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Cookie's Comments

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Marley here: (actually foster mum is writing this as I a still too young to use the puter -- bol) Anyway, I had a bit of a rumbly in my tumbly-- I threw up during the night then again early this morning, and did not feel like eating or doing anything. My mum and foster mum discussed it. Foster mum (or fm) (Mum here: Blogger just ate almost a whole paragraph and I don't know how to retrieve it -- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Back to Marley: Long story short (cos FM doesn't want to retype it all) Anyway, it was decided to wait on me to see how I did. FM was unable to take me to an emergency vet -- Plus it is waaaaay to expensive. Anyway, she found some chicken in the freezer and nuked it. A friend was supposed to bring over some white rice -- but we are still waiting 6 hours later. About an hour ago -- after sleeping all day, I decided to eat some of the kibble in my bowl. FM cut up a small amount of chicken and added it. It was DELISH. I wolfed it down. FM said that so long as I don't throw up again, she will not have to take me to the dogtor!! Otherwise things here have been pretty good. The kitties are starting to be a bit friendly and do not hide from me all the time. A friend loaned FM a carry case for me and so on Wednesday FM packed me up in it and we went to her "new" apartment complex. Everything was fine going there, and we went to Walmart afterwards. I fell asleep while we were in Walmart and FM bought me a new collar -- it is really cute and is blue so it looks really great on me. FM said that people kept coming over saying how cute I was and could they pet me!!!! The only problem was that by the time we left to go home, it was REALLY HOT. I was uncomfortable in the carrier and kept trying to get out so FM had to zip it up completely. We finally got home and FM was suffering from the heat, too!!!! She says that he heat never used to bother her as much as this year, but says that she prefer the dry heat here than the humidity up north!!!! We have pretty much stayed in since then because it is waaaay to hot. She filed the lease application for the new apt on line, and everything seems to be ok with it. Now she just has to figure out how to pay for the move. Her friends Dave and Terry have offered to pack/move/unpack for her, but they want a bit more than she get in cash. If she uses a moving company she can put it on plastic. She is also trying to get a loan!!! If she gets the loan, she will use them otherwise she will have to use a moving company.

FM says that with everything that is going on, she is REALLY stressed out. She just got more stuff from the lawyer for the wheelchair manufacturer and she has the pre-trial hearing about Cookie on the 23rd!!!! I am now going to hand this over to Cookie.

Hi: Cookie here by way of telephone conversations with mum and Joy. I am really enjoying my "vacay" here. I am getting along really well with Joy's two dogs and even get along with all the cats.

Joy figured out a way to give me my pills in pill pockets and so I have been having my meds on a regular basis. On of Joy's dogs (Rain) is also a service dog so we have been swapping stories.

I have also been following the Blogville Pawlympics (much more interesting that the peeps Olympics). I would like to go to the wrap up party, but mum has been too busy with Marley and moving stuff to really try to get me a date. If anyone would like to be my date, just let me know before the dead lion if possible.

Well, I need to go back to my playmates here, and mum says that Marley is getting back to being a brat. Mum was upset that Marley was not feeling well, but enjoyed that he was not getting into so much mischief!!!!! She says that when she took him with her to get the mail today, he would not walk on the leash, so he carried him most of the time on her lap!!!! Apparently he is peeing and pooping on the pee pads more often -- but still pees on her bed!!!

Oh well, if any of you are still reading -- we really appreciate all the donations to our GoFundMe campaign. Every little bit helps.

Will chat with you again soon.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and Marley


  1. Hari OM
    Deary me Marley - you don't want to be adding to FMs stress levels by being a mischief - or sick! Buck up laddie... snuggles not puddles, okay? Good to hear you are going okay on the vacay, Cookie!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Your household has quite a bit on its plate. Jan remembers friends who pitched in and worked hard to help her move and didn't charge but she hasn't moved in about 20 years and doesn't know what she would do today. So we sure hope everything goes well for your move.