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Cookie's Comments

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I think I have mentioned some of the problems since our move. Well, on top of everything else, mum took me to the dogtor the other day -- she had been putting it off because of the move, but decided my Valley Fever needed to be checked. Are you sitting down? It's a good thing mum was cos the total bill came to around $450!!!!! That included Nextguard (cos my foster mum Joy was over last weekend and said she saw some ticks!!) and the generic Rymadil (among other shots, etc.). So, if you can help he out by giving to my GoFundMe page, it will be really, really, really helpful. On top of all this, the bug guy came out again and the treatment is going to be VERY expensive!!!! Mum has not gotten bitten since we have been here, but they are saying there is a major problem. As I said before, mum really needs help!!! We FINALLY got all the boxes unpacked, and now stuff has to be put in plastic bags, etc. Mum has decided to use those Space Saver backs cos otherwise she has to buy lots and lots of plastic storage totes!!!!

Another problem mum has been having is the way people park right outside our gate. Twice this week she was unable to get her wheelchair between cars. She had to use the walker which is very difficult for her, and, of course, we do not walk as far -- cos she is unable to!!!!! Also, the other day, she lost her balance and fell -- fortunately she did not break anything, was just a lttle sore for a couple of days. When people park like that, she leaves a note on their windshield and they give the apartment a dirty look!!!!!!

Well, mum has to make a reservation to get to Target tomorrow to get the Space Saver bags. Walmart is closer, but she has a couple of gift cards for Target that she wants to use and she has to use the van to go there!!!

So I am gonna help her out (also, I just barfed and she needs to clean it up!!!!).

Will catch up with you all later in the week.

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Hari OM
    Oh cookie, that's a bummer... gotta tell ya, I've maxed my budget this year and got a bit coming up myself, so not able to do anything directly - but I would post you up on my G+ page... if mum can give the link to your GFM spot again. I tried to track it but can't.

    Sending lots of POTP and Love, hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx