Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Monday, February 12, 2018


Well, not a heck of a lot going on here.  Luna still has her cone on and is not very happy about it.  She is having her stitch out this week.  Mum said she is going to call and see if she can take the cone off!

Mum got me some Frost Paws -- yum!!!  She will give me one if I have been really good -- but usually when she goes out and leaves me to take care of the kitties!!  Discovered we have new neighbors across the hall -- They are Mormon missionaries an move every 6 months or so.  First time since I have lived here (just over a year) that we have males!!!!  My next door neighbors are also moving within the next week or so.  Mum and I are not very happy about that!!!  Not too happy about the location they are going to -- also they are moving to  a third floor apt with no lift!!!  She has been practicing going up and down stairs -- we wish her good luck!!!!  The last apartment mum had before moving from Cleveland Ohio was a third floor walkup.  She was quite a bit younger and not handicapped, but was REALLY glad when she moved out of there!!

Our upstairs neighbors are also sposed to be moving.  They are the ones who bang on the floor whenever I bark when mum takes me out early in the morning.  Mum has also received 3 letters from Animal Control about my barking.  The leasing manager is really POd at THEM, not at me or mum!!
*Sigh*  Oh well, he trials and tribulations of living on the ground floor in an apartment building!!

As I say, not much going on here so I don't want to bore you!!!!  So I will say

ttfn and toodle pip


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  1. Hi Cookie - alwayz got sumthin'goin'on there - peepz goin'out an'comin'in. Our mom uzed to live in an apartment butt that wuz yearz b-4 us. She sed she started out in a 3rd floor apartment butt in a few yearz even moved to a basement apartment - didn't like it much. Hope any new neighborz r good onez.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie