Cookie's Comments

Cookie's Comments

Friday, December 2, 2016


This is cookie's mum here. We are over at my friend vic's house -- Cookie is literally in the doghouse - when we were getting ready to go out, the gate was unlocked and SHE TOOK OFF. I went around looking for her in my chair and in the rental car. Next thing I know,, I got a call from the office that people were calling that she was loose and attacking other dogs!!!!! She did finally come ome, but it made me late!!!!!!I finally got over to vic's and left her here while I went looking at apartments!!!! Then, to top it off, I hit a curb and got a flat tire and had to wait for a tow truck. Thankfully, I get the complet coverage (I have to because I don't have any car insurance!!!!! So it did not cost anything for the tire change!!!

I am getting tired (literally) of looking at apartments. I hope I get the last one I looked at!!!! I will find out this afternoon. I had to go to court on Monday because they want to evict me....THEY NEVER CAME OUT TO EXTERMINATE BUT THEY SAY IT WAS MY FAULT!!!!

Also, my laptop was broken and I have not had a pc for about 3 weeks. Geek Squad finally decided it wasn't worth fixing so they gave me a certificate for a new one. I HAVE FINALLY STARTED USING IT. I HATE WINDOWS 10!!!!!!! I am having problems with the keyboard too!!!!!!

When cookie is not so tired (and I am not so tired too) and hopefully we will be in our new apt in a couple of days -- we will post longer

ttfn and toodle pip
cookie and mum

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  1. Hari OM
    Phew - am exhausted for you! Take care, lots of deep breaths... everything crossed that apartment comes through... YAM xx