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Cookie's Comments

Monday, December 19, 2016


Mum has been taking me and Coco out together in the morning and sometimes we have synchronized our pees and poops, which causes mum to start laughing, which she says she needs--bol

We are counting the days until we get into our new apartment (January 3). The kitties are all getting along well and Coco and I get along really well. Mum took a picsher of me and Coco lying together on my bed, but has not figured out how to get it onto the blog!!!! Guess this mean another trip to Best Buy, although when we do get into our new place we have someone from Geek Squad coming to set up the new desktop puter, so maybe we will wait until then. Yesterday mum had to go next door and apologize to Uncle Vic's neighbor for my barking when mum takes me out!!!!! She is very happy that we are moving out in 2 weeks!!!

The other day mum gave a call to one of her nieces in the UK (she does this from time to time) and Sue said that her sister in law was making a family tree for her and Sue asked mum for some info. Later sue asked if SIL could e-mail mum for the info. Of course, mum said yes. When she got the e-mail, she had fun remembering back to all of the uncle aunts, cousins, etc on her dad's side. Unfortunately, there is not too much info available on her mum's side for some reason!!! Also all the grandpeeps died before or just after mum came along, so mum said that her sister Rosalind might have more info. Mum forwarded the SIL's e-mail and also gave Ros a call. Ros did not seem very interested in helping out -- which is unusual for her. Mum realized later that it was cos MUM got the request for the info and not HER!!!!! Her nose was out of joint, bol. Mum did not say anything about it to Ros, but she (mum) felt like saying that if Ros would pick up the phone and occasionally call rels in the UK, maybe they woulda asked her!!! It just happened that mum calls sue and other rels in UK periodically. Oh well, that's what comes of being the "baby" of the family!!!!!! But mum enjoyed giving as much info as she could!!!

Well, mum just said she has some stuff to do so have to end now.

ttfn and toodle pip


ps -- if any boy pups would like to take me to any of the upcoming holiday parties -- just e-mail mum at

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  1. Hari OM
    glad to hear you have a move date at last! Meanwhile, got to get through the festive season without to much incident... you can manage that, can't you Cookie??? Family trees can be fun, but take up a lot of time... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx