Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At long last

I hope to start making better posts. We got the apartment we wanted -- there was ks 11major mistake made by the apartment complex where mum lived (she lived thee for 7 years with Cody and 2 1/2 with me!) However, for some reason they want additional depost -- but to get this cpartment and no longer have to stay with Uncle Vic mum says it is worth it. Also, everything is in sorage; however we had to leave the entertainment center behind!! It is solid oak and they just could not manage to get it on the truck!!

Mum took me and Coco for a walk today Cocoo behved herself, so it was not too hard for her.

The reason for all the typos is cos we are not used to the new puter and it is dark in here!!

So, ttfne and toodle pip

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  1. hari OM
    Phew... light at the end of your particular tunnel Cookie. Blessings for the transition. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx