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Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


For those of you who thought we had disappeared into the internet cloud, I would like to blame mum for not being able to access my blog!!!!!!!  Although we were reading other blogs, we are upset that so many of the "old timers" do not seem to be blogging here -- for example Frankie and Ernie and Gospel of Goose (although we know that it is Buddy now and not Goose any more).  Mum has been in touch with Amber da weenie's mum and for anyone who does no yet know it they have a new Puppy addition.  I have seen pics of Lexie and she is really cute!!!!

Not too much doing around here lately.  It has been toooooo hot for Gayle (or mum for that matter) to take me out after about noon.  I have been very good at not waking me up too early.  Mum has started taking her pool therapy classes (finally) and although she has only been to 1 so far, likes it.  She had another appointment for tomorrow mornine -- she has already told me to make sure I wake her up in time!!!!  One day last week, she went back to bed at about 4:30 and planned to get up around 6 for a doctor's appointment.  She slept until 10:30!!!!!!!!!  Because he had left her phone in the living room she did not get the call from the doctor or the van company!!!!!  Thank goodness this doctor does not charged for missed appointments!!!!!

The day after Memorial Day Uncle Vic had to take Coco to the Vet to have a (huge) upper tooth remained.  The vet is just around the corner to me so he (Uncle Vic) came over here to wait.  Mum knew he was doing some updates on the laptop, but was not too concerned because years ago when they lived together, after many arguments, she had gotten him to not change too many basic things (such as the icons on the desktop).  Well, obviously he forgot all of this and made quite a few changes -- one of which was doing something so that mum was unable to figure out how to post on my blog!!!!!!!  Finally, after some help from Amber the weenie's mom and my mum working on it, she FINALLY was able to access this blog!!!!!  That is really the reason why mum did not blog -- but  this morning for some reason she was able to post.

Mum is telling me we have to get off here 'cos she has things to get done and also 'cos her typing is getting REALLY bad!!!!!!  I promise I well not have such a biiiiiig break before my next blog.

Incidentally, for those if you who have read mum's anecdotes from her days yore, please let us know.  I you really do not want to read of her childhood in (post WWII) London, let me know and I will make sure she doesn't make any more of them

Well, ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Hey there Cookie - Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie here. Do our peepz really think that what they have to say or do iz that impawtent to interfere with us bloggin? Our mom duz that ALL the time an'she iz on that Facebook thingy so she iz not even uzin'our blog fer nuthin'it just sitz there.

    Yep, kinda borin'around here - a lot of time feelz like summer haz come early - mom sez it haz bin almost 100 degreez an'sumthin'called humidity made it 105 degreez the other day. When it gitz like that all we wanna do iz go out, take care of bizness then git bak in the house where it iz cool. By the way, Buddy'n hiz mom r on that Facebook thingy a lot. There r a few Blogville rezidentz on there. Blogville even haz it'z own group on there.

    Ok - like u our mom just told us she iz goin'sumwhere with our aunt sis(her sis) so we hazta leeve too. She sez she will try to bring us bak a treat - that iz suppoze to make us feel better? WHATEVER!