just could not get mum to do a post earlier in the week!!!!  She was playing around trying to get pictures from the camera onto the post -- but, of course, was not able to.  I think unless someone can hel p us, It means another trip to Best Buy.  Probably means I wont get to go cos it is soooooo hot during the day, mum doesn't like to take me out.  I have worn my new booties a couple of times, but am not used to them.  SHE has been using the Gentle Leader and I am getting used to that and don't pull as much!!!

She has taken me to the big park a couple of times.  But, the other day her new chair broke!!!  The joystick contraption came off the armrest!!!!  Fortunately it happened almost outside the door so mum was able to get back in the apt and use the old one which, fortunately, was fully charged!!!  I had a GREAT time at the park playing with all my buddies.  The owners were pretty nice, too.  There is one doggie owner, Dave, who has 3 dogs, that my mum has known for years (at least since 2007).  He and a few other doggies and Cody used to meet at the park at around 3-4 am during the summer months.  Mum said that Cody used to luv it there. I wish she would get her lazy ass up earlier so that we could get together with some of the other dogs.  Dave is the only one who still comes!!!!  I believe that one other doggie comes much earlier, but Cody's favorite, Kim who had 2 doggies, Willow and a small one that mum cant remember the name of!!, has moved away so he is not there any more.

OOOOOOH, I know what I wanted to tell you all -- I HAD A FROSTY PAWS last night.  Last week when mum went to the store they were out of it, but then on Tuesday they had them.  She bought a box of the original (she complained, cos the freezer was almost out of her reach!!!  she says that happens a lot in the stores cos she is in a wheelchair).  Mum gave me one last night and I scarfed it down, toot sweet!!!  I LUVED IT!!!

Well, mum says that she can't type much more now cos she has to read all of your blogs and then call the wheelchair company again -- the serviceman came out yesterday and we thought it was fixed, but this morning it wouldn't move!!!!!  Hopefully he can come out again soon because mum doesn't like the old one as much, plus it does not go as far on a charge, which means she is afraid to go far in it!!

Oh, one last thing mum wanted me to tell you -- she went for a follow up visit to the eye doctor and he was very pleased with how the injured eye is doing.  She still cannot see too well, but it is better every time she goes!!!

I am gonna have to try to get mum to post more often!!!

Toodle pip