Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mum has a question for all of you

Cookie's mum here:

As I have mentioned before, Cookie is in training as a service dog for me.  She learns very quickly using clicker training except for two things:

1.  Early in the morning when she wants to go out (usually between 4-5 am) she will bark and will NOT stop.  I have tried everything I can think of!!!  Does anyone have any suggestions?  (Cookie here:  I just want to go walkies, mum!)

2.  Dog aggression.  As you know, Cookie weighs 70 lbs.  When we go out her leash is attached to my wheelchair arm so I have pretty good control of her.  When I take her to Udall Park (the big dog park) she NEVER has any problems with any of the dogs.  However, when I have her on the leash walking and she meets another dog most times she will start barking at the other dog and try to start a fight.  It is VERY embarrassing.  When we go into the dog park here in the complex, she is aggressive to almost ALL the dogs.  The other day it was dark as we were going there and when we got close I realized there was a beagle in there.  the beagle started barking at Cookie but once we got inside, Cookie gave one bark (as if to say hello) and then started to go off to do her business.  The beagle owner immediately grabbed her dog saying she was afraid for it and left!!!!

I am going to be working with her trainer on this, but neither of us can really figure what is going on.  As a service dog, she really needs to be dog friendly and this aggression is really bothering me.  So I thought I would reach out to our friends in Blogville for suggestions.

If you would like to email me or talk to me on the phone, my e-mail is and if you send me an e-mail I will give you my phone number.  Also, if anyone is in the Tucson, AZ area, maybe we can meet for you to help me.

Thank you all for reading this rather lengthy e-mail.

We will return to regular blogging tomorrow (I hope).

Cookie back here:

Mum went to Best Buy on Friday and THOUGHT she knew how to post picshurs here -- but she just tried and could not figure it out.  Fortunately, the guy from Geek Squad is coming today to fix her desktop pc, sho she will have him help her.

Actually, mum said it was rather funny when s he went to Best Buy on Friday -- of course I was not with her because it was too hot -- but when the guy came to help her, she recognized him as being someone who had helped her before.  She asked him if that was so, and he responded that just about all of the Geek Squad techs in the store had helped her out!!!!  She was rather embarrassed, but thinks they remember her because of the wheelchair!!!!!!!  Mum also says that when she goes on the paratransit van, a lot of the drivers ask where I am!!!!  Now that weather is getting cooler, hopefully I will go on more walks with her.

Hopefully I will have pics tomorrow.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and Mum


  1. We do not know what might be going on BUT you might want to chat with an animal behaviorist. Our teacher at PSU was one and told us things about how dogs thing so it might help you too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Dear Cookie's Mum
    We wish we had a good answer for you. But re the barking in the morning. . . it could be Cookie is doing what she thinks is communicating. And when you yell back at her (who wouldn't when it goes on so long), she interprets that as barking back at her. Get some Poochie Bells (Petsmart has their own version) and spend some time showing Cookie this is what she needs to do when she wants to go out - not bark (stop responding to the bark). It might work.
    Love Noodles

  3. Hari OM
    As I understand it, Cookie came to you only last year, so had 4 or 5 years forming her own habits on things. It may be that previous owner/s had an early start in the day and she does not understand that this is no longer the case. I agree with Noodle's idea of substituting communications systems. Similarly, adjusting timings is about not responding to unwanted behaviour - and what must not be forgotten is that even a negative response is a good response as far as a dog is concerned. If all she gets is a bored, non-response, she will start to question her own methods.

    As to the aggression; given that Cookie appears to be good whilst off lead at park, and progressively worse closer to home/on leash, this surely has to be territorialism. YOU are her territory and she doesn't want anyone coming in and sneaking treats from HER source. It also indicates that she considers herself the boss of you and that you need protecting -and it surprises me that your trainer hasn't worked that out. It can become a serious problem for you both so I agree with Carol and the doodz that a qualified behaviourist would truly be worth your while. I know that can be an expense - but a bit like insurance, paying the premium is likely to reward in the long term. Could be that you and Cookie simply need to go 'back to basics' before thinking of the high-end stuff.

    The thing is to try and not distress yourself overly much about this as Cookie will pick up on it. I had to work really hard with angel Jade as she was a high-energy, high-maintenance gal too; it involved some aversion therapy and very strong positive reinforcement techniques. The effort made soonest will pay best.

    COOKIE - you need to pull your furs up m'lady; mum's starting to fret about you and you don't want that do you? It could compromise the treatz avenue!

    Huggies, to you both. YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Some buddy is obvious trying to protect you!
    Lily & Edward

  5. Morning barking - maybe there is something out there she is trying in her own way to warn you about - maybe a cat or a squirrel or she just hears something around her.

    The doggie aggression is her trying to protect you - she knows when you are out walking that you have your own personal space -usually the length of her lead and any dog heading into that must be told to stay back.

    I think you might need some additional help with her training as often to combat these issues you need another person along to help you

  6. Sorry that I have no dog training advice . Thank you for visiting my blog and offering condolences about my Lucy.

  7. When we're running free, we are friendly...but us on a lead and/or behind a fence and we're ferocious. SHE makes us sit when we pass dogs on leads, but we sometimes lunge. Good luck.

  8. Hope you find solutions for your problems. Those are tough ones!

  9. Dog training from MOI?? hehehehehe Oh, from Ma! hehehehehehe Yeah, she ain't much help either, she's tried to gets my barkin' at other dogs under control (she has for the most part) butts i'm not a sweet, kind, service doggie! I agree, it sounds like our pal Cookie is just being protective and territorial. I thinks a trainer should be able to help! (they didn't help me..butts they said I'm 'special'. hmmmm, I don't thinks they meant that in a good way....☺)
    I'm glads your Moms gonna gets help with postin' purty pics of you gurl! I likes seein' your purty face!
    Kisses and {{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥

    1. Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, the Geek Squad guy that came out had so much to do on the desktop and installing the wireless printer, he didn't have time to help mum w/the picshurs!!!! So, guess its back to Best Buy. I think the guys behind the counter are gonna hide when they see her comin in--bol

  10. I have no suggestions other than the good ones already listed. But Cookie loves you and is protective of you. Be patient and talk to an animal trainer and we hope all will be well. Abby the rescue woke us up at first at o dark hundred, but when we ignored her, knowing she'd pottied at 10 pm before sleep, she soon stopped the behavior.

    1. I don't go out before bed!!!! Mum has tried taking me, but I don't do anything, so she stopped. Generally, if I start barking too soon, she tells me to shut up and she goes back to bed -- then so do I -- sometimes I let her sleep till 6 am. She can sleep during the day --bol

  11. I am way behind. Sorry. I would say she is protecting you. You need to teach her not to do that and let her know that you got it. The other thing is to reinforce her obedience. We do not subscribe to the positive only training around here. It does not mean that we beat our dogs when they do something we do not like, but there are consequences to disobedience. The key is that the dog must clearly understand what is expected. Act correctly=reward, incorrectly=none or even a consequence. We start small and build. Your dog is older so it may be difficult to retrain somethings. I hope the trainer can help. Good luck.