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Cookie's Comments

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hope everyone had a Happy New Year, Mine was not so good -- people were setting off fireworks, and cos someone (me!!) pulled down the shower curtain, I could not hide in the bathtub so instead hid in Uncle Vic's closet -- bol.
Anyway, after Mum took me and Coco out yesterday morning, she went over to the new apartment. There was a mixup with the paratransit van so she did not get to the storage place till about an hour later than she planned. The guys who were loading the van were really nice. They were deaf so mum communicated with the with miming and written notes. As they were bringing her stuff out, she almost cried a couple of times because the people who had loaded into the storage unit had done such a lousy job. Sturdy boxes were falling apart that should not have been because of the way they were stacked. My kitties' tall scratching post seems to be falling apart!!! Mum said she is gonna call Walmart to see if they will do anything about it cos it is not that old!!! Anyway, by the time they unloaded the first truckful it was too late to load anything more -- the storage place was gonna close soon. So the guys followed mum to Uncle Vics to get the stuff there and are gonna meet her Wednesday to do the rest. After they had left, mum realized they had not taken everything, so it will have to go today (Wednesday). Again, this is costing her way more than she planned so if anyone wants to go to my GoFundMe page and donate to help out it will be greatly appreciated -- she reminds people that she is still paying for my last vet visit ($450). Part of the problem that it is taking so long is that before mum moved when she was expecting the exterminator everything was put into bags!!!! Oh well, this too shall pass!!!!!

Mum was so exhausted that right after she and Uncle Vic ate dinner (they ordered what she said was the most delicious ribs -- of course we didn't get any!!!) she went to watch TV and fell sound asleep!!!! Now she says she will probably we awake most of he night!!!!!

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie (and Coco and all the kitties)

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