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Thursday, July 2, 2015


I just could not get mum to do a post earlier in the week!!!!  She was playing around trying to get pictures from the camera onto the post -- but, of course, was not able to.  I think unless someone can hel p us, It means another trip to Best Buy.  Probably means I wont get to go cos it is soooooo hot during the day, mum doesn't like to take me out.  I have worn my new booties a couple of times, but am not used to them.  SHE has been using the Gentle Leader and I am getting used to that and don't pull as much!!!

She has taken me to the big park a couple of times.  But, the other day her new chair broke!!!  The joystick contraption came off the armrest!!!!  Fortunately it happened almost outside the door so mum was able to get back in the apt and use the old one which, fortunately, was fully charged!!!  I had a GREAT time at the park playing with all my buddies.  The owners were pretty nice, too.  There is one doggie owner, Dave, who has 3 dogs, that my mum has known for years (at least since 2007).  He and a few other doggies and Cody used to meet at the park at around 3-4 am during the summer months.  Mum said that Cody used to luv it there. I wish she would get her lazy ass up earlier so that we could get together with some of the other dogs.  Dave is the only one who still comes!!!!  I believe that one other doggie comes much earlier, but Cody's favorite, Kim who had 2 doggies, Willow and a small one that mum cant remember the name of!!, has moved away so he is not there any more.

OOOOOOH, I know what I wanted to tell you all -- I HAD A FROSTY PAWS last night.  Last week when mum went to the store they were out of it, but then on Tuesday they had them.  She bought a box of the original (she complained, cos the freezer was almost out of her reach!!!  she says that happens a lot in the stores cos she is in a wheelchair).  Mum gave me one last night and I scarfed it down, toot sweet!!!  I LUVED IT!!!

Well, mum says that she can't type much more now cos she has to read all of your blogs and then call the wheelchair company again -- the serviceman came out yesterday and we thought it was fixed, but this morning it wouldn't move!!!!!  Hopefully he can come out again soon because mum doesn't like the old one as much, plus it does not go as far on a charge, which means she is afraid to go far in it!!

Oh, one last thing mum wanted me to tell you -- she went for a follow up visit to the eye doctor and he was very pleased with how the injured eye is doing.  She still cannot see too well, but it is better every time she goes!!!

I am gonna have to try to get mum to post more often!!!

Toodle pip



  1. Omgosh I forgot about frosty paws! I've got to get some of those for the pugs!

  2. Hari OM
    OMD - you had a FROSTY PAWS?!!! That's special...but oh dear about mum's chair...hope it gets sorted properly. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Mum here: Turned out that the service guy put it on "free drive" while he was fixing it and didn't change it back -- which is why joystick didn't work!!!! BOL BOL BOL

      Cookie will only get a Frosty Paws every other day -- they are expensive!!!

  3. Oh frosty paws sound very yummy!
    What a nuisance about your chair…is it easily fixed ?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Some fun stuffs! Maybe you should have Frosty Paws in the park! Oh, wait - that might not be a good idea. Best to have at home! Glad your mom's eyes are better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley