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Cookie's Comments

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Not too much happening.  I have not taken off running since Saturday -- which mum says is just as well as I have lost my tags, and until she gets me new ones ........  Mind you, I do have a microchip, but mum doesn't wanna  take any chances!!!!  Auntie April left on Saturday -- I think my barking upset her (although I really only bark when mum is getting ready to take me out early morning).  Also, she said she was not comfortable sleeping on the couch!!!

On Friday when mum met Uncle Vic at Fry's, she said she also bumped into Auntie Sherri.  I haven't seen her in absolutely ages (nor has mum).  Turns out she had gotten mad at mum and blocked her on her cell phone!!!  On Saturday afternoon, she called mum and after the first call of her bitching about Uncle Vic, mum didn't answer t he phone.  Then mum did pick up the phone -- it was Sherri and she was outside the gate and wanted mum to let her in.  She had her little mini longhaired doxie with her.  I had met Sugah Pi before and not gotten well with her.  This time mum held onto her for quite some time and then when I ignored Sugah Pi, mum put her on the floor, and we were fine.  Sherrie was her for a couple of hours, and we were actually glad to see her leave ---bol bwah hah.  Mum thinks she has blocked her again cos she has not been able to reach her!!!!  I say, no loss.

Mum had to get a refill on my Tramadil and Rymadil -- she almost passed out when the vet told her it was almost $100!!!!  She has to call the compounding pharmacy for a refill on my other medication.

We are walking to Uncle Vic's for Thanksgiving dinner -- I should be ok cos I have been resting and then when we get there, I will be able to take another rest!!

Our stray kitty that comes to eat on our patio is getting a bit braver.  Not sure if it is male or female, but IT lets us watch but will not let us come close!!

Mum says that we are gonna try to comment on more posts this week, but if we don't -- here's wishing all our American buddies a Happy Thanksgiving.

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. they always say you can always pick you friends but not your family :)

  2. Hey, keep practicing that not running off thing!

  3. families can be so tough on each other, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving also.
    stella rose

  4. Sounds like drama and my mom says she does not stand for it. Maybe she sits? Anyway, have a wonderful T-Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for the phone call to tell me how much you enjoyed the books.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

    Ziggy Out!

  7. Just take care of yourself, Cookie, and watch out for Mom too!

    Happy Turkey Day!

    1. You too amber -- Make sure to take care of your mum's eyeball ad help take care of your minions.

      Happy turkey day (minus the turkey for us -- long story!)