Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Mum took Coco out without me!!!!!! Uncle Vic said that coco was anxious to go out. Usually mum takes both of us, but she said she doesn't want me to used to going out too often. Mind She and Uncle Vic had gone out earlier, and Coco and I each got a marrow bone to chomp on while they were gone, and I was happy to continue chomping on mine while mum was out with Coco. I am counting the sleeps until we move into our new apartment on Tuesday. Mum was told that there is a dog park on the property -- I hope it is as nice as the one at our other apartment. I will miss Coco and her kitty sister and brother, but I think that me, sixpence and tigger will get along just well at the new place!!!!!! We will have to do without TV and cable for a couple of days cos mum doesn't want to call he cable company until she has unpacked the cable boxes. She has to call and arrange for her new bed to be delivered, too. As soon as we get settled, she is gonna get Geek Squad to come out and get the new desktop, all set up. Mum final got around to playing a couple of online Scrabble games yesterday -- it has been ages since she has played online. She has been on a losing streak so her rating is very low. Consequently, a lot of people don't wanna play her cos they think she is no good!!!!! She is not a fantastic player, but her rating does not represent how she plays!!!! She is also thinking about getting her in-person club getting going again. The club has been on hiatus for several reasons. Hopefully she will get a good response when she starts it up again.

Mum is really anxious to get into our new apartment. It has been very stressful staying here!!!! Plus she has had problems getting Uncle Vic's TV to work. It is the same cable company that she had most recently, but it seems to work differently and she frequently has problems with it. Also, she is anxious to have her own stuff around her!!!

In case we don't post again before we move-- we hope everybuddy has a great New Years and we look forward to "chatting" next year

ttfn and toodle pip

Cookie, Sixpence, Tigger III and Mum


  1. Sending you the best of luck for your move. I hope they have a wonderful dog park there

  2. Hari OM
    My wishes too, for a successful move... and may 2017 bring much better things your way!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx