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Saturday, January 28, 2017


This is the start of the post that WIN10 tried to eat

The court case against me (for an incident last July) IS FINALLY OVER. Mum took me with her on Friday. We started out at the lawyer's office. Mum had spoken to him on the phone but had never med him in the furs before. I, of course, behaved myself -- even on the van!! After discussing the case, and mr attorney checking out me and my leash, etc., to prove that it had not been me, but the other dog provoking what happened, we walked over to the courthouse. It was pretty chilly out, and the City Court House at one time had been a several level high garage so the outside temps came inside -- except in the court house. Mr. prosecuter and our attorney chatted a while then the Judge came in. Of course the "victim" did not show up, so the case was dismissed "without prejudice". Mum and I were so relieved that it is all over. She had been making herself sick with the stress of it. Of course, we all know that I did not do anything wrong and if the "victim" had kept control of HER dogs, nothing would have happened ..... Mum had to wait for a ride home and got pretty chilled. We got home around 4 pm and she made herself some ramen noodle soup and relaxed till it was time to leave. She had been trying to get to Temple for the past couple of weeks, but for one reason or other didn't make it. She was determined to make it this time. She says she is definitely gonna go again, but she is gonna try to sit closer to the front in future!!! After, there was an Oneg with the most delicious cream cakes, etc. When we did get home, she tried getting on the pc but fell asleep in the chair, got up and then went to bed. I was very good to her and let her sleep.


Mum had started a post and Win 10 screwed it up again!!!!

I was telling about the fact that THE COURT CASE IS OVER -- had only been hanging over us since last July and was the cause of all our moving woes!!!1 Anyway -- to cut a long story short (if it ever shows up, we will post it then) the CASE WAS DISMISSED 'cos the "victim" never showed up!!! In the meantime mum was so stressed out over it!!! She has spent most of today sleeping and relaxing. Our neighbors across the hall (two very nice Mormon missionaries) have been helping mum a bit with the unpacking and, after sleeping on the floor for several nights, they finally got the bed cleared off. Aside from having the bed, she was very relieved that Sixpence had not been buried under the bags/boxes, etc. However, that means that Sixpence must have gotten out!!! Tigger and I miss her, but hopefully she found another good home. Mum has not decided whether to get another kitty yet!!!! I let mum sleep late this morning then, after she took me out, and read the paper, she went back to sleep for another few hours!!! She is feeling somewhat better!!!!

Well, I'm gonna let mum go rest some more and will post again in a couple of days

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Once again Windows 10 tried to defeat mum -- but she has figured out what to do!!!!! When she has these problems she laughs at herself because (87 years ago when she was still working) she used to be the one troubleshooting problems for other people in the office!!!! I think she has just gotten lazy as she gets older -- she says she's entitled to it!!!! Anyway, she figured out how to get to this point and be able to post on my blog.

Things are starting to get better here -- things are starting to get organized; however Jennifer (the person doing the organizing) gets sidetracked by movies and cds that mum has!!!!! Oh well, at least it is getting done!! Today April (a friend of Uncle Vic's and mum's) is coming over to her. She is desperate to find the bags that have her can opener, food and pots and pans so she has some more stuff to eat. She is flat broke and does not have a can opener to open some of the cans she has!!!! Also, she broke one of those curly light bulbs and they shatter into tiny bits. I musta stepped on a piece of it cos my paw hurts and I am limping but mum cannot afford to take me to the vet. We are also very low on my Rimadyl and she does not have the mony to pay for a refill!!!! Please, wont someone give some money to my GoFundMe account to help us out!!!!!

Mum finally brought my kitty sistahs home on Saturday!!! Surprisingly, she was able to catch Tigger quite easily!!! She thought that Sixpence was under the bed, but when she tried to get her out it turned out to be Uncle Vic's kitty Kiki!!!!! Mum finally found her hiding in the closet and grabbed her!!! While mum was trying to get her in the carrier, she (Sixpence) pee'd all over mum's leg!!!! Mum was not very happy with her!!! Anyway, we started off home -- Sixpence was in a carrier that Mum could hang on her wheelchair, I, of course was on my leash attached to the wheelchair and she had Tigger in the hard sided carrier on her lap. Tigger complained the whole way home!!! It was just spitting rain a little as we were leaving Uncle Vic's but when we got to our street, the rain started to really got heavy!!! Poor Tigger's carrier had air holes in the top so she was getting rained on and she really started complaining -- really who could blame her!!! and, of course mum and I got soaked!!!! We were all very glad to get home. Mum let the girls out of their carriers and the were very happy and immediately started investigating. Sunday morning when mum took me to our doggie park, it was raining really heavy AGAIN. I quickly did my business and we went home again for mum to change her clothes and me to get dry!!!!!

Mum was hoping to get DirectTV and Century Link for her internet but apparently there is a lemon tree blocking our having directtv so mum had to cancel that and Century Link. She spent almost an hour on the phone making sure that it was cancelled. Century Link insisted that had not charged her anything, but lo and behold when she checked her bank account, they did put a charge on there. Mum could not speak to anyone there until yesterday and again it took more than 30 minutes to get it cancelled. They kept saying they had to check something and put her on hold, and then a different agent would come on who knew nothing about it so mum had to keep repeating it. One agent gave her a "different" phone number to call if they got disconnect and, guess what, yup it was the phone number she had called!!!! Finally, she was told that she would get a refund in 3-5 business days!!!!!

Well, at least things are starting to get bit better -- the wifi here is still sporadic!!! Mum was very happy to get onto Uncle Vic's internet when we were there and got quite a bit of "business" done while we were there on Saturday!!!

Well, mum wants to go get a cup of coffee and read the paper as it is still dark and she wont take me out till it gets light out-- in about an hour or so. So good buddies, I will say

ttfn and toodle pip


Sunday, January 8, 2017


Yes, its true -- there is a nice doggie park here. Mum has been taking me there every morning. It so much better than when mum used to have to walk me around till I pooped and peed -- although at Uncle Vic's there was an area of land where the doggies used to poop and pee, but it was not offleash!!!!! There are also lots and lots of pee mails for me!!!!! I like it here, although mum wishes that she could just wiggle her nose (as Samantha in Bewitched used to) and have everything put away!!!!! She did turn her recliner around so that she can now put her footrest out in full!!! Jennifer (Uncle Vic's housekeeper) is coming tomorrow to help her. She will get the stuff in the kitchen put away so that she will be able to start using it!!!! Jennifer has told mum she will help her put some pics up on the blog here. Mum has been using the WiFi here at the complex. At first it was veeeeeery slow, but today seems to be working better. Hopefully things will continue to get bette. The kitties are still at Uncle Vic's -- hopefully they will be home this week.

Will write more as things settle down.

ttfn and toodle pip


Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hope everyone had a Happy New Year, Mine was not so good -- people were setting off fireworks, and cos someone (me!!) pulled down the shower curtain, I could not hide in the bathtub so instead hid in Uncle Vic's closet -- bol.
Anyway, after Mum took me and Coco out yesterday morning, she went over to the new apartment. There was a mixup with the paratransit van so she did not get to the storage place till about an hour later than she planned. The guys who were loading the van were really nice. They were deaf so mum communicated with the with miming and written notes. As they were bringing her stuff out, she almost cried a couple of times because the people who had loaded into the storage unit had done such a lousy job. Sturdy boxes were falling apart that should not have been because of the way they were stacked. My kitties' tall scratching post seems to be falling apart!!! Mum said she is gonna call Walmart to see if they will do anything about it cos it is not that old!!! Anyway, by the time they unloaded the first truckful it was too late to load anything more -- the storage place was gonna close soon. So the guys followed mum to Uncle Vics to get the stuff there and are gonna meet her Wednesday to do the rest. After they had left, mum realized they had not taken everything, so it will have to go today (Wednesday). Again, this is costing her way more than she planned so if anyone wants to go to my GoFundMe page and donate to help out it will be greatly appreciated -- she reminds people that she is still paying for my last vet visit ($450). Part of the problem that it is taking so long is that before mum moved when she was expecting the exterminator everything was put into bags!!!! Oh well, this too shall pass!!!!!

Mum was so exhausted that right after she and Uncle Vic ate dinner (they ordered what she said was the most delicious ribs -- of course we didn't get any!!!) she went to watch TV and fell sound asleep!!!! Now she says she will probably we awake most of he night!!!!!

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie (and Coco and all the kitties)