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Saturday, January 28, 2017


This is the start of the post that WIN10 tried to eat

The court case against me (for an incident last July) IS FINALLY OVER. Mum took me with her on Friday. We started out at the lawyer's office. Mum had spoken to him on the phone but had never med him in the furs before. I, of course, behaved myself -- even on the van!! After discussing the case, and mr attorney checking out me and my leash, etc., to prove that it had not been me, but the other dog provoking what happened, we walked over to the courthouse. It was pretty chilly out, and the City Court House at one time had been a several level high garage so the outside temps came inside -- except in the court house. Mr. prosecuter and our attorney chatted a while then the Judge came in. Of course the "victim" did not show up, so the case was dismissed "without prejudice". Mum and I were so relieved that it is all over. She had been making herself sick with the stress of it. Of course, we all know that I did not do anything wrong and if the "victim" had kept control of HER dogs, nothing would have happened ..... Mum had to wait for a ride home and got pretty chilled. We got home around 4 pm and she made herself some ramen noodle soup and relaxed till it was time to leave. She had been trying to get to Temple for the past couple of weeks, but for one reason or other didn't make it. She was determined to make it this time. She says she is definitely gonna go again, but she is gonna try to sit closer to the front in future!!! After, there was an Oneg with the most delicious cream cakes, etc. When we did get home, she tried getting on the pc but fell asleep in the chair, got up and then went to bed. I was very good to her and let her sleep.