Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, July 29, 2016


I kept on at mum to post because it is my Second Gotcha Day. Yesterday, for the first time in ages someone asked mum what happened to Cody!!! It reminded both of us that she had been gone for 2 years and that I had been with mum for that length of time.

I will now let mum continue with the post:

To give more information on the situation: Cookie got into fights twice when she got out of the apartment. The first time was in May 2015 and was actually not on the complex property!!! She got badly bitten and the other woman called Animal Control; however, because her dogs had not been licensed and it would cost her about $2,500, she did not pursue it. The other time was a couple of months ago when I had a new aide who was absolutely terrified of Cookie!!! Anyway, she let Cookie out and even when she caught up with Cookie, she did nothing and Cookie got into it!!! Fortunately, the other person did nothing about it. This most recent incident happened on July 6. Cookie and I were getting the mail early in the morning (Cookie, as usually was on her leash attached to my wheelchair); a woman with two small dogs, one of whom was NOT on a leash came up. The little dog who was not on a leash literally attacked Cookie and so she was just responding. The other woman grabbed her dog and dashed away. As I was leaving I asked if her dog was OK. She just shook her head and then ignored me. Later that morning I got a call from the management office here about it. Next day Animal Control showed up. This woman twisted the story around to say that SHE was at the mailboxes and I came up with Cookie. She said that Cookie was not leashed and I had no control of her, and that Cookie attacked her dog. Since there were no witnesses and SHE was the one complaining, I got a citation for a "biting dog" and for non-compliance with the leash laws. I had to appear in court for an arraignment and we have a Pre-Trial hearing on August 23. Needless to say, I was very upset about all of this but because the management had said nothing more, we went on with "business as usual". Then, on Wednesday morning there was a knock on the door and the complex manager and maintenance superviser were there. Shelley (the manager) gave me the 10 Day notice and insisted that I sign it. She explained that I had 10 days to either get rid of Cookie or move!!!!! I was stunned. I reiterated what they knew -- that Cookie was a Service Dog in training (I actually have a letter from the trainer to confirm this), but she said that made no difference!!!! I am going to look further into this with the ADA, etc., but in the meantime I am not giving up Cookie. For one thing, she has the Valley Fever and in all good conscience I would not do that to her or anyone that would take her. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT PUT HER IN A SHELTER because I would worry that she would be euthanized!!

I am on Section 8 and when I finally got hold of my case worker, she told me that there was no way that everything could be taken care of before the end of August!!!! My friend, Vic, has offered to take her for however long it takes. I will have to pay my August rent because I do not want an eviction on my record!!!!!

Incidentally, the other lawsuit that I have referred to has nothing to do with this situation!! Back in December 2015 I was in my old wheelchair on the main street coming with Cody from shopping, etc. I was leaning to the left and the left armrest went flying out and I went over it and hit my head and whole left side. Long story short -- I badly injured my eye -- among other things rupturing the eyeball and have very bad eyesight in my left eye. I have had several surgeries. It is also possible that the problems with my left knee (which necessitated a Revision Total Replacement in January) were also caused by this fall. I retained a lawyer to sue the wheekchair manufacturer, etc. and he was handling it. Then,, all of a sudden last September, for something totally unrelated to this accident he dropped my case. I have since tried to find a lawyer here in Tucson, but because of the complexity of it, no one wants to help me; so right now I am representing myself.

All of this has been extremely stressful for me. I may have to rent a car in order to go around looking for an apartment!!! Another unwanted expense!!!! So, I am extremely grateful for any donations to Cookie's GoFundMe account. Not only do I have the additional expense of moving now, but I still have almost $200 a month for Cookie's meds, but routine vet visits to check on her progress!

Sorry this is such a long post, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

Again, that's for your generosity.

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and her Mum


  1. Hari OM
    Life has its way of swinging round and kicking us from behind sometimes, does it not? All we can do is keep on keeping on and that is exactly what you and mum are doing, Cookie. Sending lots of healing and happy Love thoughts your way - with special huggies for Gotcha Day... YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Mom Kim here - you have got just way too much on your plate. That is great that you have that your friend there will watch after Cookie whenever it is needed. I do know that because you live in Section 8 housing - a 10 day eviction notice cannot be done - especially to someone with a disability. Even tho you signed it,
    the landlord insisted. And since you have someone in your's and Cookie's corner as to why you have her, that should help too.
    I have a cousin who is in Section 8 - she was able to have her doctor write a letter affirming her need for her dog - that cannot be denied - it's a federal law regarding Section 8 housing.

    Sounds like you are getting some help with the whole situation which is a good thing - I can only imagine how overwhelming it must seem at times. I'm still hoping I can do more and I pray that EVERYTHING will work out good for you and Cookie.

    To Cookie frum Lady Shasta - HAPPEE GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!!! You keep on bein'the great doggy your mom knowz that u r.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Cookie! And may all these trials come to a peaceful and good solution.