Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Something seems to happen around here on the weekends!!!!  Last weekend we had no internet (no fault of mum's that time), then yesterday when she was commenting, she did something, and we could not post a blog!!!  She needs someone to really talk to her!!  I really can't get too mad at her, though.  On Tuesday she got a call from the attorney that he would NOT be able to represent her as the person who was gonna be co-counsel couldn't do it and it was too much (with such a short time before the statute of limitations ran out -- 12/09).  Then on Wednesday she found out that she needs to have some surgery within the next month or so!!!!

Also, I sat her down and had a long talk with her about the next subject.  With all the expenses for my Valley Fever, the court costs and other things, we really cannot participate in Oreo's Christmas exchange.  She said that hopefully we can next year.

Let's hope that this week will be better!!

ttfn and toodle pip


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