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Cookie's Comments

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Yes, its true -- there is a nice doggie park here. Mum has been taking me there every morning. It so much better than when mum used to have to walk me around till I pooped and peed -- although at Uncle Vic's there was an area of land where the doggies used to poop and pee, but it was not offleash!!!!! There are also lots and lots of pee mails for me!!!!! I like it here, although mum wishes that she could just wiggle her nose (as Samantha in Bewitched used to) and have everything put away!!!!! She did turn her recliner around so that she can now put her footrest out in full!!! Jennifer (Uncle Vic's housekeeper) is coming tomorrow to help her. She will get the stuff in the kitchen put away so that she will be able to start using it!!!! Jennifer has told mum she will help her put some pics up on the blog here. Mum has been using the WiFi here at the complex. At first it was veeeeeery slow, but today seems to be working better. Hopefully things will continue to get bette. The kitties are still at Uncle Vic's -- hopefully they will be home this week.

Will write more as things settle down.

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. A dog park is great news. I hope that everything is put away by magic elves and your mom can relax