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Cookie's Comments

Saturday, July 16, 2016

THAT WAS A WEEK ...................

Whew, what a week that was!!! If you read Astro's blog, you will see that we miss the dead lion for the Summer Dance. Instead, Astro invited me up to Seattle and took me up to the Space Needle. I wont tell you what else we did -- I didn't want mum to know, but -- on Sunday I started limping so badly that mum got really upset. I tried to blame it on her (we had been out of my Valley Fever medicine for a couple of days), but she said it was cos I did too much partying with Astro. She also said that if I don't behave myself, no more dates for me!!!!

Mum also has not been feeling too great lately and so she put in a call to her doctor. Before the doc could return her call she had something VERY scary happen. On Wednesday she had a dr's appointment, then went to the library to return (and get more) books. On the way to the mall, she tried to take money out of her UK bank account, and had problems so had to go into the bank!!!! Then she went to her bank to deposit the money she had just withdrawn (don't ask why she can't do it all at one bank -- the atm's wont let her). Anyway, for some reason it thought she was putting in checks, and when she was all done (so she thought) it told her that there was an error -- but it did not return her cash!!! So, again, she had to go into the bank and it took some time to get it all straightened out. So, to things that should have taken 5 minutes took almost an hour!!!!!! So she did not have as long to mosey around the mall as she wanted!! all of a sudden, she found herself outside a store that she would not normally go into, and a security guard was standing over her asking if she needed help. After a few confusing minutes, mum was able to leave (she refused offered medical help) and went to the food court. She spent the rest of the time feeling pretty yucky. Then finally went home. I was not with her -- it is WAAAAAY to hot for my poor little paws -- but I heard her telling the doctor what happened because he happened to call her a couple of hours later. Anyway, he told mum to come to see him at 8:15 am on Friday. Mum took it easy on Thursday and made a reservation on the paratransit for the doc's appointment on Friday. She managed to get herself up and out in time for the scheduled pick up time. The van was supposed to pick her up between 7:15 and 7:45 -- it did not arrive until almost 8:15!!!! Mum said she was on the phone with the van people over and over and spoke to a couple of supervisors too. She also called the doctor's office to explain why she was late. When she go there at about 8:35 they told her that the doctor could not see her till 11!!!! She decided to go get something to eat. She also went to the Ross store there -- and LOST HER SUNHAT!!!!!! Because she had had to cancel her return ride, the supervisor she spoke to promised that he would put them on alert for her return ride so she would not have to wait too long. Guess what -- she called just before noon but had to wait until after 1:30 before the van picked her up -- she was not a happy camper!! The doctor did all sorts of test on mum and scheduled an MRI on her brain!!! He said that her EKG and chest x-rays were normal. So, we shall have to see what is wrong.

Actually something funny did happen yesterday evening. Mum fell asleep and woke up and her watch said it was 5:30. She thought it was 5:30 AM and that I needed to go out. As we were leaving she noticed that the newspaper was not on the door. She then suspecte that it was 5:30 PM not AM!!! Sure enuf -- when we got home she checked further and that was the case!!!! That happened once before a few weeks ago!!! I think it's a good thing she is having her brain checked out. BOL BOL

Today, mum has just been taking it easy and watching TV, etc. Also, she made a change in the Options so hopefully it will have the line breaks where they are sposed to be.

Oh, dear, mum just realized that because of everything that went on yesterday, she missed the dead lion for entry into the Blogville Pawlympics!!!! She also tried to say that because of my limping so badly earlier in the week, I shouldn't exert myself to much this week-- to that I say --brrrrmph

so, ttfn and toodle pip
Cookie (whose limp is almost gone)


  1. Take care of each other. We hope your mom is feeling better very soon.

  2. Wow, how crazy is that? We hope you both get feeling better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh man, I hopes you and your Moms are okays, and doin' betters! Paws crossed for your MOms!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Hari Om
    Crikey Cookie, I can't imagine how it must have felt for mum to be somewhere and not know how she got there! Let's hope the tests can get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, glad you are on the recoup after your date with Astro - glad you two got along and I saw you at the space needle.... 'sall am sayin'... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. My mom can relate 2 a couple thingz your mom haz dealt with altho the passin'out happened 2 my mom a couple yearz ago. She wuz at werk standin'by her desk when the next thing she knew she wuz sittin'in a chair with a few co-werkerz askin'her dif'rent stuff. Sumone had called an ambulance an'she did end up stayin'the nite in the hospital - butt they never did find out fer shure what caused it. She is disabled but can walk ok - mainly bad vizion that gitz better then worse at timez - when she goez sumplace by herself she also uzez the paratransit here in town an'yes - she haz problemz with'em like your mom duz. So me an'mom an'even Angel Shiloh knowz all'bout how sumthingz can git in the way of wantin'2 do certain thingz. When Angel Shiloh wuz still here, mom wuz givin'him a bath b-4 they went 2 the library butt when he wuz gittin'out of the bathtub, he hurt hiz bak so they coodn't go anywhere.

    Me'an mom shure do hope an'pray that u an'your mom iz duin'better really fast an'can git bak 2 duin'what u need/want 2 do.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor