Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, June 26, 2015


Well, mum got up super early (actually she had been up since about 10:45 pm last night after falling asleep early in the evening!!) and decided to take me to the big park.  We got out the door and she realized she left her cup of coffee on the table;  got on the main street and she realized she didn't have her cell phone with her (when we got home it was on the floor by the door!!) and when we got almost to the park, she looked at the charger and saw that she was almost out of power.  Now, she had had it plugged in since yesterday morning, but when we got home and she checked it, one of the plugs was out!!!  Well, we made it to the park and while I went off to do my business and play, she borrowed a friend's phone to call for a paratransit ride home!!  I had a great time playing with all the other dogs there -- including a 3 month old golden puppy!!!  There was also a mud puddle (it apparently rained last night) and so I made a point of lying in it several times.  Mum cannot bathe me by  herself so when it is completely dry she will brush me (maybe).  I left a big muddy mess on the floor of the van and also when we got in the apt I made a bit of a mess by the front door on the tile.  Mum was not mad at me -- she was just glad I had a good time.  Well, I made sure that she checked that her chair is charging properly so that we can go to park again tomorrow.

Cookie's Mum here:  Thanks for all your good wishes for my back -- I must have pulled a muscle or something (happens a lot, but not in my back usually), and lying in bed helped!!

Back to Cookie:  Oh, Krysta opened the boxes from Chewy when she came yesterday and when she took me out, she put my new booties on.  I was glad I had them cos temp was about 109, but I did manage to kick one off one of the back legs.  Does anyone have ny suggestions for Mum how to get them to stay on?  I did not need them this morning cos we were out so early and got the ride home, and if mum takes me again tomorrow, I wont have to take them.

Oh, I am gonna see if I can get mum to post a pic!!

Mum again:    Grrrrr-couldn't get it to post -- gonna have to work on that -- maybe tomorrow!!!!

Toodle pip


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mum's Back is Broke Today

Cookie's mum here:  Before I let Cookie take over the blog today, I want to clarify that FOUR of the Chewy boxes have kitty litter and ONE has dog food and the only other thing for her are the booties.  Krista will be opening the boxes shortly.

Cookie back:  Mum did not take me to the big dog park this morning -- partly because her back was hurting but also because she forgot to recharge her chair overnight (something she does fairly often)!!  She was also going to go out to the pool this morning but because of her back did not want to sit in one of the chairs there.  She ended up going back to bed for a few hours.  She says it is somewhat better, but I am making sure I am being a good girl to help her out!!

She says she cannot write too much today, but will try to take some pics and write more tomorrow!!!!

Toodle pip


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I see that lazy ole mum did not post all the messages I snuck out to her, so I will have to catch you all up!!  I was disappointed that my first time on jooory duty ended with a mistrial but I must say I had a great time and had to take a day to get over it.  I ended up sharing a room with Ruby, that was a lot of fun.  Also, doing zoomies up and down the hall was great -- I don't get a chance to do many zoomies cos the ole girl is too lazy to take me to the big dog park to play with the other dogs.  I HAVE TO GET HER MOVING!!!.

I see that mum went to Best Buy -- I have to tell you that the photo she posted there was not taken here at home -- it was taken at my Uncle Vic's and that is  his kitty in the doorway -- although the kitty (Cubby) is the brother of my two kitty sistahs!  I am telling her that she needs to take me to the big dog park and take the camera with tomorrow morning.  Mum did go out later this morning (which is why this post is so late) but would not take me because she said that it was too hot!!!  The Chewy people delivery came yesterday and she said my booties are in there -- but she has not gotten around to opening any of the boxes.  There are 5 boxes cos my mum ordered kitty litter and dog food as well as my booties!!

Anyway, expect to see more pics of me soon.

Toodle pip


Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015


This is Cookie's Mum posting in Cookie's absence on Jury Duty at the Hizzoner Frankie's Court of Common Pleas.  This is gonna be a very short blog as I have to take a shower to go out,  Cookie has been smuggling messages to me and if I get home early enuf I will read them and see what I have to post.  Otherwise I will wait until tomorrow.

Lately I have tried posting comments on several blogs.  Each time it asks me to sign on to my Google (gmail) account.  When I do that, I lose the text that I just input!!!!  Has anyone else had that problem.

As Cookie Would Say

Toodle Pip

Friday, June 19, 2015


Today mum was pleased with me -- I let her sleep til 6 a.m. (usually I wake her at around 4:30 to 5:00 am).  She was also pleased with the way I walked with the Gentle Leader on and the fact that while I was running around the dogpark, I did not pull it off my nose.  She doesn't like it when I do pull it off my nose cos it is not so easy to get back on.  I have been gorging on the delicious pizza treats that Sasha sent me -- They are soooooooooooooo good!!

I am gonna turn this over to my mum so she can ask questions:

Cookie's Mum here:  I have been having problems with the cursor sticking every so often -- sometimes I can get it to move again, but sometimes I just have to put the pc away for a while.  It is very frustrating.  Also I have been having more problems posting comments or reading comments. 
Does anyone else have any problems like this?

Back to Cookie

OK Mum -- glad you got that off your chest!!!  It is gonna be a very hot weekend again -- it has been hot for days now.  Yesterday when Krysta took me out to pee the ground was so  hot I rushed to get inside.  Mum ordered some booties for me.  I hope I like them.  I usually give her a hard time about putting stuff on me but mum said I'm not as bad as Cody used to be -- even when she had an owie and needed bandage on her paw, she would not keep it on for more that 87 seconds!!!!  I promise to try to do better (MUM:  HA HA HA BOL)

I want to thank everyone for the nice comments yesterday -- it really cheered her up.  I told her that may be she should bring her court case to the Court of Common Fleas before Hizzoner Frankie -- but she said that she didn't think that the defendants in the case would appreciate that.  Sorry Frankie!!

Well, I will try to get mum to post again tomorrow and/or sunday but I know she is going out fairly early on Sunday so she may not have time then.

Anyway, toodle pip


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Finally got Mum Moving

Well, here it is Thursday morning and this is the first time I have been able to get Mum moving.  She is trying to say it is her Chronic fatigue syndrome acting up!!!  I guess that may be true cos she slept almost the whole day yesterday (Wednesday).  This morning I got her up by barking away until she got up and took me out to day my bidness -- I should say that it was not late by our standards, but I just wanted her to get up and do something!!!!

Our days have been so so -- On Tuesday just as we were getting used to the fact that Sasha has gone to the bridge, we received the box from Chewy that Sasha had sent to me for the rest of my Welcome Drawing.  It was a really emotional time for mum, especially (and of course me!!).  Anyway, thanks Sasha and Anne.

Mum also got the news that the lawsuit for her eye injury is going to take forever!!!  Apparently, the insurance company for the chair manufacturer has denied liability, which means that it now has to go to court!!  Who knows WHEN it will be settled.  Aside from all the travelling she wanted to do, it now seems at least a year or two before mum can travel.  Also means she has to keep the chair in which she had the accident (she got a new one just about 6 months ago).  It is takin up room in the apartment, but she cannot even give it away.  Also on Tuesday mum got a text from my trainer saying that because of the heat (about 107-108) she is cancelling training.  Hopefully mum will keep up with the training!!

Oh well, hopefully something good will happen rest of this week.

Toodle poo


Monday, June 15, 2015


Mum and I both have leaky eyes since we read about Sasha going to the Bridge.  We know that she will meet many other former Blogville members there and that as soon as she gets settled, she will be the official chef of the Bridge and providing food for everyone!!

Run free dear Sasha now that you are no longer suffering

Toodle Pip

Cookie and Mum

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Well, mum received an e-mail from Higgins' mom telling us to try again -- she did and it worked!!!!  Yeeeehaaaaw (as you can see I am getting in practice for the Rodeo).  I am really enjoying all the Blogville activities, and Higgins has agreed to be my date for the Square Dance (aren't I a hussy -- I ASKED HIM without waiting for him to ask me!!  Didn't want one of the other girls to ask before I had a chance!!!)  I am getting ready to send some pics to Dory for it.  Mum still has not been to Best Buy -- I hope to get her there within the next few days.  Yesterday she left me alone for several hours -- she said it would be too hot for me!!!  She did give me a marrow bone when she left, so I kinda forgave her!!!!  Temps today are s'posed to go back up in the 100s so it's gonna be too hot again!!

Oh well, I will get her started in going over all the papers on our coffee table -- when I lie on the couch, I cannot see the teevees cos the pile is so high!!!  Have to get that woman working on it!!!  She has papers that have to be filed, plus other impotant papers there!!!!!!  Today will be a good day to do it!!!  She also has to get on the desktop pc cos that is the only one hooked up to a printer and she has stuffs to print out.  What do I do with her?  Anyone have any suggestions?????

Oh well, of to chew on the bone again.

Toodle pip


Friday, June 12, 2015

Its Friday Again!!!

I only has a few minutes cos mum is going out again!!!  Anyway, over the past couple of days she has been having a really hard time with e-mails and posting comments.  She has had problems with Higgins for about a week, and yesterday had to try several times before an e-mail to Sasha got through and also, her comments would not post on Sasha's blog -- Today they do!!!!  Has anyone else had problems?

Thanks Frankie and Ernie for your help here.  Sasha -- mum has the gift certificate from Pizza Hut and I am waiting breathlessly (!!!) for the package from Chewy!!

Not much else has been happening around here -- just what the kitties say is the usual lethargy during the very hot weather -- I believe them cos they have been around here a lot longer.  My training on Wednesday went very well -- but it was starting to get hot so we ended early (don't know if I told you we train outside).  We just have 3 more sessions before we have to wait for cooler weather.  I hope mum keeps up with my training!!!

Anyway, SHE just looked at the clock and told me she has to stop typing if she wants a coffee before changing her clothes, etc.

Catch you later

Toodle pip


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


OOOOOOOH, I am happy!!!! Yesterday Krysta (mum's aide) took me for my walkies in the afternoon but mum forgot to ask her to get the mail.  So, this morning when I finally got her up to take me out, I was really happy when we got to the mailbox.  I recognized the box right away, but knew that mum had not ordered again from Chewy, so knew it musta been one of my drawing prizes. AND IT WAS -- IT WAS FROM FRANKIE AND ERNIE.  Well, it was raining, so I hurried up and did my bizness (but I was also anxious to see what they had sent me) and we got really wet coming home.  As soon as we got in the door, I could hardly wait while my mum got my kibble, and then even before she had a cup of coffee (!!) I made her open the box.  I was flabbergasted at all that was in it!!!!  If stupid mum had figured out how to put pics on my blog I would show you what I got.  There were all sorts of treats and toys, and a bandana and even some candies for Mum -- I told her she should let me have them too, but she absolutely refused, bol.  So, again Frankie and Ernie -- THANKS A MILLION I will certainly enjoy all of these gifts -- especially the treats for training.  Did I tell you guys that a few weeks ago Mum left a bag of about 500 training treats within my reach and I scoffed down the whole bag!!!!!!  Mum was not happy with me and, of course I did not get any treats for a day.  I reminded her that I am quite tall when I stand up on my hind legs and she needs to put stuff way out of my reach -- and she reminded me that they were quite far back on the counter and she didn't realize my reach was so far.

Well, seeing that it is raining again, I guess Mum won't be going out, so I wont get any yummy treats to stop me running out when she opens the door!!!!

Anyway, catchya later

Toodle pip


Monday, June 8, 2015


Here it is Monday again, and once again another uneventful weekend has passed.  Mom was supposed to out Friday morning, but it was raining a little and she does not want to take her wheelchair out when it rains -- something to do with getting the joystick and the chair itself wet!!  I keep telling her that we wont melt in the rain, but she insists she does not want to ruin the wheelchair in the rain!!!!  Oh well.  She is going out this morning, but I don't know if she is taking me cos it is supposed to get hot, and she doesn't want my paws to get burned.   Hm, she just checked the temp on her phone and it is 80 right now, but it is supposed to go up to  102 so I guess I wont be going!!!!  Hope she gives me a marrow bone on her way out -- that will make up for it somewhat!!

Well, she just told me we have to get off the puter cos she has to get ready to go -- don't know what the rush is -- all she does I brush her hair and change her clothes -- and it doesn't take me any time -- I just have to sit so she can put on my leash!!!

Peeps, bol

Toodle pip


Friday, June 5, 2015


For some reason or other, mum had difficulty blogging today -- I kept telling her what to do, and she was having problems -- I am too polite to say what I said to her!!!!  Finally, we were able to do it!!

Anyway, since my last post -- I discovered that I was the winner of Oz the Terrier's drawing!!!  Again, it is just gonna be the hassle of getting my old mum up on the techy side of sending Oz what he needs to do the header!!!!

What am I gonna do with the old girl????  Anyone got any suggestions???????  BOL BOL BOL

It is still very hot here, but is slightly cooler today (only about 98 degrees!!) cos it is cloudy and was trying to rain when mum took me out to do my budiness this morning.  Lately it has been had to get her up to take me out!!!  She has been up late watching the teevees programs she recorded on the DVR so then I have a hard time getting her up.  Then of course she has to take a nap, so I have a hard time getting the pc going!!!  I can tell ya -- it's a vicious cycle around here.

Well, I hope she FINALLY has figured out how to post my blogs -- she has no problems (usually) with posting to your bloggies!!!  Except that her cursor sometimes sticks!!!   GRRRRR

Well, now she wants to go back to reading -- hopefully something exciting will happen in next day or so (wishful thinking).

Toodle pip


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Am I a lucky girl!!!

Wow!!!  I was selected by Sasha AND Frankie and Ernie for prizes for the Welcome!!!!!  How lucky can one girl be?  Again, Sarge and mom you really did a great job and I hope to see you at some other activities.  BTW Sarge -- hope the crabby girls are doing ok -- haven't heard anything about/from them recently!!!!!

Well, I went for my training.  Ms. Phyllis brought me a "Gentle Leader" cos I have a tendency to pull on the leash.  Really wasn't too bad.  Ms Phyllis reminded me that we will only do our training till the end of June, partly cos she is gonna be away and mostly because the ground will be too too hot!  Mum has to have service on her wheelchair and, fortunately the service man called that he can come here rather than mum having to go there!!!  She still has to go to the store -- maybe later in the day.  Mum takes care when she goes out in the heat -- she wears a shady hat and always has a cold drink with her, and usually stops at Starbarks to get an iced drink for the way home.  Store is only about a mile away -- but this time of day it is tooooo hot for me.  The booties that mum got for me are not gonna work -- they are made of latex (like latex gloves) but then my tootsies cant sweat; also it is hard for mum to get them on and off me -- her hands bother her a lot.  She has had several operations on her right hand and one on her left -- she says she is lucky that she can even type -- hence all the typos -- DOL.  She spent many, many years as a legal secretary/word processor so used to type ALL day (sometimes 18-20 hours a day).  A LOT of this was before personal computers, and word processors used to be like typing on a IBM Selectric typewriter!!!!  This, combined with the muscle disease she has has really caused problems with her hands (and every other muscle!!).

Oh well, she says that she is happy that I had such a good day yesterday.  Again, Higgins was the perfect date!!!  Hope I have more dates with him, lol.

Luvs to all

Toodle Pip


whew, am I tired

Boy, are my paws tired after all the dancing I did yesterday!!!!  Not only with my handsome, wonderful partner Higgins but with Frankie (Ernie was too busy with Foxy Roxy!!!), Sarge and so many other partners I can't remember them all.  I was really embarrassed (so was Higgins) that Sarge posted the pics after we lost our clothes dancing like crazy!!!!  Mum just read that I won a prize from Frankie and Ernie, so as soon as I finish my training class today (I hope I can stay awake long enuf!!) we will e-mail them with our snail mail addy.

Anyway, as I said, I have to help mum get my training treats, etc. ready so when Ms Phyllis calls we are all ready to go!!!  Today is gonna be rough for me -- Safeway is have First Wednesday Seniors day today, so we have to go there (and to the bank); then mum has to take her wheelchair for some service -- I don't think she's gonna take me there -- ground is too hot, and she is not used to putting my booties on.  Krysta did it the other day, but mum has not got the hang of it yet.  Temp is sposed to go up to about 100 AGAIN -- I much prefer to stay home.

Mum is gonna see if she can read more about what Higgins and I did yesterday before training.

Catcha later

Toodle pip


Monday, June 1, 2015

Please Welcome Me To Blogville

Hello, Blogville!
My name is Cookie and I'm new to Blogville.   My mum and Cody, who was mum's dog until last July when she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 7 (I came to live with mum a few days later) have been reading all your blogs, and occasionally commenting, for some time now.  Mum and Cody used to see Jack and TG all the time at the dog park, and TG introduced them to Blogville, and it took off from there. Mum says she started reading about the time of Frankie's wedding so I guess it has been almost 5 years now.  TG was going to help mum get started with a blog, because they lived so close, but they just never got around to it (shall I say "typical" of how mum has been the last few years, bol).  Anyway, it is now thanks to Frankie & Ernie and, especially Sarge's mom, Lori, that mum FINALLY got around to getting the blog going.  So far, although I have had to keep bugging mum to write posts, we have been enjoying ourselves.  I am looking forward to going to the dance with Higgins and am sure I will have a great time, and will post about it afterwards.

Looking forward to getting to meet a lot of you at the dance.

Toodle pip