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Monday, April 9, 2018


Mum tried to get me to not write this, but  I told her that because she has not taken me on many adventures recently (she says it's too hot for my poor little paws on the sidewalk) then I HAVE to tell everyone in Blogville what happened!!!  On Sunday morning when we went out for my walkies, Mum insists she put her cellphone in her pants pocket.  However, when we got back home, she could not find it!!!  I was VERY annoyed with her!!  Anyway that afternoon she went to Verizon to get a new one -- of course, I could not go -- again because it was getting quite hot out!!  It took ages to get the phone and have it setup.  She got a new iPhone -- but this time he did not get ANY freebies with it (last time she got a case, screen cover and stylus as gifts).  The salesman offered her the case and screen protector at a charge of $49 and $39, respectively.  She very nicely told him "thanks but no thanks".  On the way home she stopped in at this meat/deli store and bought me 10 frozen marrow bones (which they cut specially for me, after mum told them what a good doggie I am (ROFLMAO). 
Anyway. all of her phone numbers transferred over, but none of the photos!!!  Guess she will have to take more pics of us all.

Yesterday (Monday) mum went to see the Bariatric Doctor who did her gastric bypass just over a year ago (on April 4 last year), and was very happy when he told her she had lost just of 6 lbs since her last visit (late January).

Oh, mum was gonna miss telling you -- but the reason she wont take me out when it gets hot (except for my walkies early in the morning) is because my leg hurts somewhat from my Valley Fever.  She has not been able to take me to the Vet because it will cost over $400!!!!!!  I also want to remind all my buddies here that my GoFundMe page is still up.

Well, mum has some other stuff to do, so  has told me that his is all I can write for now.

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad luck with your phone. I think we can all relate to how aggravating and disappointing it can be to lose your contacts and pictures.
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