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Cookie's Comments

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Last Thursday mum had to go and have an MRI on her neck.  Gayle had  been sick earlier in the week so her days were all mixed up.  When mum got home at about 2:30 she was worried because I was not barking and running to meet her.  She searched all of my hiding spots; but could not find me.  She started to panic, thinking that I got out when she was going out.  She had just called Uncle Vic and he said he would come over and help search for me when the door opened and Gayle walked in with me!!!!!!  Tee hee and LOL 

For the non-Limeys out there -- Guy Fawkes was the person who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament but was caught before he was able to.  When mum was a kid over in the UK for about a month before November 5, kids used to stand at tube station entrances with a "guy" and ask for "penny for the guy" and then on the 5th they would buy fireworks and there would be celebrations with bonfires and fireworks.

Mum has a doctor's appointment and  has to get ready to be picked up.  She SAID she will write more tomorrow when she has time.

so, toodle pip and ta ta


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