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Cookie's Comments

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I have company

I finally got mum on the computer to do a post for me.

Uncle Vic, Coco and her kitties (Cubby and Kiki) have come over to spend the day because there apartment has the exterminators and they are replacing the carpet with laminate!!!!  The kitties are still in their carriers cause otherwise we will never get them back in -- they will hide and we wont be able to find them!!!!!  Uncle Vic is sitting in the older reclining and because he is watching what HE wants, mum decided to pay bills and visit her bloggy friends!!!!

Anyway, a few things have happened -- a couple of weeks ago I had the sickies -- I threw up in the apartment several times and also tried to poop, but couldn't.  Anyway, when gayle came over, she made me chickn and rice, an so I got over it quite quickly.  I REALLY like Gayle -- When she comes over, she always takes for a walk and yesterday she took me to our rebuilt dog park.  Mum cannot take me there because there is a big curb and mum has spoken with management -- they are trying to get the builders to come back and put a ramp.

the weather her is really nice -- it is cool in the morning when mum takes me out and then warms up but she has not really had to turn the a/c on much.

Well, nothing really exciting ha happened -- hopefully I will be able o make mum write some more of her memories from her childhood when growing up in London.

Untill next time:

ttfn and toodle pip



  1. That iz so nice to git viziterz. Mom can't git out much an'seldom gitz viziterz. At least we haf a nice fenced bakyard.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  2. hello cookie its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wot is not to like abowt sumwun but mayks yoo chikkin and rice and tayks yoo for wawkies and to the dog park??? nothing is not to like thats wots not to like!!! i am sending lots of vizsla tail wags for yoo to feel better!!! ok bye