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Cookie's Comments

Monday, June 5, 2017


I keep telling mum she has to post more often!!!!  I will admit tho that she has been enduring lots and lots of stress (which is her excuse for not posting).  Finally, the apartment has been cleaned up.  She had to borrow our next door neighbor's vacuum cleaner 'cos ours went missing somewhere between moves to and from storage; so did the shelves and glass doors from our china cabinet.  Mum also realized that a plastic bag that had some large items (comforters and terry cloth robes, etc) musta been put in the new storage cabinet.  One of the people that put the stuff in storage in December wants to come over on Wednesday to look in our new storage.  Mum doesn't want her to go on her own, and the temp is gonna be in the 100's this week, so she is gonna cancel (mum, that is).

By the way -- we forgot to tell you in the last post -- we have a new kitty, Luna.  Uncle Vic found her for us.  She is really cute, but has not been fixed and last week she was in heat.  She made the most atrocious sounds all the time.  It took mum a couple of days to realize what it was!!!!  Before she went into heat she used to hide and only come out occasionally.  Now, she has been coming out much more often.  Actually, she has been kinda funny because she keeps sticking her tush into my face!!!!  Now that she is no longer in heat, she is not doing it as much!!!  She and Tigger are getting more friendly, too.  As soon as mum figures out (again!!) how to post a picture here, she will send one of Luna.

Mum is going to the Balance Clinic tomorrow.  They were sposed to call her to set up the appointments, but never did.  Mum was gonna let it go cos she was feeling much better but then had a mild dizzy spell last week, so decided she better go!!!

Otherwise, not much has been happening.  Mum and I are really glad that the apartment is pretty much organized -- just a few things need to be done, but mum did a little bit yesterday and now she is hurting, so she has to wait for that to pass before doing any more.

I really should be going to the vet, but mum cannot afford it -- so if anyone wants to donate to my GoFundMe, it would be really appreciated.

Well, I will keep on mum's 'tail' so that she doesn't go so long without posting again!!!

So, ttfn and toodle pip

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