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Cookie's Comments

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I reminded mum that she had promised me a post today, but she is complaining that after 3 days of being out for hours on end (without me, I might add) she just is not up to a lengthy post with picshurs!!  She says this will have to do!!!

Her dr's appointments, etc., were good and bad!!!  On Monday she was informed that she has to have some tests done and that if, indeed, her lap band has moved, she has to have it removed and then probably will have to have either bypass or sleeve surgery!!!!  On Tuesday after her apt with attorney she went to the mall, and did not realize till she got home that she was missing a bag of stuff -- she uses the reusable bags and hangs them on the back of the wheelchair -- this one must not have been hung properly (she called Walmart and asked if it was there -- it was -- so she has to go back there to get it).  Yesterday her first appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner on our side of town.  Unfortunately, the surgeon who has done all her procedures is on the Northwest side of town, and she has to go there for THAT doctor to schedule it!!!!!  While she was there she upchucked and partially missed the sink (she doesn't know what caused it, but it happens sometimes, but hasn't for a while).  She was wearing white pants and it went all over them, and because it was coffee, it looked like poop all over  her pants!!!!!!  Luckily there was a Target close by, so mum stopped there and got new pants and t-shirt (yes, it got on her t-shirt, too), and put on the clean clothes there!!!!!  She then cruised along in her chair to the hospital for her EMG -- she was early, so she went into the Starbucks there.  She took a chance and got her favorite (caramel macchiato -- iced).  Needless to say, she asked the tech to put a trashcan close by -- just in case!!!  BOL  Anyway, the results of the EMG showed that she does have more problems with her hands and elbow (probably partially caused by the muscle disease) and was recommended to go see her hand specialist and she authorized them to forward the results!!!!  So, as I said at the start -- it was good new/bad news!!

The kitties are bugging mum because they want to show you their new climbing tree -- but that again is going to have to wait.

We have a stray cat that comes around (that mum has never seen).  Mum leaves food out for it.  This morning while she was taking me to the dogpark here, we stopped to talk to someone we see frequently and she has a beautiful black cat that she says comes around for treats -- wonder if it is the same one who comes to our place for food???
Mum has a WHOLE day where she does not have to go anywhere!!!  Krista will be coming later, and she will take me for a little walk -- still too hot to go far during the daytime hours!!

So, I am gonna leave now -- mum has to pay her rent today, bol.  May not be posting again until Saturday -- so everyone have a good couple of day.

ttfn and toodle pip


p.s. when mum tried to schedule my Gotcha Day post, it some how go set for tomorrow, so if it does show up, I apologize for it -- As I said in my header for this post ....


  1. Happy to see a post from you today. Hope you have a nice relaxing day.

    P.S: the package was returned to us. Sorry. I had the wrong address. I'll resend it on Saturday. Hope you like it!

  2. My goodness that was quite the few days.
    hope today can be relaxing
    Mr Bailey,Hazel & Mabel

  3. Oh poor momma. Thank goodness that's all over with
    Lily & Edward

  4. My mum once spilled her coffee at Starbucks and didn't notice the stain on her pants (yup it looked like poop) until she did laundry which is the next day. Glad to know there was Walmart around for your mom.
    Anyway, hope today went good!

  5. Hari Om
    OMW that was quite the runaround! Maybe it was just as well you didn't have to traipse around with mum Cookie. Enjoy the day together. Hugs and wags ,YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Oh poor Moms!!! Sure sounds like it's been crazy busy in your crib! I gots my paws crossed for your Moms, and I hopes you have a calm and relaxin' day with her!
    Ruby ♥

  7. What a crazy day....nothin' like adding more problems on a busy day. Anyway, it's over! We think that black cat sounds like the cats we bark at EVERYDAY!

  8. Wow, it sounds like your mum had an awful day and she needs to spend more time with YOU!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We got your message. Dory is going to be advertising for the pawsition since she is the city manager so be sure to let her know you are interested!! Is that your area of greatest interest? We will get you appointed into a pawsition that will give you lots of ideas for story lines too so just let us know your top interests!

  10. Wow that sounds like quite a day. Hope things improve for you soon. :)