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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Mum had started a post and Win 10 screwed it up again!!!!

I was telling about the fact that THE COURT CASE IS OVER -- had only been hanging over us since last July and was the cause of all our moving woes!!!1 Anyway -- to cut a long story short (if it ever shows up, we will post it then) the CASE WAS DISMISSED 'cos the "victim" never showed up!!! In the meantime mum was so stressed out over it!!! She has spent most of today sleeping and relaxing. Our neighbors across the hall (two very nice Mormon missionaries) have been helping mum a bit with the unpacking and, after sleeping on the floor for several nights, they finally got the bed cleared off. Aside from having the bed, she was very relieved that Sixpence had not been buried under the bags/boxes, etc. However, that means that Sixpence must have gotten out!!! Tigger and I miss her, but hopefully she found another good home. Mum has not decided whether to get another kitty yet!!!! I let mum sleep late this morning then, after she took me out, and read the paper, she went back to sleep for another few hours!!! She is feeling somewhat better!!!!

Well, I'm gonna let mum go rest some more and will post again in a couple of days

ttfn and toodle pip


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