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Cookie's Comments

Saturday, July 23, 2016


I cannot believe it is a week since I last posted -- but this week has been about as bad (or maybe a little worse)!!! It started out on Sunday morning when she was talking to Auntie Kim in Idaho (she used to live next door and stayed with mum for a couple of months before moving out there). Mum was starting as usual to chit chat with her, and Kim stopped her and told her that she had heard from a friend of hers that our next door neighbor had died on Saturday. Mum had not spoken to Joni since around 11 am on Saturday, but Joni had said she was going out with a friend. Even though Joni had been in really bad shape for a couple of weeks, mum knew that Joni would get mad if she said anything. So, when mum didn't hear from Joni, she just assumed that she was tired after gallivanting around. Apparently the friend she was supposed to be going out with found her when she stopped in to get her!!! A little bit later on Sunday, while mum was still bummed out about Joni, the manager at our apartment complex called. Apparently, she had gotten a call about Joni, then a little later someone else called to say they had seen an ambulance at MY apartment at 4:00 am. The manager had gotten quite a shock when it sounded like something had happened to ME as well as Joni!!!!!! Anyway, mum and I were both bummed out and are still reeling from it all. Joni's son came over to start cleaning out the apt. He gave mum his phone number and she spoke to him today and he told he was having a memorial service for her in August!!

Mum had to go to Court on Tuesday (will tell you all about it another time -- this time it was about me -- and I was TOTALLY innocent). She took me with her and she keeps raving about how good I was. Of course, she pled not guilty and hass to go back for a pre-trial on auguat 23. It did not take long, but was stressful for mom and lo and behold on Wednesday she got a UTI!!! She was about to call to check it out w/her doctor when she started showing blood in her pee!!!!! she called the doctor's office and was able to get in that afternoon (so she didn't have to go to the ER like last time she had it!!). The doctor's office gave her an antibiotic and somethin for the pain. Good thing they told mum it would turn her pee orang!!!! I was not with her this time because it was too hot for me (I would not mind, but mum is afraid I will burn my paws). Anyway, she told me that she was on a section of sidewalk that was not much wider than her wheelchair (which is quite common here, although her wheelchair is not that wide)and was looking ahead and accidentally moved the joystick. There as about a 2-3 inch drop to the gravel in the parking lot and her chair completely tipped over and threw mum out!!! Fortunately she did not get badly hurt, just shaken up and a couple of grazes nad bruises. She waited a few minutes to see if someone would stop to help her --they did not, so she started to call 911 when a very nice young man on a bike stopped to haul the chair back on the sidewalk. Then a lady stopped to help her. Mum was really happy for their help and, although she was shaken up, she continued to the doctor with was less than 5 minutes away.

Mum here: I should mention here that are LOT of main streets and, especially, side streets that do not have ANY sidewalks at all. In a lot of places I have to travel in bike lanes (which is VERY scary on the main streets as traffic tends to come awfully slow) and there is one area where the cuts in the sidewalks (especially at crossings) are so steep that mum is afraid of tipping over if she goes up; or down, so, again she goes in the street!! Not much fun!!

Back to Cookie:

Well, for now that is enuf whining from ua -- please send the cheese to go with the w[h]ine as soon as possible.

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. Hari OM
    Crikey Cookie - hauled up before the judge huh? Hope that gets all cleared up and off the books asap - same with mum's infection. That may have been brewing up for a while and could account for some of the 'lost time' mentioned last week. Here's praying you both have a MUCH better week ahead. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. G;ad your mum is OK. Sidewalks are not in good shape here either, lots of unevenness where there are sidewalks. So what was that crime? Is this gonna be on CSI?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh dear - u 2 NEED a break - a vakashun. We haz a lot of streetz around here with no sidewalkz or if there r sidewalkz then they r narrow or haz crackz in'em or they go up an'down - I can handle'em ok butt my mom haz truble walkin'there. So furry much glad that your mom iz duin'ok - hope all turnz out ok at her doc an'in the court. Me an'mom send good an'happy thoughtz your way.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor