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Cookie's Comments

Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, I got to go to Udall Park this morning, but no one was there until we were ready to leave,, then a couple of our friends showed up.  Apparently, the park had been closed for cleaning, etc., for a couple of days.  Good thing we didn't walk all the way there yesterday.  It was after 5 am when we left so we went over to the Safeway store (which opens at 5 am).  I think we were the only ones there!!!  But mum did get a couple of packages of my marrow bones!!

Did I tell you our new Shark came on Saturday?  (I actually thought it was a real shark until she opened the box and I discovered it was County Vacular)  Anyway, Krista opened it yesterday and she was raving about the fact that it was a much fancier one than the old one and worked much better!!!!  She took everything out of the box with the new cat tree, and took it in pieces to her car -- it was far too heavy for her to carry in one piece -- 80 lbs!!!  Anyway, about an hour after she left, the doorbell rang -- it was one of the gardeners, and he asked if mum wanted the box thrown out.  We discovered there were some parts of the cat tree there, which mum put on the patio, and then tried to call Krista.  Just as she was sending Krista a text the doorbell rang again and the same guy was out there and told mum that there was a pile of stuff on top of a car in the parking lot.  Mum realized that Krista was at the next door neighbors (she cleans for her too, but not as often as mum) so she knocked on the door.  Sure enuf, Krista was there and had just forgotten she had left stuff out there and on her car!!!!  Her husband is gonna put it together for mum.

Mum also received a book she had ordered from Amazon and then this morning when she went to get my food, she found that her Kuerig had been delivered!!!  It never rains but it pours, lol.

I am still spending time in the bathtub!!!  Monsoon season does not end for another couple of weeks, so there are still storms.

Incidentally, when mum went next door she ended up visiting with Joni for a while, and she came back smelling of another dog.  This has happened before, and I have told Mum I have to meet this dog.  Both she and joni are a bit nervous because of how I am around most strange dogs.  Mum says that this dog is tiny and so we are gonna be careful!!!

My trainer was sposed to come over this afternoon -- I have not seen her in a couple of months cos of the heat.  We will be starting training again soon.  Anyway, she texted mum yesterday to say she would not be able to come today, but asked when would be convenient.  Mum texted back that cos of dr's appointments, Tuesday is the only day.  Hope she comes!!!

Well, mum just said that she has to end for now.

have a good weekend -- am gonna try to get mum to post over the weekend!!

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. Oh no mum was cheating on you with another dog! My mommy does that sometimes and I get mad! #MaddiethePug

  2. storms are tough to cope with - neither of my two were bothered by them but since moving to florida and getting thunderstorms every afternoon the younger one isn't so happy when they hit....for some reason the thunder always claps right over our house and makes all the windows shake.

    1. Same thing here -- then when we go out there are leaves and palm leaves all over our entrance to our apt, and next door neighbor has puddles!!

  3. Cookie that was a whole lot of catch-up!
    Have a great weekend. My Auntie in Tucson said it has been raining a lot and HOT HOT HOT. Glad I live in CA although we need rain.
    Love Noodles

  4. We are scared of storms and winds! Thank goodness no real shark showed up at your place
    Lily & Edward

  5. Hari OM
    Oh my word, that was lot of to-ing and fro-ing!!! all to the good though, it seems... 'cept maybe for the frisson with the neighbours dog - maybe now that you are familiar with the smell, the peeps could let you get to know each other on the street; neutral territory! Well done for working on mum, Cookie - but don't overwork it! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Sounds like there is a lot going on but the best thing is you can get lots of treats with that training. And your mom will be in a good mood cuz of the Keurig!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Hi Y'all!

    So glad y'all stopped to visit!

    Hope your trainer comes. I love training. We train indoors when it's too wet, warm or cold to go outdoors.

    I'm lucky. I was well socialized with all sizes of dogs and people when I was young. I'm 9 now. I know you'll get to meet the dog next door.

    Y'all hurry on back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog