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Cookie's Comments

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Well, we are gradually getting boxes unpacked. Mum called one of the volunteer agencies and they sent out a volunteer who was really nice and we got a fair amount done. Unfortunately, she hurt her eye (not here, thankfully) so don't know when she'll be back. Mum is gonna call the agency again today. Finally, the agency that she contacted about getting a ramp so she can bring the wheelchair inside (it has to sit on the gated patio for now -- a real nuisance) is sending someone out for an estimate. The doctor's office decided that Medicare would pay for a complete new hospital bed quicker than for a mattress, so the order was done and the bed was sposed to be delivered last Friday. Unfortunately, we discovered yesterday that the supplier who was sposed to deliver it had JUST lost their contract with Medicare, so it had to be reordered!!! Hope it comes soon -- although mum is getting used to sleeping on the pile of comfortors on the bare frame, if she moves the wrong way -- OUCH -- HBO words come from her (which is VERY unusual for her). Oh, btw -- I really surprised mum last week. I climbed into bed with her a couple of nights. I have NEVER done that before and have stopped doing it. She really liked it when I did it, so maybe one day I will do it again!!!!

On Monday mum was really using a lot of HBO words!!!! She was trying to pay bills online the same as she has been doing for many years, This was after making a trip to the Geek Squad cos the laptop was not working and she still can't find the desk top so that the new pc can be set up!! (BTW as soon as the Geek Squad rep turned it on, it worked -- isn't that always the way) Anyway, for some reason she could not get the bank bill pay to work. She tried calling the bank's helpline but they were no help, so she decided to go to the branch which is in the supermarket next door. Good thing she didn't take me (she felt the ground would be too hot for my poor little paws!! -- Tx mum!) She had to wait almost 30 minutes to get helped cos the bank officer was waiting on someone else. When she finally got in there, her laptop would not access the wifi so she had to work with the bank's puter and, of course, it worked perfectly!!!!!! She then asked the bank manager who was working with her, why her ATM card for her UK bank would not work on their ATM machine. The Mgr came with her and mum put the card in and, as usualy, it would not work. The mgr said she would check it out. By the time mum got home, she was not in the mood to work on it again. She started the next day and, with some difficulty, got all her bills paid!!!! Then Uncle Vic called with an emergency so she had to go out. This time she did take me with her cos it was cooler. Afterwards mum and Uncle Vic decided to go to IHOP. Everyone said what a good girl I was (I followed the command to lie down and stayed down most of the time -- just got up to stretch occasionnaly). we also looked around the new Ashley furniture store then Uncle vic went home and mum and I looked around Kohls (she didn't buy anything tho) and then went to the Dollar Store cos she needed Ice trays!!!

Well, this has been longer than I expected, but once I get mum on the puter, I tend to go on and on!!!

Till next time.

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Hari OM
    It is good to hear from you Cookie and to read that mum is managing to get things sorted - albeit with a hiccup here and there! Aw, snuggles on the bed sounds like a good plan to me - go on, give it another go!!! Sending lots of Love and Hugs for mum and wiggly-waggles to you, YAM-aunty xxx