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Cookie's Comments

Monday, September 19, 2016


For some reason, the mouse decided to die on us!!!! Mum has gotten so used to using a mouse on the laptop that it is difficult for her to work without it!!!! But she went to Best Buy the other day and bought a new desktop and they had the wireless mice on sale, but none in stock, so she has to wait for it to be ordered and delivered (hopefully on Wednesday).

Mum's so called friends totally flaked out on helping her (after she paid them for it all) and so did their daughter Madison, who was supposed to take me on better walkies!!! Finally mum was able to get a couple of women to come out on Saturday to move the furniture, put all the stuff back in the storage couple and rearrange the boxes!!! Now it is up to mum to get them unpacked -- which will not be an easy task!!! She was unable to get her refill on her pain meds until today, so she was taking Ibuprofin, which really only takes the edge off. As soon as she got the Rx filled, she took a couple so started feeling better. The airbed that she bought until she could get her new mattress, did not hold air so she took it back. She has ended up with a foam "eggcrate" pad and a couple of comforters on the frame of the bed. It is not the most comfortable, but she says it beats sleeping on the floor!!!! Mainly cos she has so much trouble getting up and down!!!

She has emptied out a couple of boxes, but it is going to take a loooooong time.

She has been finding some paperwork that she needed (finally), but has also discovered that for some reason some of her mail gets returned to sender with a notice saying "Insufficient Address"!!!! The weird thing is that the address the sender has is the correct address, and she has been receiving mail here!!!! Mum says that as soon as she has a printer up and working she is gonna put a notice on the bulletin board looking for a "pooper scooper" for me and the cats. She still does not have an aide, and has been told that the aide she will eventually get will not be allowed to scoop the litter box!!!!! Grrrrrrrr

Well, because mum has not been online for a few days, she says I cannot post any more right now so she can finish reading all of the posts that she wants to.

Hope to get back soon with less whining!!!

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. Hari OM
    Shame on those who bucked out... tell mum not to stress herself trying to unpack all at once Cookie. One or two boxes per day and before she knows it they'll be gone. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Hope everything works out for you! Good luck and keep posting! :)

  3. Just caught up on your move. What a lot of expense and work. Jan says friends used to VOLUNTEER to HELP each other move, not try to see how much money they could get for as little work as possible.