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Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


DOES ANYONE HAVE SOME CHEESE (PREFERABLY BRIE) TO GO WITH MUM'S W[H]INE?????? Well, I finally got mum bac to post on my blog!!!! She has been very stressed out about the lawsuit and lack of attorney; she has missed a couple of deadlines!!!! Also, she has been having problems with the desktop pc and there are some documents on there she needs -- first of all the mouse deaded (fortunately she had an extra wireless mouse) and now for some reason she cannot print stuff out. Also, if any of you are in AZ or have read about it you will know thaHt we have record-breaking heat. This means that I can only go out early in the morning or at night. Mum was also told by the people who do maintenance on her wheelchair that if she tries to go out in the extreme heat she could 'blow up' the joystick on the chair. This means that pretty much we are stuck in the house all day after mum takes me out early morning. The only other time she goes out is if she has a doctor's appointment!!!!! Also, we really wanted to go to BAR, but transportation created a major problem!!! Mum could probably have made it by air to IN or IL, and also probably to the hotel, but getting to and from the events would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible and/or extremely expensive. To be really mean, we hope the weather is nasty (BWAR BWAR BWAR, BOL) -- not really, just disappointment that we cannot go!!! So, to everyone going, think of us poor pupper and their hoomans who are left at home. ttfn and toodle pip Cookie


  1. We heards bout all your heat! Ouch! And I thought Florida was the tropical place! BOL
    We wanted to go to the BAR too...really bad. We planned on going while we were on vacation to Michigan since it was within driving distance from Michigan, but then our plans had to change. This year we won't have a vacation at all. Sending you and your Mum lots of hugs!

  2. Hari Om
    Hiya Cookie - here I am in the good ol' USofA at last and sorry that your mum has decided she can't make it. It has certainly taken some effort on my part, but it came about because Blogville rocks and lots of folks are helping out with lifts and accoms and such like. Not to fret though - I am sure there will be other things come up for joining in! Keeping you in mind as we gather... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. If there is any way you could get to Tucson -- me and my kitty sistahs would LUV LUV LUV to see you!!!! That goes for ANYONE in Blogville, bol

  3. Glad to see your post Cookie. You have been missed.
    Love Noodles

  4. We just "escaped" Arizona for Washington and are really enjoying the weather - what a change! Good luck with your lawsuit!

    Monty and Harlow