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Cookie's Comments

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I have been trying to get mum to the PC to update my blog but she has excuses, excuses, excuses!!  Hope I can remember all the news.  Mum had her surgery on April 4 and although she says it was much more painful than she expected, the doc said it went very well.  Some of the pain meds they gave her made her quite loopy and confused -- in fact, someone from the clinic at the hospital called her this morning and said she had med mum at the hospital!!!!!!!  mum doesn't remember her AT ALL!!!!  Also, Uncle Vic came to visit and she was so out of it he got quite concerned and called the doctor, who clarified that I would be ok!!!  I was staying with Jennifer at this point and she brought me to see mum at the hospital.  I was extremely glad to see she was ok and let her know with wet nose kisses.

Mum was at the hospital for a week then went back to the rehab center for another week and then finally came home.  Jennifer brought me home the following day.  Although Jen promised to come over to help finish with the unpacking, etc. she never showed up (she was sposed to come today but has not shown up!!!!!)  Also, she cleared out part of the living room, but had put all the stuff from there in the bedroom so that in order to get to the bed and bathroom, mum had to climb over stuff.  Even hanging on to furniture she still lost her balance a couple of times!!!!!!!

She finally got hold of someone to helpg her out, but it is costing an awful lot (which she cannot really afford).  She just reminded me that my GoFundMe page should still be up, so if anyone wants to contribute towards her and my expenses ....... (we still have major med for my Valley Fever).

Mum is recuperating quite well.  She went to see the surgeon the other day and he was really pleased that mum lost over 20 lbs since the surgery.  The surgeon and mum joke that if anything can go wrong during a procedure, it will happen to me.  Fortunately, this time nothing was other than he expected.  He is all the way over the other side of Tucson, but at this time, he is the only surgeon for that type of stuff that mum will trust!!!!!

We are still trying to catch up with all the blogs, but it is taking time!!!!  Mum's hands are bothering her too so she does not want to do too much typing (which, she says is the reason it has taken so long to catch up here).

So, without any further ado, we will close now

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie and mum

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  1. Hari OM
    My word, a lot happened since last you were here! Sending lots of POTP for mum and huge hugs and wags to you Cookie. YAM-aunty xxx