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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As I mentioned in my last post, Uncle Vic invited me and mum over for the Super Bowl and to stay overnight. Well, on Monday morning, as mum was getting ready to take me home, they were arguing and mum was no paying full attention to me!!!! I took advantage of this to take off before she could get me hooked up and Coco followed me! BOL Well, mum and Uncle Vic tried to follow us but they were too slow. They said they went all over the neighborhood but could not find us!! We had a great time but after a while decided to go back home!!! We got a major talking to about not doing it again, but they were so happy to see us, we were OK --- BOL BOL BOL

Mum and I took off to come home but mum was not feeling well for the rest of the day -- of course, I put on my nurse's uniform and took care of her till she felt better late in the day. We called the doctor's office but could not get an appointment till Friday but agreed to go to the ER if she got worse, but she finally started to feel better!! *sigh* not a fun day. Oh well......

so, I will go back to taking care of mum for at least today

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Oh my, you can't ever run away like that. Please don't do that again. It is too much stress for your mom.