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Cookie's Comments

Monday, February 20, 2017


I just noticed that it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I am sure some of you out there have the problems getting1111 your secretary (aka mum in my case) to buckle down and do a post. She really has no excuse except that she still is not feeling 100% and the doctor cannot figure it out!!! She has an appointment this afternoon to go over the results for the tests she had done last time she was there. This has happened before -- (before my time with her--bol) where she just feels like crap. Usually, watching a good program on the telly will help get her out of it, but we still have NO telly service yet!!!! Jen has been coming over and gradually getting stuff put away. Yesterday, mum came across a bunch of stuff that she brought over with her!!!! It is mostly letters and cards she received from her friends when she was in Habonim in London,from when she had her open heart surgery back in 1961!!!! There were a couple of things from a bit later, but that was mostly what it was -- she started almost having leaky eyes from some of it!!!!!

Anyway, hopefully this yuckiness will not go on for much longer -- she said that last time she told the doctor she was "sick of feeling sick". She had a different pcp then -- unfortunately, that doctor has since retired!!!!!

Oh, well, I just wanted to let you know that we were still around and trying to read your posts -- mum is still having problems with windows 10!!!!! So what else is new, huh?

will catch up with ya

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. Hari om
    Nostalgia does to have that effect upon a hyooman's eyes Cookie; it's just the way we are built. Pawhaps a few extra snuggles from you will help lift the mood? Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Hi Cookie - me n'mom haf bin kinda hit n'miss on gittin'any blog postz up too. My mom haz sum kind of yuckiez too BUTT I bet it iz a dif'rent kind - she'z just kind of blah when she iz here with me butt still can git out when my aunt sis takez her out so she iz not all that bad.

    Hey, there iz sumthin'else our mom'z haf in common - open heart surgery butt my mom'z wuz just a couple of month'z ago - rite b-4 Christmas. Even tho she sez she wantz to help me do a blog post, she just sitz around when she iz here with me. Oh well, may-b soon I hope - we haf sum catchin'up to do still.

    Shure do hope your mom'z doc can figure out what iz goin'on an'your mom gitz to feelin'better.
    Lady Shasta